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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ummah Films - A Blessing for the Ummah to smile about.

I came across this funny but straight talking Muslim blogger cum videographer who has managed to cut across the worldwide Muslim diaspora by talking about and reminding his viewers about basic things that make up the fundamentals of our Muslim daily lives.

His topics are a hit with his viewers and I am now a fan of Baba Ali, the owner of Ummah Films.

Here are some of his works. Enjoy!

Video Blog # 1 - Funny things you see during Jummah.

Video Blog #2: Looking for a spouse online

Video Blog #3: $25,000 Muslim Weddings!!



arenaKu uKanera said...

yeah, I find him funny and smart too! may Allah bless him with more rahmat and berkat in his dakwah work. Aamin.

mahaguru58 said...

Amin. I applaud his unique way of Dakwah where he utilizes humor as a way of sharing information about Islam with anyone who harbors suspicions or prejudices against it.

Let's support Baba Ali in his work.

rational thinker said...

it's cool...even for a non-muslim.

i don't think this is a 'dakwah' per say, since his target audience is Muslim. No?