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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mankind's Folly - Wasting away their life in hatred.

Assalamualaikum Ya Ikhwanul Muslimin!

May Peace and Blessings be upon all children of Adam Alaihis Salam.

All praises be to Allah, Lord, Creator, Cherisher, Sustainer of all the Worlds.

Verily by Allah's Will do we live our lives here, each busy with our own affairs and seeking a sustenance of what we need in order to fulfill our taqdeer, our fate.

Not many of us bother to spend some time in contemplating as to who we are and what we shall be or if we will even live on to the next second, next minute, hour, day, week, month, year or years?

In our rush to attain the best of this world, sometimes we tend to forget the next or don't even bother to know about it!

Such is our inclinations. We are so steeped in ignorance by choice and we seldom choose to stop for a second and look back to our origins and realize our current situations and our fated destinies.

In the Holy Qur'an, Almighty Allah, our Creator, Master and Sustainer, reminds us eternally to live by His Code.

He has revealed to us His Supreme Constitution for us as to how to live our lives and what we need to watch out for?

Yet, so many of us are so bloody stubborn. So many of us are engrossed with our hatred. Our hatred for our fellow man. Our hatred for those who are different from us.

Our hatred born out of our failure to comprehend and to understand that when compared with the lives of so many billions of our forefathers who lived before us, our very present existence is so minuscule and seen from a different perspective, comes to mean nothing much when looked at in the Grand Design of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

There are millions of us who love nothing much but to see our enemies suffer. We hate some folks without due cause nor any actual enmity between us.

Hatred by choice. Selective hating. Sometimes the very object of our hatred doesn't have a clue about us yet here we are hating them for nothing.

Only thing we get out of this unnecessary hatred is additional stress, mental pressure and most probably will culminate with a massive heart attack very soon, ending our temporal lifespan here on Earth.

Lately, Malaysians have been hating their fellow citizens for wanting to sink the ship so to speak!

Malaysians have been caught in a vicious hate trap because some folks amongst us saw fit to take to the streets and to rock the boat called Malaysia.

Parties amongst the population chose to protest and engage in an uprising of sorts against the status quo. Their cause de celebre was the matter of racial and religious marginalization.

Pent up dissatisfactions explodiated on the streets of our nation's capital of Kuala Lumpur and rocked the nation to it's roots, metaphorically speaking.

In the midst of these chosen avenue of popular uprising, many Malaysians unwittingly ended up being targets of scorn and malice.

Persons after persons ended up receiving uncalled for venom and lambasted for no rhyme or reason save that they are the public figures calling the shots and decision makers.

Blogs and alternative website portals became a thriving ground for these venting of frustrations and sort of a cesspool of human spite.

What good comes out of such dementia? Not that much, I am afraid.

Some folks say that it is good to let off steam every now and then in order to remain sane.


Well, if it is so, then every sick idiot who has a psychological problem would use that excuse or alibi to go around insulting and offending people as they please, using that as a disclaimer.

How convenient!

None does something without knowing deep down in one's mindset as to the gravity of the chosen deed, whether expressed or kept within. Selective choice, I say.

I don't subscribe to such attempts at evading the taking of responsibilities over one's words or expressions.

Putting on a charade of dementia when actually one knows very well as to the implications of one's actions, no matter what act one tries to put up!

The haters amongst us do so with full knowledge as to the course of their actions. The choice of words. The loaded meanings of such words and the intention to cause grievous hurt and harm to their intended victims. No excuses or claims of ignorance must be accepted.

Yet we all know that our courts have never been as firm or as strict as our fellow neighbors and Malaysian judicial system has always proved itself to be the most negotiable judiciary this part of the world.

So, the 31 HINDRAF supporters or as what the defense team puts it as being in the 'wrong place at the wrong time' get to escape prosecution this time around and the BN Government comes across as being so bloody nice by getting the AG to drop all charges on the 5 students and reduced charges on the remaining 26 accused.

Do I smell 'election gimmicks' in the air?

One can't expect things to change so dramatically overnight and have the AG suddenly develop a change of heart after the MIC President meets the PM and asks for reduced and amended charges upon all the 31 fellas?

Could be! Malaysia is known to have all kinds of cock and bull stories taking place lately and this sudden turn of events doesn't really surprise me that much.

Anyway, I wish all 31 HINDRAF supporters a happy awakening of how things can be and why they really need to weigh all the consequences of future rally participations as to whether it is worth their time and effort?

As for the 5 HINDRAF leaders taking a forced siesta at Kamunting courtesy of the Internal Security Minister cum Prime Minister and CEO of Malaysia Incorporated, they should use this break from their rally holding activities to ponder as to whether they were right or grossly wrong in their approach and usage of the wrong terminology to express their causes?

No one's denying that the Indian grassroots are really suffering from lack of proper leadership and attention from their elected representatives especially from the leadership of the Malaysian Indian Congress @ MIC.

There's no use to beat around the bush anymore. No amount of chest thumping by Samy Vellu and his top leaders is going to sweep away the real problems affecting the bulk of the Malaysian Indians who have been getting the short end of the stick all these years.

We have to admit that the nation does practice marginalization openly but the blame can't just be heaped upon UMNO all at once and just them?

What have the MIC top, middle and branch leadership done to solve their grassroot Indian community's problems?

No use in pinpointing this fella, that fella, this leader, that leader anymore!

No point!

Let the recent uprising be a real wake up call to the Malaysian Indian Congress who need to really do what they have been elected and appointed to do!

I am sure that the BN Government has allocated certain portions of the Budget to each Malaysian Community through their elected representatives.

UMNO naturally has been allocated their budget to take care of the Malays, MCA the Chinese and MIC, the Indians.

All the BN coalition parties have their allocated budgets and so do the elected Opposition parties.

From what I learned before, the Opposition MP's and State Assemblemen and women face a firewall in getting the allocation for their constituencies through the respective government departments or agencies.

Project funds requisition forms and files have a nasty habit of getting lost in transition or end up missing like David Copperfield's magic tricks. This is what I heard happening to Opposition MP's projects and plans for their constituencies.

Would really appreciate if any Opposition MP's or Assemblymen or women could share with us their views as to whether this is really the case ?

Now turning my attention to the subject of racial enmity between us. HINDRAF sort of opened a Pandora's Box when they unleashed their agenda to remove Malay supremacy and opened the floodgates of racist venom to spew forth through the numerous websites, blogs and open forums.

It's like open season for HINDRAF supporters and sympathizers to vent their long held contempt for their fellow Malaysians especially the Malays and particularly, those of us who are Indian Muslims.

Tamil Hindus hate Indian Muslims with a vengeance. I will write a special article later on this.

This enmity boils within the hearts and minds of those who have nothing but hatred within their veins. It goes back to the times when Muslims ruled over India for centuries.

The current change of fortunes for Muslims in India is the result of the Indian Muslims kingdoms that fell into ruin when they failed to stem the collapse of the Muslim Kingdoms as a result of the rulers neglect over their subjects and governments.

The Hindus of Malaysia are pissed off to see Indian Muslims making it up the rungs of governmental leadership and the emergence of so many Indian Muslims as BN Government Ministers and top civil servants under the ticket of UMNO.

Their grievances being that the Indian Muslims could merge into UMNO solely for being fellow Muslims with their Malay brethren.

It clouds their judgment and removes compassion and rational thought from their craniums.

Really a pity for in reality, most of these haters aren't exactly the types you'd see piss drunk and blabbering insults and obscenities at practically anyone and anything within their sight or presence.

I know that there are many educated Hindus around especially online for dimwits wouldn't know how to handle a computer or go into web logs or forums.

Belief is a very personal thing and at times it can make or break an individual.

All my life, I have come to appreciate the plethora of Malaysian ethnic, social, cultural and religious diversities that is present here in our motherland.

I seldom have to wake up to the reality that for all the multicultural outlook that I hold and practice in my life without fail, there's always bound to be someone who's not going to look at things in the same perspective as I and those who think like me and choose to be petty and racist in the vilest form possible.

What can I or anyone do for such folks? Nothing.

I prefer not to wrestle with the swine so to speak and let such uncouth vermin be as they choose to be.

It's they who seethe and rage for nothing whilst those of us true blue Malaysians lose no sleep over such distant murmurs especially from anonymous cowards who rant and rampage through blogs and hate sites.

Yes, hate sites! A new term I coined looking at the amount of vitriol and abuse that permeates such web blogs and web sites. Hate sites. You know them by looking at their contents.

I choose to engage and reply to only comments that are reasonable and respectful of observing the proper etiquettes of decent dialogue with anyone, no matter who or what they are?

As for those haters, let them waste their lives away. No point in trying to talk sense into someone who's full of crap and refuse to listen or learn to reason.

Malaysians ought to learn to appreciate what we have and learn not to dwell on petty differences which aren't a matter that could mean the difference between life or death to us.

At the end of the day for folks like me who don't give a shit about government subsidies, this and that, it makes no difference at all!

I earn my own living no matter if it's the BN running the country or PAS and the Opposition.

Only thing I care most is my faith and my fellow adherents. Period.

Others may want to zoom in on this and that but to me I prefer to look at all these developments from a wider perspective and from a view that encompasses all aspects of living my life as a fellow Malaysian citizen.

To HINDRAF folks, learn from this experience and go about your struggles in a more rational, responsible way.

Asking for help from the Brits is akin to committing treachery and those chaps who are said to be legal eagles should know better for the wrong approach to solve their issues will only see their feathers plucked and stored indefinitely by the big boys.

That's it for now. Will be following up on the Hindu - Indian Muslim cold wars soon.

Let's see what Malaysiakini has in it's updates. HINDRAF sure is the main topic there.

If there's anything the fellas could be proud of from their rally is the constant headlines their cause seems to generate in all forms of media, be it from the mainstream ones or from the alternatives.

Interest in Tamil related issues also seems to have risen, thanks to their efforts.

All the best to you folks . Just go about it in a better, more acceptable way. Cheers. the way, stop all those labellings of racist, terrorist and fascist. It can backfire too!

We sure wouldn't want to see that happen now, would we?

Rest easy Malaysians. We don't need to sink our ship yet! Keep Malaysia afloat and full steam ahead!

Malaysians Boleh! Hidup dalam aman. Betul tak?


ScorpionStar said...

"Tamil Hindus hate Indian Muslims with a vengeance."
Serious accusations, I take it with a pinch of salt.

I am Hindu, and most of my growing up moments were in an Indian Muslim home. I have much respect for them. Never once did they condemn my religion or influence me to convert. I love those kind of Muslims. Not the one who asks "Ini halal ke?", "Melayu potong kah(chicken)". "Heh!, tak boleh lah, haramlah!" and so many other remarks.

They just "regurgiate" these as though the non-muslims are insensitive of Islam's dos and don'ts. Sometime these questions are asked in a sacarstic manner to cause hurt.

Back to the issue in your post,

"The Hindus of Malaysia are pissed off to see Indian Muslims making it up the rungs of governmental leadership and the emergence of so many Indian Muslims as BN Government Ministers and top civil servants under the ticket of UMNO."

All Hindus?..I guess you too have lost your sense of judgement and I feel this post was written after an unpleasant incident. Frankly, I don't give a hoot even if they(Indian Muslim as you mentioned) become kings, because I know I don't depend on them for a living.


Sung by

multidimid said...

Hate creates destruction in this physical world and until the lessons are learned, destruction follows destruction... In the terms of other systems, that kind of destruction does not exist - but you believe that it does, and the agonies of dying are sorely felt. It is not that you must be taught not to destroy, for destruction does not actually exist. It is that you must be trained to create responsibly.
The weapons of destruction are the obvious things that you see. The counterparts are not so evident, and yet it is the counterparts that are important: the self-discipline learned, the control, the compassion that is finally aroused, and that final and last lesson - the positive desire for creativity and love over destruction and hatred. When this is learned, the cycle is finished.

mahaguru58 said...

Hehehehe Scorpion my man!

That statement was meant to initiate a response from a brother like you and Alhamdulillah, you've replied.

It's good to know that there are ppl like you around.

If you would care to mosey over to some of the blogs which have cropped up after the HINDRAF rising, you can see what I mean by my stating that there are Islamophobes amongst our Malaysian Indians especially the Hindus.

Folks like you aren't that many sir. The reality that there exists such ppl who curse and insult Indian Muslims like me without really having had any exchanges with me or quarrels with me based purely on their hatred for Indian Muslims is so evident right there in some of the blogs.

They use derogatory terms to insult us for what?

When have I or any of the Indian Muslim community especially the cabinet ministers in UMNO done anything to them?

Check out this blog!

This hate filled blog symbolizes the gist of what my statement about the existence of Islamophobes amongst Indian Hindus here in Malaysia.

These are the kind who wouldn't stop for a second to join others like them to burn down the homes of Indian Muslims like what took place in Gujrat, India and massacre whole families just because of the difference of faith and ethnic origins.

Am I not stating the truth here?

The reality is painful but we need to be brave enough to admit that yes there is a cancer amongst us.

That cancer spreads through hate sites like this

The blog owner allows such venom to spread because he or she is one of them.

Do you know how much anti Hindu comments I have deleted for not wanting to cause decent folks like you heartaches?

As long as there are haters like that around, our jobs will be not done.

We are trying to build bridges but there are these haters who are sprouting up all over the net and try to instigate ethnic clashes between us.

I am not like Abdullah Badawi to spare the rod and spoil the child.

I tell it as it is and I will do all that I can within my means to stop this rot and to expose the culprits to the relevant authorities!

If peace is to prevail amongst us, folks like you and me need to work together to stop these haters!

We need to treat the disease before it becomes an epidemic.

What do you say to that?

I am tempted to use the phrase used by Bush Jr. ' You are either with us or against us' thingy but this is something that's not a joke!

The threat of inter ethnic clashes is real and from the looks of it, these haters voicing their hatred in such a blog as this is clear proof of such an imminent danger!

It's time to stop such a threat before it grows too big to handle!

Mahaguru58 intends to do just that.

Insya Allah.

I am for better relations between all Malaysians.

Peace and harmony needs to be preserved and protected from the evil designations of those who don't know how to appreciate it.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother multimid,

Can't agree more with your very wise observations!

May you be well and safe from harm always!

Good to know there are Malaysians like you with us sir.

mahaguru58 said...

Another hate site that reeks of Islamophobia.

If this is what Malaysia is about, we are all in for a bloody rude awakening!

ScorpionStar said...

I understand your hurt feelings. But as a learned man like you, you should be able to sift the "dirt" away. As a Malay saying or whatever "Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih."

You must understand that all are human beings and they have common feelings and interpretation. Religion, race and other things are secondary. I am not suggesting that you dismiss religion but take away the religion and race thing, and see the world as a human and not as a Muslim, Hindu, Christain, Buddhist etc! You will find that there are morons, bullies in all walks of life and race and religion. That's human nature!

Don't let lowlifes cloud your mind!

gangeticus said...

I read that comment in that post bro. I don't think the person knows you or your stand and I am really sad.

The hatred in that comment is palpable and its unforgivable. The only thing I could do is apologise for that idiot.

I am from Penang. I know. Where would Penang be without its Indian Muslims? I remember when my sister used to work at Haniffa Textiles (remember that one?). The owner was the kindest and the most generous person I'd ever met.

Heres to Penang bro, and all the good things in it!

gangeticus said...

That said, I would still find your statement that "Tamil Hindus hate Indian Muslims with a vengeance." as unacceptable. Its sweeping and generalising, and its definitely not YOU! (for everyone's information, this guy even has a romanised TAMIL blog! How many of us Tamils would even think of doing that?)However, its your right to say so, and I would defend that right!

The Aarvidi blog is, in my view, an acceptable blog and does what it intends to do, which is to propound its view. But you'd have to also accept that there are some blogs which are so venomous to Hindus, I shudder to read them!

Sigh! Welcome to free speech!

Hypoglossal said...

Hindu - Indian Muslim Cold war? Laugh. Sounds Pretentious. Sure there may be some animosity, but really, HATE is the correct word?

Anyways, Happy Raya.


mahaguru58 said...

Thanks for your wise comments dear brothers!

Just returned from Kuantan after a 4 day hiatus from the internet.

I am really glad to have such great Malaysians like you gentlemen come here and ease my pains away with your very wise observations.

May peace and tranquility be upon our lives. Ameen.

Will be getting to your points soon.

Have a great holiday folks!

BrightEyes said...

I don't think its right to stereotype all Hindus as Indian Muslim haters based on the bad experience you've had from a bunch of racist assholes. I've also been called names by Muslims (including by one of your "rakan seperjuangan"), but im not going to label all Muslims as fanatical bigoted terrorists, no?

Hostility toward the Mamak community comes from Malay Muslims too, despite all the efforts to assimilate. Heck, Utusan Meloya last week went on an anti-Mamak campaign by targeting 24-hr Mamak restaurants for all sorts of reasons. Interestingly, the (usually) much dirtier Malay "warung tepi jalan" was not talked about.

Just go to Utusan's archives, search 'mamak', and look at the first page of results...

mahaguru58 said...

Dear Bright Eyes,

I am not saying that ALL Hindus are anti Indian Muslims.

I am referring to those in the Indian community who keep instigating confrontations between Hindus and Muslims.

Sometimes people like you assume things about me without really understanding what I am talking about.

One does not need to spell it out as if talking to a kindergarten kid.

Talking about socio-religious-political issues needs one to adopt a wider perspective and look at the subject matters from a general outlook before zooming in to the nitty gritty details and fundamentals.

I believe you to be a well read broad minded person but with a certain slant towards going anti-Islam at times based upon my observing of your comments in various websites.

I don't blame you for your stand.

You have your views and I have mine.

What I would ask you is to not jump to any conclusions about me and what I stand for before knowing in actual reality as to what I am really saying?

You can email me and get the facts first before concluding anything.

Hope you have it in you to do that.

Thank you.