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Thursday, December 06, 2007

HINDRAF - The Suara Rakyat Mahaguru58 interviews # 2

I followed up with my Suara Rakyat Live Interviews by following my instincts in approaching a young Malaysian Hindu who was at the Salak Selatan Star LRT station at Cheras when I stopped over there on a business matter.

He was clearly a committed Hindu judging from his appearance and I thought that if I am to be fair in my investigative citizen journalism pursuits, then he would make an ideal candidate for my # 2nd Suara Rakyat interview.

With anticipation of a refusal on his part to be interviewed, I just followed my instincts and went over to to him who was sitting on his motorbike with two other young Hindus.

I greeted him and his friends. Introduced myself and explained to him my purpose in wanting to share with you and also the global readers as to what a Malaysian Hindu has to say about the recent developments concerning the HINDRAF rally and what he feels needs to be done about it?

Luckily, he agreed to be interviewed and I spoke to him in Tamil, one of my favorite languages which I am lucky to be able to speak and understand but unfortunately have yet to learn to read and write.

I speak fluent English, Bahasa Melayu and Tamil. I can also converse fairly in Penang Hokkien, Mandarin, a bit of Hindi, Japanese and Arabic. Understand a few phrases of Spanish, French, German, etc.

The ability to speak in the languages above helps me in my Dakwah activities and also a major help to me in my business dealings.

Enough about me. Let's listen to what Hari has to say?

I will be updating this post with a transcript of what Hari commented and the questions that I posed to him.

He gave a heartfelt interview and expressed his sadness that because of the way things turned out in the HINDRAF rally, many of his friends and fellow Hindus are locked up in jail and can't work.

When asked about the illegal temples demolition issue, he replied that it is up to the government department concerned. They should know as to how to do their job?

When asked about whether it would be wise for HINDRAF to hold another rally, he said that if possible not to do so but if Tamils are being victimized, then there would be no other options but to go to their defense and aid.

Reasonable comments from a Malaysian citizen. I wish Hari and all Hindus to be rational and go about seeking justice for themselves in a manner that everyone would be happy to support and help if they could only do so without getting into further scrapes or resort to inciting racial or religious unrest as best as they possibly could.

Wait for my transcripts of this exclusive one to one interview with one of Malaysian Hindu grassroot members. You get to hear and see a true Malaysian citizen share his viewpoints.

Not a bloody politician or government official. This is as good as it gets and Mahaguru58 intends to go meet and see more Malaysians about what concerns us all?

Justice, fair comment and an avenue for those whom I interview to say their piece right here in Suara Rakyat @ the Citizen's Voice!

If you want to keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings here in Malaysia, head on over to Malaysiakini, our nation's in your face news portal. All the best to you.

May peace and prosperity be accorded to all Malaysians and everyone do their part in getting it!

Malaysians Boleh!