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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Islamophobes ganging up on MENJ & Mahaguru58

The Malaysian Blogosphere is full of hypocritical cybersniping Islamophobes who get so bloody pissed off with us @ Mahaguru58 & MENJ for JOKING about recommending tattooing to those of them who are so bloody scared of ending up as the recent reverts to Islam who were buried rightfully as Muslims by the Malaysian Islamic Authorities!

I JOKED about recommending tattooing as a better alternative
for those particular Islamophobes who were so bloody scared that their dead bodies be mistakenly buried as Muslim reverts as being voiced out at and at my friend Jed Yoong's blog who have published a HELL No, I'm not a Muslim Card shown here.

So, as a Muslim who supports the Malaysian Islamic Authorities when they are rightfully protecting the rights of Muslims including reverts to Islam especially those who have just come into the fold of Islam, naturally I'd feel offended at this affront against my fellow Muslims!

It is as if things are so damn bad for the Non Muslims that by the day we see Non Muslim Bloggers especially the Islamophobes giving the Islamic Authorities hell by way of their writings and cursing the Muslims day in day out in online forums or web portals such as Malaysia Today or Malaysiakini.

How are we Muslims supposed to feel when Islam and Muslims are being insulted by spineless cowards hiding under a pseudonym and throwing curses at just anything and everything Muslim?

What a lowly bunch of spineless trashtalkers who think that it is alright to insult us Muslims whilst the slightest riposte by me against them results in such wholescale scandalizing of a simple joke such as what I did in response to that Hell NO, I'm not a Muslim card?

These hatespewers cry foul and accuse me and MENJ of being Islamofascists!

Yeah!!! Right!!! Go smash your head against the nearest wall you spineless numbskulls for all I care!

They talk about Freedom of Expression, this and that and think that they are the only ones who can poke fun at Muslims and insult us and our True Faith of Islam daily but we Muslims are supposed to just shut the hell up and let them rip our Islamic Authorities as they please?

Dream on!

As a Muslim Blogger, I believe that it is within my rights as a citizen to stand up and support the Islamic Authorities when they are right!

Those who have been following my writings know that I speak for truth and justice and have taken to task the very Islamic Authorities of Malaysia when they screw up as I have done here speaking up for the Hindu mother Madam Rukumony Muttiah who has yet to receive her dead Muslim son's insurance death benefits which her son the late Allahyarham Mohamed Redzuan Abdullah ( formerly Ragu Ellaiappan) a Malaysian Army Ranger aged 23 who died in the year 2000 and had named his mother his sole beneficiary of his insurance death benefits.

JAWI is reported to be withholding the money and not having surrendered the insurance payout to Madam Rukumony which to me is an injustice against the poor 61 year old mother and thus prompted me to write that article asking them to please return the money to her and apologize to her!!!

So, am I a bloody Islamofascist?

I couldn't care less about the swine bitching over there at Malaysia-Today or even at the Apostates Online Station at

At least, folks at Malaysiakini have a bit more class and are capable of exercising a bit of decorum when debating or discussing such sensitive issues and at times proven themselves to be amongst those who have a sense of honor when passing comments.

As true Muslims, we try our best to speak up for our fellow Muslims when such vermin try to rundown our faith or Islamic authorities.

If we are expected to don kid gloves and pussyfoot our way around when dealing with such lowlifes, then they can just forget it!

Muslims have nothing to be scared of or ashamed when dealing with such Islamophobic retards and by Allah, we will never back away from standing up for our rights to speak our minds!

Wasn't it Voltaire who said, " I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire, (Attributed); originated in "The Friends of Voltaire", 1906, by S. G. Tallentyre (Evelyn Beatrice Hall) French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)

Even then knowing the high levels of hypocrisy brewing about in such sites which are home for such scum of the Blogosphere, I for one do not see any point in me engaging with such kind and try to drive home my point that was spoken in jest in response to that insulting Hell NO, I'm not a Muslim card!

Looks like the way the Malaysian Blogosphere works, you have double standards for free speech!

Islamophobes can fire away at will towards us Muslims but when we respond in kind we are labelled as Islamofascists! How sweet!

All ye Islamophobes can go to hell as far as I am concerned and frankly that is exactly where you will be according to what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has promised!

Anyway, it is as the popular song goes...'Que sera sera..whatever will be ..will be ...the Islamophobes future is none but the blazing Narr Al Jahannam...Insya Allah! :)

Here's a comment from an anonymous commenter who asked me about the matter thinking that my article about spam mail was related to what is brewing at Malaysia Today...and my response to him :
muttley said...

I can understand your exasperation at receiving all sorts of spam. But I am just curious. Did you do anything to deserve such treatment. FYI you have been implicated in making comments regarding non muslims to the tone of them having to tattoo themselves with the word kafir. This so they do not get buried as a Muslim by mistake. I wonder , is this true? Or were you just bragging in the video? Maybe under the influence of alcohol? Or was it someone who looks like you, sounds like you, but is not you? Tepuk dada , tanya sendiri. Ok?

Thursday, 31 January, 2008

Blogger mahaguru58 said...


Nothing of the sort bro. I was sort of getting pissed off at a recent acquaintnce who was sending me forwarded emails that made fun of the missing child @ Sharlinie's identification photos that have been edited by a fellow blogger to show her in various styles to maybe be able to identify her now after going missing for over 3 weeks.

As to the comments about tattooing those Kaffirs who were scared to be buried as Muslims, you need to refer to my particular posting where I was joking with MENJ about having them tattooed instead of carrying a card as featured in and highlighted in Jed Yoong's blog as well.

It is me , all sober JOKING about it with MENJ in response to that particular posting by Sean and Jed!

No alcohol involved or bragging or bullshitting! Seriously!

It is a JOKE in RESPONSE to that 'HELL NO! I'm NOT A MUSLIM CARD featured by the two Non Muslim Bloggers.

Jed is a friend of mine and I was just reacting to that particular posting of hers.

REMEMBER that it is a joke! If the Christians can rib us Muslims over the 'body-snatching' thingy ; I sure as hell hope that they would give us room to do the same!

Fair maa!

Thursday, 31 January, 2008


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Beware of any 'joke' not seen clearly as a 'joke'
Because of the serious manner all others you try to 'poke'
Readers may not be able to tell the different types of 'coke'
Let's pray no 'joke' will lead to anyone getting any stroke

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 010208
Fri. 1st Feb. 2008.

Klaw said...

Instead of labelling them as Islamophobes, perhaps you could relabel them as "Attempt At Lame Joke"-phobes?

Do you sincerely think that you meant it as a joke, or more like a 'riposte' to the non-muslim card?

(It's also time to update your commenting system to allow OpenId. You're discriminating against non-blogspot bloggers.) :P

Saidul A Shaari said...

Calm down Brother... :-)

Let them say whatever they want. Muslims in Malaysia are sleeping tigers and dozing dragons. One of these days they might just awaken all Muslim tigers and dragons and they will sure regret it then.

We Muslims are not fools. :-)

Malay Women in Malaysia

mahaguru58 said...

Samuel my man,

You are truly a poet par excellence here in Malaysia's Blogosphere!

Have a confession to make. Have been one of your fans since I came across your blogs and I love your Malaysianised poems.

Anyway, here's my reply to you.

Mahaguru58 joked about tattoos,
To all the Islamophobic cockatoos,
Who fear being wrongly buried as Muslims,
The chances of that being very slim.

To carry a Hell NO! I'm not a Muslim card seems so shallow,
To me the idea just exposes the idiocy of such a fellow,
For to be a Muslim is all done by one's own choice,
This unnecessary sense of fear is just some vested agenda folks making a lot of noise!

I hope that Non Muslims here and elsewhere can wise up that there are some devious folks out there just itching to make a mountain out of this 'joke' molehill.

MT is just creating that scandal to boost its hits and draw viewers to its trashtalking site.

What goes around comes around and soon, we will see its results.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Saidul,

Jazakallah diatas kata kata penenang anda.

Biasalah, puak puak gini memang gemar benar mengata orang tetapi bila kita membalas balik, melenting tak tentu pasal!

Soalnya dalang disebalik skandal ini orang yang seagama dengan kita namun ada ciri ciri petualang.

Lantaklah! Sebagai seorang blogger Muslim, saya sekadar mempertahankan hak kita untuk membela Islam dan sesama Muslim yang tulin.

Yang bermuka muka dan bertopeng itu biasalah , suku sakat anak yang tak sah taraf, suka memperlekehkan kita demi mengampu puak kaffir harbi.

Saya amat bersetuju dengan kenyataan Saidul bahawa Umat Islam di Malaysia sedang lena buat masa ini dan ada usaha usaha sebegini yang mungkin mengejutkan mereka.

Karang ada pulak yang melatah!

abu hanaan said...


Memang pun puak-puak yang ketagih Barat ini tak akan melepaskan peluang mencetus kontroversi dan polemik antara agama. Isunya simple sahaja. Kita tak suruh pun dia guna kad pengenalan bukan Islam. Cuma kalau dia dah takut sangat, baik buat tattoo terus daripada buat kad. Bukannya mahaguru syorkan PIHAK BERKUASA wajibkan buat tattoo, mahaguru cuma berjenaka mereka SENDIRI yang buat tattoo.

Dalam kes Nyonya Tahir, kan beliau dikebumikan sebagai bukan Islam. Maknanya kalau orang bukan Islam hormat dan ikut prosedur Jabatan Agama dan Mahkamah Syariah, ada keputusan yang akan memihak mereka. Cuma puak-puak mata sepet, kulit gelap, hidung kembang tapi tak sedar diri nak jadi Barat ni sahaja yang menjaja kononnya semua keputusan akan memihak orang Islam.

Menyakitkan hati bila baca komen di MT yang mengaitkan isu ini dengan PAS, walhal yang terlibat bukannya pemimpin tertinggi PAS pun.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Cikgu Abu Hanaan.

Terimakasih kerana membuktikan hanya golongan bijak pandai seperti Cikgu yang tahu apa maksud gurauan Mahaguru58 dan tidak seperti golongan anak tak sah taraf yang berkampong di MT.

Dah kelaziman musuh musuh Islam dan penaung penaung mereka akan berkelakuan begitu sampai ke Kiamat!

Insya Allah akan kita ambil tindakan lanjut berhubung fitnah mereka ini.

Tunggu dan lihat.

Jazakallah Cikgu.

Semoga ketemu satu hari nanti. Insya Allah.

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

23-32 said...

Kafirs like sean can never accept any arguments. No matter how strong your point, they'll twist it until it suits their agenda. I think it would be a waste of time debating with them. Rather we just spread the word of Islam to those who are more ready to listen

MAHAGURU58 said...


Thanks for the wisely spoken words bro.

You can help us by doing so thru your blog.

I see a lot of potential in you to be one of our good Da'ee's.

Insya Allah.

All the best to you bro.


free thinker said...

I hope that you will be an open minded human being. This world and country needs people who are able to understand others and practice tolerance. We need to be open to views from all angles, which will make us a whole human being not biased and lopsided.

MAHAGURU58 said...

I try my friend, God knows how much I try to be so.

Reality is however pushing me to say what I feel strongly about the demonization of the Muslims as a whole by the Islamophobic ones amongst us here in our society and also those at large.

By hoping that I be an open minded being, I ask that those of you be the same and allow us our space to speak our minds.

Only then will we come to a better understanding.

Remember however that we Muslims are beholden to Almighty Allah and to see to it that the misconceptions and false allegations against Islam and the Muslims are refuted and explained in detail by those of us who are capable and committed towards clearing the air about it.

All said and done, I appreciate your comment.

Thank you and take care.


markdavidshim said...

Is suggest both of you and Menj follow your own advice and research the Christian faith, as your video demonstrated a rather uninformed understanding of it. As many have done with Islam, you have stereotyped Christians with simplicity and negativity. There are a multitude of Christian faiths that adhere to Christianity through different customs, yet ultimately follow the same principles.

Not all Christians believe missionary work (you may wish to consider that Islam has also traveled far from its initial Middle Eastern base) is part of being a Christian. I imagine there are many ignorant and militant Christian bloggers that have offended you, however, following in their footsteps is not an answer.

That many Christian churches exist is part of what makes Christianity health, as it permits Christians the opportunity to personalize their faith and not simply adhere to teachings that do not affect them.

The Bible, like the Koran, is open to many interpretations, as they are books written centuries past within a historical context vastly different to ours. Thus we must read and reflect on how best those teachings work in our period.

It is a failure of Muslim majority nations (not Islam) that a plurality of thought on Islam does not exist. Supposedly educated clerics gain control on Islam’s interpretation and force all Muslims to adhere to their views. It seems that ones Muslim faith depends on which Muslim country one is born into. Divergent thinking is not permitted. If one dares to not follow the local Islamic custom, one is then called non-Mulsim by people such as you.

Faith is personal. How the individual adheres to his faith should be respected. As Allah said, no one can be compelled to faith and to each his own religion. If only more would respect each individual’s faith and view points on his or her faith and not force others to adhere to his (it is always men) own interpretation. There are many ways to praise God and follow your faith.

MAHAGURU58 said...

May Peace be upon you Brother Mark,

Thank you for commenting. Reasonable comment and content I must say.

I appreciate and respect your views.

Insya Allah, we will come to a better understanding between us if only there were more of your intellect and principles.

I welcome further dialogue between us and as you are in KL, would be honored if we can have a discussion between myself, MENJ, yourself and maybe other good Christians like yourself.

Maybe Emmanuel, Antares, Anthraxxxx, etc would care to join us?

That would be good. What do you gentlemen think?

Emmanuel, KLCC would be a good place to meet up. We could go to Gentings next.

Till then, thank you Brother Mark and may there be more like you in this land. Amen.

Best regards from me.