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Monday, December 31, 2007

Who is the terrorist? Wake up to the reality!

Muslims need to watch the last clip and wake up to the reality that is taking place in the lands of the Anbiya today!

Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Kosovo, etcetera...

Who are the terrorists occupying those lands?

Muslims or the Kaffirs?

Anyway, the Kaffirs are finding that invading Iraqis is no walk in the park! They are getting their share of fatalities every day as the brave Iraqis are hitting them back in the only ways that the Kaffirs understand.

The following clip shows just that!

And a clip showing the Kaffir's war crimes in the past and present:

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ScorpionStar said...

This commentis out of topic, But I can't help it.

Please consider tweaking your blog. It is consuming a lot of resources and testing the patience while loading. I see, almost all your posts are embedded with video links which takes a lot of time to load. To make it worse there are many posts in one page, I guess a month's post. Try to show posts of one day per page.

Cpu utilization hit 100% for few minutes while your blog is loading, and it seemed the computer hangs.