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Sunday, December 02, 2007

HINDRAF - Malaysian Grassroots Forced Acts of Treason?

Sometimes incidents such as HINDRAF's illegal rallies have a way of bringing up the downtrodden amongst the Malaysian Indian population to the forefront and garner attention of the whole nation if not parts of the world who bother to know what's going on in our nation.

If we are to zoom in and focus just on the ugly side of HINDRAF's rallying to get the sympathy and attention from the Malaysian government, we can see that they have very well succeeded in doing so albeit in a way that left them smarting from the tear gas and acid laced chemical baths.

Today, almost every Malaysian official is alerted to the HINDRAF's cause even if the words used by lawyer Uthayakumar, the HINDRAF Legal Advisor is not only not right, it can be a source of racial and religious unrest amongst the Malaysian Malays majority population.

Words such as 'racist, Malay extremists and Islamic terrorists' are an unwise choice of words by a learned legal practitioner.

Maybe by being so controversial, Lawyer Uthayakumar seeks to garner the Malaysian Government's attention even though he stands the risk of being arrested by the law for usage of inciting words and statements that are sure bound to hurt and inflame the Muslims here in Malaysia.

Now, Malays have been known throughout the centuries to be lethargic to respond in earnest to such provocations and as we all know and have seen, UMNO Youth or even PAS Youth have been quite slow to respond towards Uthayakumar's clearly provocative and racist words directed against the Malays and Muslims in general.

There seems to be a blessing in disguise for the country when we don't have 'tripwire leaders' amongst our UMNO Youth or the Malay Muslim Opposition parties whereby if the Youth leaders had been otherwise, then the country will have seen another racial riot take place like what transpired on the tragic day of May the 13th, 1969. Thank God for the cool heads of the Malays leaders of today.

Anyway, moving away from the unsavory essence of HINDRAF's caustic memorandums that I believe has been written hurriedly by emotionally charged persons due to their overwhelming built up grouses with the BN Government's 'tidak apathy' towards the Malaysian Indians problems over the years, I sense a new found awareness of the general Malaysian population to the plight of the Indians here especially on the Tamil speaking Malaysians.

Now, Tamils in Malaysia seem to be getting the spotlight trained on them and this would be the most opportune moment in our nation's history for amends to be made with regard to the grassroot populations needs and wants.

If the current regime fails to clean up its 50 year old act of milking Malaysia dry and start spreading the juice reasonably to ALL Malaysians fair and square, then the Barisan Nasional is gonna get a tight slap from the people who have seen through Abdullah Badawi's theatrics and the Malaysian Opposition will for the first time in their life get the best chance of staging a political takeover that can kick the stool from under the BN's legs.

Malaysians have to accept that there are many races born and living here. The way the social contract of this multi ethnic, multi faithed nation operates is based upon the Constitution of a former Colonial Master who had to leave because the Malayans had started to wake up to their rights to live as a free people and the undercurrents of national patriotism was just getting too hot to handle for the British after the Japanese lost in World War Two.

Ironically, we saw HINDRAF appealing to our nation's former Colonial Master for help in giving them their rights by way of carrying posters calling for the British Queen to intervene in the internal affairs of this now sovereign nation that has stood on it's own for the last 50 years.

To me, that act of carrying banners asking for a foreign Head of Government tantamount's to an act of Treason of the highest order. Malays call it as 'menderhaka'.

But then again, we all saw the lack of personal attention of the Yang DiPertuan Agong of Malaysia who did nothing to address the BERSIH rallygoers request to see him to handover their memorandum!

So, we then have to consider, when will the present government ever give a bloody permit to the people to go rally for whatever rightful causes they want to highlight?

Not a bloody chance in hell is there?

So, who are we to blame?

An uncaring Agong or is there covert parties in the Istana Negara who give the Malaysian King the wrong picture?

I don't think so!

Surely, the YDP Agong surfs the internet? Does he or doesn't he know about the Malaysian grassroots grouses or is Tuanku just interested in his equestrian pursuits?

Who are Malaysians supposed to go see when they have problems of such magnitude?

So, in a state of affairs where unnecessary protocols succeed in building up a bloody huge firewall between the Agong and us the ordinary Malaysians, I can sort of understand why the HINDRAF supporters and their leaders pulled off this stunt of carrying the Queen's poster in their banner?

Reverse psychology?

Can we dismiss it off as an act driven by sheer frustration and desperation due to the apathy shown by the Malaysian Indian Congress party which is said to represent the Indians here in Malaysia?

Can such acts of treason be overlooked because it was not the brainchild of the masses of the Malaysian Indian grassroots but rather the machinations of the learned advocates and solicitors heading their cause?

The danger of leaving such acts of asking a foreign country's head of government to intervene and interfere in matters that concern the foundations of this country is akin to opening the door for other nations to come invade Malaysia because certain grassroot parts of the nation's population aren't happy with their situation.

This is something that every concerned Malaysian needs to think about and realize the consequences of our country getting invaded and occupied again under the banner of 'freedom'.

Today, when one visits Malaysiakini and reads the reports and letters that Malaysians send to it, one comes away feeling quite stressed out and worried for the future of our nation.

What you see and read in the mainstream media is nothing compared to what the alternative media publishes for all rational minded Malaysians to see?

See how much freedom Iraqis are getting now?

Moving on to the matter of the Tamils in Malaysia, I strongly suggest that the leaders of the Tamil grassroots who aren't happy with the MIC's failure to fight for them, to stand for elections in the coming GE and try to champion their people in the proper way.

No group or party has succeeded in changing the way things are here in Malaysia through street protests or out of the electoral process.

It's high time, Malaysia has a new government that practices what it was elected to do than to try outdo each other in spewing bullshit to the nation in ways that are just getting too sickening to stomach by the day.

Surely, there are better choices for us or are we doomed to suffer for the rest of our life's till Doomsday?

I sure hope that the Malaysian Opposition can really get their act together and give us what we want failing which the current regime will be licking their lips and rubbing their hands with anticipation of another 5 year round of engorging themselves on the wealth of this nation whilst the desperadoes are driven to do the unthinkable!

I hope that HINDRAF stops playing rough and go seek power through the GE way!

Failure to do so will only see them be seen as nothing but rabblerousers and not worth to be given any consideration. What's it gonna be HINDRAF?

Are you folks capable of handling yourselves as proper civil citizens who must be given the legitimate platform to go about changing your people's future or just be classified as what the BN calls you? You guys up to it?


KuMaR_fRoM_tHeKOP said...

Hi there my fellow Malaysian brother, first of all agree with your comments and being an Malaysian Indian, no a Malaysian, I see what you are trying to explain. Ok let me be frank dear brother, at times this deeply saddens me but the plight of my race is down to their own mistakes. The Indians have got this complex whereby they get very envious of other successful Indians. This is wrong, they should be emulating those who are successful in order for them to better themselves. Another thing that is worrying is that, most lack the self motivation to work hard and succeed. There is no point fighting with fellow Malaysians on rights when you can't even sort out your own self. I am not trying to sound rude but its time the Indians wake up and smell the coffee rather than continue to lead a pathetic self existence.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear Shashi,

I applaud you for having the clarity of thoughts and rational outlook on what is transpiring in our beloved nation.

No matter what race we are, the minute we step out of our country, the whole world will call us by just one name - MALAYSIAN !

Isn't it ironic that our fellow Malaysians especially amongst the Indians community are seeking to ask foreign powers to come interfere in our nation's internal affairs?

Here, you are a qualified engineer who has ventured abroad to add to your experience and earn better incomes as part of every determined enterprising individual who knows what he wants and goes ahead and grabs the opportunity!

Unfortunately, there aren't many amongst our people here who have the same vision and mission as you sir!

My heartfelt congratulations for proving to the whole wide world that in reality, things aren't as terrible here for Malaysia's Indian community as being cooked up by certain personalities in HINDRAF!

If only we can learn to see our life's here in comparison with others who are faring much worse than us?

I remember a saying about a man who was complaining about having no shoes until he saw someone with no feet! you think that our fellow Malaysians who are rooting for a new inter ethnic, inter religious clash will even consider for a second as to what we are expressing here?

God knows.

I wish you a sterling future in your career Shashi Kumar!

May you excel in your life and show the chaps who are riling themselves up as to what they could also achieve in their life's if only they choose to do as what you have done and are doing?

Go for gold Shashi! My prayers are with you!

Pardeshi Babu said...

Here is an Open letter to Malaysian Indians from an Indian Citizen.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear pardeshi babu,

The link to the url you gave me didn't work so I searched for and got the right one.

Here it is :

Faraz said...

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah
I pray that you are in the best of health & imaan.
This is a short message to notify you that this entry has been selected for publishing on IJTEMA, a venture to highlight the best of the Muslim blogosphere.
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May Allah bless you for your noble efforts.

TS Kumar said...

"No matter what race we are, the minute we step out of our country, the whole world will call us by just one name - MALAYSIAN !" I liked the way you put it but sadly not everyone feels the same as you and me. What we really need is a new revolution. A revolution where young learned and cultured Malaysians regardless of race, colour or creed take over the management of the nation. The previous leadership has done its share of good but they have failed miserably in race relations. We need a new non-racist leadership that has some of the brightest minds to mend the deep wounds that have been inflicted as well as take the nation forward. At times, I grow envious of Singapore seeing what they have achieved. They are a small nation of no natural resources but they have become a first world economy whereas we have all the riches in the land but just plunder it. We need a change brother so that this lovely home of ours can stand tall in the face of the world.

Isha' said...

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah
I pray that you are in the best of health & imaan.
This is a short message to notify you that this entry has been selected for publishing on IJTEMA, a venture to highlight the best of the Muslim blogosphere.
To find out more about IJTEMA, and how you can further contribute, please click here.
May Allah bless you for your noble efforts.