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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chua Soiled Lek sets a standard for the BN bleaders!

You have to hand it to the man!

Chua Soiled Lek has proven me wrong by quitting all the posts he has held in the government and his MCA party Vice-presidency and his home state Johor MCA Division Chief post!

I wrote my article yesterday based on his statement saying that he admits to being the star in the sex DVD but said that he won't be resigning from his post as the nation's Health Minister and left it to the dictates of the Prime Minister!

So, be it. At last , we see before us a man who admits openly about his adultery and has the guts to say that he committed a mistake and asks for the nation's forgiveness.

I say that is commendable and this should be the end of the matter as far as his government posts are concerned.

I like the way he took a swipe at all who refuse to forgive him and labeled them as 'ulamaks' wannabes!

Thanks to Malaysiakini for sharing with us the above videoclip.

At least, one canvas face has turned into tissue paper. That leaves us with the rest of the Mahathir era dinosaur meanisters who are still roaming about the halls of Putrajaya.

The nation ought to spring clean the government from these monsters. They ought to be retired from further sucking the government dry.

It's not like when the Mahathir era dinosaur meanisters go extinct, all Malaysians will follow them to the grave.

Grow up to the reality that no one is indispensable!

When even the Greatest of Allah's Messengers has passed away a thousand four hundred years ago, who are the Mahathir era meanister dinosaurs kidding when each proclaims that their job is yet to be done and without them, there's no one else capable of running those ministries?

Utter poppycock!

The sooner these bozos are put to pasture, the better will be the fate of the nation.

This General Election, make sure that all those who have been pulling a fast one on the nation, are not returned to office and lose their seats to better qualified, honest, sincere Malaysians.

Those with a disreputable past must never be allowed to return to screw Malaysians again in the name of reform this or that!

Neither should any culprit who has escaped justice all these while be given another term to rob us blind!

Chua Soiled Lek has set the bar. I surely hope that many more will follow suit and redeem themselves here on Earth before getting grilled before Almighty God in the Hereafter!

Chua Taikor! Time to focus your energies at home! Be the superstar to your family!

Peace out!

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