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Friday, December 07, 2007

Malaysian Government & PDRM amongst my avid readers

It's heartening for me as a citizen blogger to know that our Malaysian Government and Royal Malaysian Police have become some of my most avid readers.

At least I don't have to go carrying a banner and stand in front of the Prime Minister's Office Complex in Putrajaya to share with those who rule over us and state my causes.

I am glad that our Government of Malaysia and the Royal Malaysian Police are monitoring what citizen bloggers like me and thousands of others in the Malaysian Blogosphere are writing about?

Internet has become a very effective way of communication and concerned citizens like me who are blogging here about anything that is relevant and needs to be shared with my fellow Malaysians and my rulers find it to be the best communication platform to exchange views.

If only the authorities have it in them to start an official blog that can cater to all our grassroots grouses and act promptly by corrective measures and actions, it will save lots of people unnecessary stress and also be a major cost saving measure to the Malaysian Government and the security agencies.

What am I implying?

Hehehehehe...well the FRU can save a lot of money by not having to go blast their water cannons and tear gas at marauding protesters in the streets....IF our protests or dissatisfactions are waged out here in the cyberspace!

How about that?

We can have live chats or debates with the Malaysian Government Cabinet!

Registered users exchanging live feedback or raise grouses to the minister concerned in realtime!

Now, that would be asking for the impossible but still hey !...remember that anything's possible nowadays?

Remember that it was Mahaguru58 who came out with this idea!

So, how about it dear Malaysian Government internet observers?

Will this dream of mine be realized?

As they say, 'Where there's a will, there'll definitely be a way!"

After all, we do claim to be amongst this region's leaders in utilizing the Multimedia Super Corridor!

Let's have the first Malaysian Government - Malaysian Citizens Chat Session.

A different minister for each chat session. Registered users only. Decent, straight to the matter debate or discussion.

We can get the communication firewall between the government and the people abolished in this way and the government get the real story straight up from the citizens without any hanky panky from the intermediaries who have been having their way all these years!

Malaysiakini could be the forerunners on this if they want to?

How about it Steven? Can this be done?

After all you guys are amongst the pioneers in citizen web journalism.

I hope that the Government cyberspace monitors and in the PDRM can raise this suggestion with your bosses in your next meeting.

In the meantime, Thank you for reading Mahaguru58. Good to have you gentlemen here!


Trashed said...


Obviously you are a popular guy with the powers to be ... (I'll leave it as that!)

Your idea of having a Malaysian Govt - Citizens chat line is commendable. I'm just wondering if they have enough ears to hear all the questions.

I have one that is burning me right now. How can a former lawyer who acted for the ruling political party in many instances, be appointed to be a Federal Judge without having heard any cases much less even written up a case ?

Once a suitable answer can be provided for that, the corollary is - how can this same "judge" be promoted over others who are more senior to him in terms of judiciary experience, to be the President of the Court of Appeal which is one of the top three positions in the judiciary. Mind you, he still hasn't written up a case yet.

I think it is rational to say that something is not right here and if that Malaysian Govt - Citizens internet exchange ever goes online, I hope the answer given is not "Itu adalah arahan atasan"

mahaguru58 said...

Well, it sure smells of something that is not only fishy but smacks of how the judiciary is not only being taken for a ride by the powers that be but on a trip to Bullshitville!

C'mon! This is the top most judicial position of the country we are talking about!

If the 'instant noodles' judge really has any ounce of integrity in him, he'd not risk his entire life's reputation being put to scrutiny and ridiculed by the Malaysian population especially those who aren't making a living by relying on government subsidies and political 'lubrication' if you can catch my drift?

The current political set up has been running the show for far too long to even have it in them to feel what the grassroot citizen voters are hot happy about?

But then again, the reality is that the BN has been returned to power again and again by the majority of the Malaysian voters so where does that leave objectors like us?

The thing is that if the leaders of the BN government really have any conscience and fear Allah, they will not be running the country as they have all these 50 years?

So, you and me plus the rest of those who want to see a change in our federal government's day to day operations can only hope that Malaysians in general would have grown up or waken from their stupor failing which be prepared to another 5 years of the same old bullshit that Mr.Raspy Voice has dished out since taking over from the previous dictator.

What I wished for in seeing a Government-Citizen Chat is just that. A wish!

Whether it becomes a reality of just gets lost in the annals of time remains to be seen.

In the meantime, we should work towards sharing with our blog readers our viewpoints and whatever reports we can give them based on actualities and not figments of our ever vibrant imaginations or delusions.

As far as Mahaguru58 is concerned, I blog about events as I see it.

I do welcome feedbacks and corrections from my readers if I slip up or get sidetracked in my writings. Who doesn't?

I appreciate all my readers support and constant comments just like your dear self for it helps me to know that I am on the right path or get back on track if I ever get lost along the way.

Thank you.

anthraxxxx said...

Help me to say hi to Musa Hassan for me :P

mahaguru58 said...


Brother anthraxxxx! Maybe you can get his attention by either praising him or braising him!

Either way, he sure is gonna take note of you! :P

In my case, I just want the Malaysian Government and Police to take the necessary steps to protect and preserve our liberties and not to victimize anyone.

Failure to nip ethnic and religious unrest can cause us all major headaches.

Lives are at stake and corrective measures must be taken not just spewed rhetoric about?

Spare the rod and spoil the wild?

nkp777 said...

Hi Mahaguru,

I am very very SAD, I might support Hindraf as i questioned you previously on that matter, but I am sad not for hindraf now. Instead I am sad for PAS vice president Mohamad Sabu was arrested attending his daughter's wedding in Ipoh..

Police should not do this kind of thing, for god sake he is attending his own daughters wedding man.

Mahaguru since you have good following from the authorities pls pass this msg to them....

Its a sickening this to put a person in prison on his daughters wedding day...

What is going to happen to this country.....

mahaguru58 said...

Dear nkp777,

The way things are happening now is a classic example of the parable of 'Thou shall reap what thou soweth!'

Whatever we do will come back to haunt us by way of official repercussions.

This country has it's own laws that were passed and approved by Parliament, right?

When we go against the agreed laws, then we have to bear the consequences.

That's what has happened to the Malaysians who got arrested today.

The next thing to do is to see whether the due process of the law is practiced to the letter and justice served?

Trashed said...

Justice is Blind, so the saying goes.

However, in Malaysia, one of Justice's eyes is not closed. For example, when a certain prominent female representative of a very large Western country visited our "Malaysia, Truly Asia", there was a demonstration against her presence led by a relative of our Prime Minister.

No action has since been taken against the organisers of this activity .... unless the government is acknowledging that they are the organisers and hence beyond reproach ? Or are they beyond the law, too ? Did they get a permit ?

I agree with Mahaguru about upholding the principles of the Law but it must be administered fairly. I think that is the key word - FAIRLY.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear trashed,

Read my next posting.

I will touch on the latest developments and also on your comment about the way the SIL seems to be getting away with practically anything as demonstrated in the Ijok and Machap By Elections plus the Condoleeza Rice visit protests headed by the same chappie!

Thank you.