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Monday, December 24, 2007

Hindraf You Tuber Warns Mahaguru58!

I haven't been online since leaving for Kuantan on the 19th of December, 2007 for the Aidil Adha festivities.

I had a forced hiatus from the internet and haven't had the chance to check my You Tube account or my emails from then till yesterday.

When I checked my You Tube account today, this warning from a Hindraf You Tuber stares me in the face.

This is the kind of folks we have to face in our struggle to establish a fair and free platform for freedom of expression and defense of what we have as individual concerned citizens of Malaysia.

A death threat from an anonymous Hindraf supporter. His or her ID is vengadeswary.

I am not one who scares of Death. I have been telling others about the imminent end for all of us including this threatener from Hindraf.

'Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut' @ 'Verily everything that breathes will taste death'.

To me, I believe in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala's Taqdeer.

If I am destined to die for the sake of defending Islam and my fellow Muslims, Alhamdulillah.

Would I cease from writing the truth and expose the wrongdoers in our nation and elsewhere?

Na'uzu billah!

I have written to my lawyers and await their instructions.

As for the nation, I state herewith that I write with the intentions to enjoin the good @ Al-Makruf and forbid or combat the evil @ Al-Mungkar.

I leave it to Allah to do what He wills!

Mahaguru58 is a Muslim Blogger who never shies away from upholding Al-Haqq and expose the Batil.

'La haula wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil adzhim'.

Malaysiakini's latest reports about using the term 'Allah' for the Christian's magazine was my earlier response.

I know that some folks won't be pleased to read about a true Muslim's stand about such an abuse of the term 'Allah' to be used for their deity or deities and my explanations as to the reasons for such prohibition by the Malaysian Internal Security Ministry?

The thing is have Malaysians grown mature enough to discuss and dialog decently between us after 50 years of Independence or are we still reduced to making death threats and force ourselves to resort to the law of the jungle?

To me, this death threat from Hindraf only reinforces my stand that democracy and freedom of speech or voicing out opinions is lost on those who choose violence as their tools of their trade.

Is there still hope for a peaceful Malaysia?

Looks like we are in for another spell of demonstrations and protests in the name of justice when it is denied to citizen bloggers like me.

I await what the Hindraf leaders have to say about this warning from one of their own?


nkp777 said...

Dear Zainol,

My personal opinion you should not speak and interview our people (hindus & Tamils) in tamil. You should stop interviewing them in Tamil, interview them in English and or Malay, Since yourself told me that you are a malay (masuk Melayu).

What right do you have to interview them in my mother tongue since you have denaunced Tamil and you dont even consider yourself a Tamil.

Regards nkp777

gangeticus said...

Don't be paranoid lah bro! This is certainly not Hindraf. How do you know its Hindraf? Did they send a official letter to you?

Please lah bro. You are bigger than this.

gmk said...

*"Why don't you shut up?" - King Juan Carlos of Spain to Venezuela’s President Chavez

mahaguru58 said...

Dear nkp777,

I suggest you to stop imagining things about me and to read my post here:

If you would care to see that I refer to myself as an Indian Muslim.

When did I tell you that I have renounced being one and as you put it declared that I have 'masuk Melayu'?

It's sad to see one as passionate about Tamil rights, etcetera fall victim to a bout of naivety due to self imagined situations about your fellow Malaysian here.

No one can change his or her ethnicity sir except maybe Michael Jackson's morphing into another skin color.

So, please stop imagining things brother and be rational when responding.

Thank you.

I suggest you to contact Brother gangeticus and learn about me.

He knows me better as we communicate often through Yahoo Chat.

Maybe we should have a conference chat one day.

That might give you an idea as to who Mahaguru58 is and isn't?

You game?

mahaguru58 said...

Brother gangeticus,

Excuse dear old me here for reacting that way after receiving such a 'friendly message' from that bloke who sounded me off for speaking about Hindraf and Indian issues.

I believe that by now, you would have come to an understanding as to who I am and what I am not.

Anyway, it's a natural thing to react the way I did getting an explicit threat like that from that You Tuber who comes across as being one of Hindraf's supporters.

Anyway, we all know that Hindraf is an unregistered organization and thus there's no point in awaiting any official correspondence from them.

I am just being sensible here and putting it into record that I have received that warning from that chap.

Whether I am paranoid or anything, that is just a natural reaction from me, a Muslim Malaysian Blogger who writes about Hindraf out of concern for my faith and that of my fellow Muslims when Hindraf's 'official memorandum' calls us as racists, extremists and Islamo-fascists'.

I believe that I have a right to be concerned when someone sends me such a warning, don't I?

I know that you wish me well and thus I appreciate your concern and reaction.

Thanks for that.

mahaguru58 said...


That works both ways. Hope you do the same.

As a Muslim Malaysian Blogger, there's no way I can shut up when my faith and fellow Muslims are being targeted by Hindraf, can I?

As a non blogger and an anonymous one to boot, who do you guess ought to clam up in the first place?

No prizes for guessing.

You win hands down!


Trashed said...

You have done the right thing to inform your lawyers, etc.

Shooting off death threats is a sign of immaturity especially when you have not threatened anyone physically. You may have irked some people with what you write but they should then refute them intelligently and/or creatively.

Death threats have no place in this world, whatever religion you profess. This is one of the problems of religious intolerance. Who determines where the line is ?

I believe that you want to do good in this world within the scope that you have identified. Unfortunately, those outside your scope are, well, outside your scope. That is your choice and there is nothing wrong with that.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear thrashed,

Thanks for understanding my standpoints and for your support all these while.

I am all for peace and goodwill amongst us mankind but when it comes to speaking up against unfounded attacks against Islam and my fellow Muslims, I have no choice but to do so in the clearest manner as possible without reducing myself to using insults or abusive words.

Sadly, many folks out there fail to see the truth and live with a blinkered self imagined misconstrued idea about Islam.

I write to clear such misconceptions and share with my readers the truth of the matter.

I will do so as long as I live, Insya Allah.

May Allah the Almighty bless and guide us all. Ameen.

Soffian Ali said...

askum bro..
i do think that the person who sends death threat to you are cowards..if they really want to kill someone just do it lah..dont write it in some comments on a blog..Death threat are against the law..people say that the Federal constitution only protects Malays and Muslim but actually it protects every single one of us Malaysians..
people who plays with Malaysian unity and integrity shouldnt be considered a Malaysian at all..
no matter wthr the person is Chinese, Indians or even Malays..
Hindraf is a form of extremism..
sadly extremism lies in all cultures and religion..
Not all Indians are supporting Hindraf, same as not all Malays support Jemaah Islamiah and Al-Qaeda..
please lah..think rationally before you guys start pointing knives at other people throats..
we all help build this country..
this country belongs to all Malaysian..
Stop saying it as if Malays are the only citizen of this country..
dont stir off trouble and please dont play with fire...
if you want to be rich you gotta work hard if you want to be respected,respect others first..
a famous rapper called 50 cents once said "get rich or die trying"..
he didnt said get rich or blame the government..
Please lah some of us really love the peace and unity of this country.. PEACE!!!!!!

mahagraha said...

Dear mahaguru58,

I sincerely hope that you are safe and sound.

I suppose this shows that Malaysians still need to learn more about Democracy.

This reminds me of an old adage: raajat (rakyat) masih bodoh.

In this regard Malaysians are still immature to be given total freedom of speech/ freedom of expression...

This adage has been used in many instances to justify the status quo.

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum Pendekar Suffian,

Thank you for your comments.

I am happy to learn that you are a Silat practitioner and teaching others Street Fighting Self Defense techniques.

That's an honorable thing to do and a positive way to contribute to society.

With the rising crime rate in our nation and the ever increasing attacks on women and children, I believe that the people need to seriously take up self defense classes.

I was a student of Perguruan Silat Pasak Padang in my early 20s.

Still keep up with my martial arts practices though not as my prime years.

I was involved in a street fight when I moved in to an apartment complex in Jalan Kedah, Penang in 1987 after marriage.

There was a gang of Indian Muslims and Malays who were a real pest to us residents.

To cut the story short, I told off the gang one day when they harassed a senior citizen and the gang attacked me with all kinds of weapons.

Luckily for me, my martial arts skills came in handy and I successfully repulsed the attack and even ended up cutting open the stomach and chest of two of the gang members by utilizing a kerambit that I snatched from one of them.

Once one realizes that it's either our own's life or their's on the line, one has to do what one has to do and do it right!

The rest is history!

The gang fled helter skelter upon realizing that this chap was no pushover and I ended up facing an assault charge using a deadly weapon!

My case dragged on for 8 years until the courts found me not guilty and the case was discharged.

I was found to be just defending my self and from that day onwards, the Kedah Road Gang slowly disintegrated and those lowlifes stopped misbehaving.

There will always be young upstarts who will never stop causing mischief and mayhem in society no matter where we go or live.

All we have to do is to be ready to kick ass and even snuff out such vermin when and if we have to!

As a Muslim Da'ee, I try my best to be as peaceful as I can be but if my life and my loved ones or any innocent ones are threatened by anyone, I'd not hesitate to take them out!

Wallahi Wabillahi!

'Alang alang hidup biar bermaruah dari ujud sebagai dayus durjana!'

'Biar mati berlengkar tanah dari hidup berputih mata!

La haula wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil adzhim!

mahaguru58 said...

Brother mahagraha,

Praise be to Allah the Almighty, your fellow blogger here is in good working order.

As for the threat, Pendekar Suffian puts it aptly in his words.

Many Malaysians have yet to develop the art of decent dialogue and confuse themselves as to what is right and wrong with regards to social interactions?

This shows a dire inadequacy of social skills especially in engaging with others on an intellectual basis rather than gutter mentalities.

We can only hope that the concerned parties will grow up soon failing which we should just stay away from wrestling with such swine!

Don't you agree?

mahaguru58 said...

For the record, I have lodged a police report and the culprit will soon have the Police knocking on his or her door soon.

'Thou shall reap what thou hath soweth!'