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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sg.Pangsoon, Hulu Langat - Still flowing clean and clear river.

I am pleased to share with you videos that I took yesterday of scenes that not many of us get to see and appreciate daily, nowadays save for those who are fortunate enough to live there amidst the wonderful nature we still have in the rural areas of our country.

This is Sungai Pangsoon in Hulu Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Sungai means river in the Malay language.

A river as clean as Sg.Pangsoon is a source of clean, potable life giving water. Unfortunately, many rivers in our nation that were once as clean as Sg.Pangsoon have today been polluted so heavily that they resemble open sewers and have no more living organisms in them.

Dead. All because of the irresponsible actions of mankind who throw all kinds of litter into them and poison the eco-system.

I saw a stretch of the river embankment along the road to Sg.Pangsoon turned into an open dump. I couldn't stop and take pictures yesterday because of traffic coming up behind me and it was a kampong road. Two way traffic hence my not being able to take the shot.

Last time I tried alerting Karam Singh Walia of TV3's Environment Unit, the man wanted more visible proof of environment pollution at Fraser's Hill. I didn't get a good shot of the hill slope pollution and the dump trucks tipping their load over the slope of one of the hills.

Now, I have a digital cum video camera which can do much more than my previous camera. I will return to Hulu Langat and take a video showing proof of the ongoing pollution there and email it to Karam Singh Walia.

If he doesn't respond, I'll email it to The Star Online and see what they can do?

If we as concerned Malaysian citizens do not take action to stop the rot of our environment, who else will bother?

I know of only a few dedicated selfless Malaysians who watch out for the preservation of our Malaysian environment.

Amongst them are the Sahabat Alam Malaysia President Haji S.M.Idris of the Consumers Association of Penang or CAP, Mr.Gurmit Singh of Seremban I think and a few other great Malaysians who keep writing to the newspapers alerting them of the assault upon our nation's environment.

These are our Malaysian heroes. Unsung and ignored by a government which gives no credit to these good hearted Malaysians who have been consistent in their efforts to create awareness amongst the people and learn to appreciate what we have now with us and not wait till it's all gone!

Remember Sungai Pinang in Penang? A once green flowing river now turned dirt black and dead from years and years of pollution from all the riverbank auto workshops, dumping their used engine oil, untreated straight into the river waters, effectively turning that river into the dirtiest river turned sewer in our country!

I remember seeing fishes swimming about in the river before when I was a kid in the 60's. All that is just a distant memory in my mind.

I don't want to see Sungai Pangsoon end up like that! Please! Save our rivers before they are all gone!

This is Masjid Qariah Kuala Pangsoon, alongside the free flowing river.Must be really peaceful and tranquilizing performing ibadah in the masjid, serenaded by the sounds of the flowing river waters and the sound of birds filling up the skies and the tropical rainforest surrounding the area. Subhanallah!

Just look at the peaceful environment of the place there at Hulu Langat. It really is a sanctuary for nature lovers like me.

I feel at home when I am there for I too hail from the kampong environment back in Jelutong, Penang.

Unfortunately, my kampong is no longer around for the developers have turned it into an apartment area and all the kampong houses are just left lingering in my memories. Sigh.......

Cherish such scenes whilst they are still available. I for one think that development ought to be managed and reserve certain areas such as Hulu Langat and it's environs to be preserved for us who are living today and for the future generations to enjoy.

This is an Ice Cream Seller on wheels. He was selling his ice cream at one of the public recreation areas along the river. Still affordable at just a ringgit per two scoops of multi flavored ice cream.

Remember this? When I was a kid, a scoop of ice cream such as this cost me 20 sens! It's now 50 sens a scoop.

If you go and buy a scoop of Haagen Daz ice cream at the malls, be prepared to fork out at least <>RM8 to RM9! Inflation or just paying for the brand name? Different ingredients I think. You pay for the quality and the prestige I assume. Anyway, it's the individual's choice, isn't it?

A word of advice. Before you embark on your journey to Hulu Langat, do fill up your car's petrol tank for there are no petrol stations there. I saw entrepreneurs selling petrol in used softdrinks and mineral water bottles. Not really encouraging, is it?

Just like at Fraser's Hill. You'd end up paying almost double or triple for fuel than what you would pay at the proper fuel stations. So, fill up before you head up to the nature sanctuaries of Hulu Langat and the still available recreation areas of our Malaysian kampong paradise.

More photos and videos in the following articles. Have a pleasant weekend and enjoy your holidays.