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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Blogger Hasan Elahi screws up the FBI!

I read with amusement and also a sense of admiration for an American Art Professor at Rutgers University who also happens to be a blogger, who has turned one up against the American Federal Bureau of Investigations @ FBI!

Hasan Elahi , a born in Bangladesh but raised in America naturalized American citizen, who is now working as an Art Professor at Rutgers University was picked out of an immigration line up at the Detroit Airport in 2002 when he returned home to the US after a trip back from one of his many overseas trips.

The poor man was held at a detention centre at the airport following a tip that Hasan had once rented a storage facility in Florida, which was reported to have been filled with explosives and that an Arab man had fled from the area after the 9/11 incident!

Hasan was interrogated by the FBI for nearly six months and only after he had passed nine lie-detector tests @ polygraph, was he finally cleared by the FBI. Just like our ISA, where no specific charges were made but held on indefinite detention based on false reports against him.

Pissed off at the FBI hassling him for nothing, he sought a letter from the FBI stating that he was officially cleared of any suspicions but the FBI refused on the grounds that since no official charge has been made against him, they weren't obliged to do so.The FBI however gave him a number to call if he faced any problems of a similar kind when travelling in and out of the USA. Hasan Elahi took them up on that.

Hasan Elahi then decided to call the FBI informing them of his whereabouts every so often. He then went on to bombard them with his itenary. He even took pictures of his every meal, urinal where he went to take a piss, in short return the FBI, the kind of hassles he was put through and now giving the FBI a royal headache by overwhelming them with his every action of the day and night! Hahahahahaha!

This is what I call giving them a manifold dose of trouble for troubling him in the first place! Sort of a revenge for the FBI's racial profiling of him just because he is a non white and innocent of the suspicions of the FBI and their anonymous informer.

He has set up a website tracking his every movement till this second. His actions are being headlined in Yahoo News and Hasan's case is now being discussed by the online cyber citizens.

Talk about messing with the wrong kind of blogger! The FBI by now must surely be seething with anger at this retaliation by Hasan Elahi where they are now feeling the heat from the unintended media spotlight on their racial profiling of anyone who is not a Caucasian.

Remember Timothy McVeigh @ the Oklahoma Bomber? He was as white as any white American and yet he blew up the Oklahoma Federal government buildings proving that terrorism is not the exclusive right of any one race or ethnicity. Any sick demented individual or groups can resort to being one!

The USA has now turned so bloody paranoid that even its own citizens aren't safe from their overzealousness into turning everyone into a suspect more so when their intended victim happens to be a brown skinned person ( never mind the fact that this Hasan fellow has dyed his crop blond) :P

America the Land of Paranoia Unlimited!

From the way things are going, I doubt whether Barack Hussein Obama has a chance in hell to sit at the Oval Office?

Hasan Elahi, give them hell ! Hehehehehe!

The FBI surely should not be so biased against anyone. For all they know, their biggest threat will not be from overseas but inland as proven many times before.

It's just like the case of the boy crying wolf!

When you keep repeating yourself so many times and your alarm been proven to be a hoax, at the end of the day when calamity really strikes, no one would bother to pay any heed to your call for help!

Serves them right! Hasan Elahi is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

Many of the FBI victims are starting to see the light and may just follow Mr.Hasan's way to teach the FBI a lesson they very well deserve. Lesson # 1 - Don't assume!

America's worst enemy isn't foreign. It could very well be home grown and untraceable! :)

There's one obvious enemy of the state in the Oval Office. Be aware of him! He's America's worst nightmare!

Here's proof of how some of the American homegrown terrorists are spreading terror overseas.

Terror of the faith based kind! If the faith being propagated is the same one that Eesa Alaihis Salam preached, we should have no problem with that since Eesa Alaihis Salam preached the worship of Allah Azza Wa Jalla.

But the current trend of these Non Israelis to whom Al Masih was sent to, turning instead into deitifying a prophet into their imagined version of Allah , smacks of nothing but misguidance of the highest levels.

Anyway, I won't be bothered into trying to speak sense to those whose hearts have been sealed by their recalcitrance. To them I can only pray that the Almighty will shower upon them His Guidance towards Islam.

Those who are ignorant in Islam ought to go learn and study their faith proper and not just swallow hook, line and sinker what anyone out there comes and tries to instill unto them.

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