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Friday, December 07, 2007

PEMBELA's Media Statement regarding HINDRAF


6th DECEMBER 2007

PEMBELA refers to the recent street protest held on the 25th of November 2007by a movement called Hindraf or Hindu Rights Action Force in support of their demands.

While PEMBELA acknowledges the fundamental right of every citizen to gather peacefully and their right to free speech within the ambit of the law, PEMBELA deplores the actions carried out by Hindraf in the pursuit of their demands.

Among the steps taken by Hindraf was to send a letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

In this letter dated the 15 th of November 2007, written by P. Uthayakumar as the legal adviser to Hindraf, Hindraf made several accusations and allegations against the Malaysian Government, and the Muslim community of committing atrocities against Malaysians of Indian origin.

These accusations are not only malicious and untrue but highly inflammatory and calculated to incite racial and religious discord among Malaysians.

In the said letter Hindraf appealed to the UK Government to move an emergency resolution in the United Nations to condemn Malaysian Government for committing ethnic cleansing and genocide against Malaysian Indians with the backing of Islamic extremist and terrorist.

Such accusations by Hindraf are not only baseless and untrue but malicious and highly inflammatory with the objective of arousing racial and religious discord particularly between the Malays and Indians and also between the Muslims and the Hindus in this country.

Hindraf has also issued a veiled threat that the Indians in Malaysia may resort to armed terrorist insurrection like that being carried out in Sri Lanka if the Malaysian government do not give in to their demands, the principal one being the rejection of certain fundamental provisions of the Federal Constitution.

PEMBELA views the actions of Hindraf and especially their leaders with grave concern as their actions and threat to resort to armed revolt are not only seditious but can be regarded as acts of treason.

Hindraf now seeks to use these malicious and baseless allegations to garner international support for their cause and have despatched one P. Waytha Moorthy to undertake this campaign.

Hindraf has also threatened the Malaysian Government, in particular the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, that they will relentlessly pursue such campaign unless the Malaysian government meet their leaders to discuss their demands.

PEMBELA condemns such attempts at blackmail and intimidation as totally unacceptable.

The events behind HINDRAF's actions are reminiscent of the events which led to the May 13 tragedy in 1969.

PEMBELA therefore condemns the highly irresponsible actions of Hindraf, especially their leaders for fanning the fires of racial and religious emotions and urges the Malaysian government to act firmly, before racial and religious sentiments become uncontrollable.

PEMBELA therefore urges the Malaysioan Government to:

  1. Ban the movement called Hindraf;
  2. Take firm legal action against the leaders of Hindraf; and
  3. Not to entertain any demands by Hindraf for any discussion or meeting with the Malaysian Government.

PEMBELA also views with concern statements issued by other organizations echoing the threat by Hindraf that the Indians may have to resort to armed terrorist insurrection if their demands are not listened to by the Malaysian Government.

PEMBELA considers such statements as irresponsible, more so coming from organizations that demand others to act within the ambit of the law.

Encik Zainur Zakaria

Spokesperson for PEMBELA

6th December 2007 , Kuala Lumpur


I don't know about you dear reader, but isn't it obvious that the current Malaysian government and Royal Malaysian Police are just courting disaster by dragging their feet in taking firm, preventive action against the leaders of HINDRAF when it is so crystal clear that the actions and contents of the memorandum issued in black and white by them are words that are irrefutably the words and actions that scream TREASON and SEDITION without a jot or iota of doubt?

This pussyfooting amongst the daisies is just asking for anarchy to break out within our multi ethnic, multi faithed country with a population of 26 over million people who have been living in relative peace and harmony for all these years.

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has to act quickly to nip the imminent threat of ethnic disturbances that is arising right now or stand ready to be blamed in the event of a racial and religious riot take place within the near future IF HE STILL DOES NOT HAVE THE WILL TO STOP THE ROT!

There is so much for ALL Malaysians to lose if we fail to check the seeping and creeping racist and religious fanaticism that HINDRAF is orchestrating by issuing non stop inflammatory messages to the Malaysian grassroot Hindus in their past and current gatherings.

It's all there in the internet. Just go to their video collections on YouTube and click to view and see plus hear for yourselves as to the contents of their clear cut inciting of the Indian Hindu masses in Malaysia to rise against the Malaysian government!

Abusive insulting treacherous words when hurled against other Malaysians in a language only understood by Tamil speakers amount to a subversive element in fanning racial and religious strife amongst the masses. This is not healthy or chivalrous in it's execution.

HINDRAF has nothing to be proud of by going down this path of enmity when we have been living together as a nation of neighbors who have been hailed by many as being symbols of tolerance and good progressive citizens in this part of the world.

Malaysiakini has been consistent with it's updating us as to what is happening with the current situation involving HINDRAF and other issues.

At least, we get to read and compare between the alternative media and the usual run of the mill 'publish as I say!' newspapers and broadcasting media.

Back to the topic.

I am appalled to see such racist statements be left unchallenged and not be taken action against by this country's Intelligence forces in both the Royal Malaysian Police Special Branch and also from the National Security Council?

Don't tell me you do not have Indians in your departments who are capable of transcripting such inciting vicious statements that threaten to destroy all that we have worked hard for all these years?

Employ more Non Malays in the Civil Service like what it was back in the pre and post Independence days!

We need our country to be a fair place for all and realize that born Malaysians no matter what color or creed they are have as much right to be given equal job and study opportunities just as Islam asks of us Muslims as in the Holy Qur'an!

Is the BN Malaysian Government purposely letting a buildup to ethnic clashes to take place first before moving in for the kill out of their wish to continue their political dominance over the country by winning over the Malay support by way of allowing racial and religious fervor to influence the coming General Elections?

If it is as I suspect, then surely the present government needs to wake up to the dangers of gambling with the life's of millions of Malaysians by allowing HINDRAF to get emboldened by their seemingly lack of preventive action by the restrained hands of the law in this country?

Abdullah Badawi must act now before it's too late or suffer the consequences of allowing extremists amongst our midst to wreak havoc upon the lives of all Malaysians!

I hope that I am wrong in concluding that the present allowance by both the BN Government of Malaysia and the sluggish inaction by the Malaysian Police is not a deliberate plan to let HINDRAF and other fanatical organizations some room to cause and inflict serious damage to our Malaysian way of life before coming in to be seen as the champions and saviors of democracy by risking the loss of life and injury to limbs of innocent Malaysians who are being played around as pawns in the current Malaysian political game?

The Malays have a saying 'Jangan sampai cacing naik ke mata!' which means do not let things get out of hand as the parable infers of not allowing the maggots to rise up to the eyes!

Now don't any of you dare to insinuate that I am inferring to anyone as maggots!

It's a classic and traditional Malay saying that advices us to take pre-emptive actions to stop a situation from getting worse. This parable advices against allowing bad things to escalate beyond the control of us.

Okay? Hope you get the point here.

Ineffective government is not only wrong but also criminal in nature.

I want to see whether Abdullah Badawi has the balls to do his job which is to oversee the safety and security of us all or just be condemned for eternity as the worst prime minister this country has ever had?

All Malaysians must be aware and alert to the present political and power game being orchestrated by the powers that be and also the emerging threat to all of us by way of extremist groups such as what I see in HINDRAF!

The MIC is also to be blamed for their silence about his matter and Samy Vellu's failure to see to the demands of his fellow Indians welfare especially those grassroots amongst the Hindus and estate workers who continue to live a life that is bordering and at times even lower than the recognized levels of poverty that should be a thing of the past in this country which just glamorized itself as being capable of sending it's 'angkasawan' into space!

Abdullah Badawi and Samy Vellu need to get off their cushy seats of power and go see to it that this imminent threat from HINDRAF is stopped and tackled once and for all or risk being condemned to 'kingdom come' so to speak!

Enough rhetorics gentlemen! Do your jobs now! Malaysians future are at stake here!