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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Malay Punks in Terengganu's Hadhari State! Believe it!

I am at times shocked to see the true scenario in this country where the Malay youths in the rural areas are left to rot in following decadent lifestyles coming from the West that even the Westerners have long forgotten!

I came across this set of pictures in TranungKite Online which clearly shows the realities in the State of Terengganu which is always portrayed on national television showing the 'Perkampongan Islam Hadhari' this and that by the advent of the innovative ideas of Malaysia's Chief Imam Hadhari and his team of Chinese Opera cabinet ministers who shamelessly fan the flames of ignorance amongst the rural masses into believing that everything's hunky dory in their state!

You can scare yourself better by clicking on to the pictures! They'll open up in a new window, well enlarged! Caution : Not for the timid hearted ones! :P

The harsh realities of many of Terengganu's Malay youths shown here proves otherwise!

Not only do these fellows look stupid, they come out looking butt ugly with their weird hairdo's and attires!

The Menteri Besar of Terengganu must be either clueless about these Malay punks roaming about Kuala Terengganu at night or the fella must be living in Terengganu Hadhari Dreamland?

Whatever it is, the Terengganu State Government need to nip this disease amongst their state's Malay youths in the bud and send them to reform school or whack some commonsense into those nincompoop's thick skulls!

Hadhari Punksters anyone?

Now where has Putera UMNO gone wandering without realizing about this case? Surely after whitewashing the Mat Rempit menace in KL and other big cities, these idiots in punk deserve your dedicated attention? I don't dare recommend Puteri UMNO to handle this matter! :P

After all , these are fresh fodder for indoctrination into the party? Don't drag your feet lest Pemuda PAS or Keadilan should get to them first?

There's lots of reformatting that can be done into those spike haired craniums out there! :P

Thanks to TranungKite Online and this blogger for the pictures. Now we know what goes on after dark in Hadhari Land!

Scary shit if you ask me! Eeeewwwwww! Can you stomach these scenes?

Scenes like these have never made it into either the mainstream media or even Malaysiakini for the matter!

Nightmare from Terengganu State , the land of Islam Hadhari ala Idris Jusoh and his mentor, Chief Imam of the Hadhari creed and Sang Kelembai's favourite target of all time, the PM!

Here's a clip of the dreaming ones. Enjoy!

1 comment:

BrightEyes said...

Wow, what a bunch of posers. They're trying too hard to copy the punk fashion & hairstyles, but I bet you they know little or are even interested in the ideology or philosophy behind punk culture.

In Penang, we have metalheads & hardcore Malays in the scene. Punks... not that many.