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Monday, January 14, 2008

Malaysian Police Investigating Officers work in miserable conditions

How many of you have seen the deplorable working conditions of the Royal Malaysian Police Investigating Officers?

Don't believe the hype that you see being shown on made for television 'Gerak Khas' drama series by Skop Productions.

Those are usually shot on location at the KL Police Headquarters but the real scenario is terribly not as high tech as the other district police headquarters.

I saw with my own eyes the poor miserable conditions of the Cheras Police Headquarters when I went to lodge a report over the threat an anonymous Hindraf supporter made against me in my You Tube account recently.

I was shocked to see the Investigating Officer work in a hot stuffy non air conditioned office where the officer had brought a fan to try keep cool.

The officer had no internet connection to the 'scrap quality' desktop computer and was struggling to do the job assigned to investigate cases.

You and me would surely not believe that this is the sorry state of affairs of our nation's police investigating officers if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

I am not talking about a remote rural district police booth here!

This is the Cheras Police District Headquarters I am talking about!

Right smack in Malaysia's capital city and one of the major District Police Headquarters here.

When their working conditions are as miserable as this and the police officers are burdened with long stretches of duty hours as I learned from the officer that night I was there, I don't blame them for not being able to do their work on the dot as they are expected to?

I met a few Investigating Officers who had been working for 48 hours straight!

Imagine their exhausted state of health? How can they react or respond energetically when they are deprived of adequate sleep?

People go groggy when forced to stay awake for such long hours and the body suffers like hell. They won't be able to think straight as a result of sleep deprivation!

I am talking about the Investigating Officers here not the top brass! They would have no problems at all as their offices would naturally have air condition, latest gadgets, up to date laptops, etc.

The condition of the Investigating Officer's office was a real nightmare! Really blew my mind!

I am shocked to see such deplorable working conditions that our police officers have to put up with?

Maybe Malaysiakini ought to go shoot a documentary about this sorry state that our Malaysian police officers need to put up with in order to understand the real deal with our nation's finest?

Malaysians ought to realize that our police are our only defense against the vicious criminals out there.

Do not tar the whole force for the mistakes of a few amongst them. Many dedicated police officers are working their butt off so that we can sleep in peace at night. This is the truth!

When the government fails to take care of their police force , their morale and spirits will surely go slack and their enthusiasm to defend the nation diminish in time. Spare a thought for them!

Countries like Singapore take care of their police officers well and give them up to date equipments, well managed and pleasant working stations, reasonable salaries and give them perks which in turn sees their officers work happily and are a force to be reckoned with.

Here are our Malaysian Police officers who are reduced to working with stone age computers that even Plaza Imbi dealers will want to have nothing to with them or even pay a few ringgits as scrap for such outdated computers.

Don't believe me? Go see for yourselves at the IPD Cheras IO Offices!

It's high time for the Malaysian Police Force to get better working conditions so that they can take care of us better.

I am writing this as per what I saw the other day. I don't know if Bukit Aman realizes this or not but IGP Musa Hassan has better do something about this!


kywong said...

Apart from the miserable working conditions, the methods and tools used are also faulty. They are blowing a lot of empty hot air in most cases investigated viz Chua S L, Krishnasamy, Nurin & Sharlinie & the Penang RM40M Microchip Case. All their fishing dragnets are NATO made - full of holes to catch anything. Look at the latest arrest of Nurin’s Murder Suspect. They took 5 Children victims to the house and all of them said they are not familiar with the place. So was it another red herring tactic?
More details H E R E

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

We all know that their working condition
Has a bearing with their rank and position
Now that we know their deploring situation
Let's hope they get the correct treatment and compensation

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Mon. 14th Jan. 2008.

mahaguru58 said...

There is a popular saying that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

The way the Royal Malaysian Police Force personnel are forced to work in such deplorable conditions does affect the way they go about their jobs.

Passion to do good for the nation that might have spurred many of them to join the police force eventually dissipates into thin air and many get disillusioned by their miserable situations when they experience terrible working conditions in their day to day existence.

I received a phone call the other day from a retired high ranking police officer the other day thanking me for writing fairly about the nation's crime situation and the abhorrable conditions many of the police personnel face especially about the bullet proof vests fiasco that saw two detectives gunned down in a botched up narcotics operation recently.

He also lamented the fact that many dedicated officers face a firewall in getting their grouses attended to by the top brass as a result of internal politicking as well in the force.

This is a reality and we all know it.

He is a symbol of how the system does not compensate the police officers accordingly to the amount of selfless dedication the majority of honest police officers put in their thankless jobs!

We know that some officers are forced to fall into corruption to make ends meet but it is unfair to say that ALL police officers are corrupt!

If that's the case, then the entire government machinery or even the Opposition can't lay claim to being squeaky clean.

I know most of the Opposition politicians and have personal experiences of dealing with some of them.

Not all are what they are perceived to be.

Many are two faced political opportunists who have fallen out from the ruling coalition parties and if ever given the mandate to be MP's or State Assembly men will not waste time in feathering their own nests at the expense of the people.

I am not in the habit of exposing these charlatans for I have better things to do like earning an honest living from my business enterprises or projects.

The nation really needs to wake up to the real situation sapping the life out of our police officers and why conditions such as what they are suffering in right now are the main reasons why some go bad?

Improve the Malaysian Police pay, working conditions, office equipment, housing benefits, hospitalization benefits, medical insurance, pension benefits, etc and see a real change in how they perform!

Right now, that's the main reason why many Non Malays opt out from joining the force.

Yet, the whole nation ought to open their eyes wide and see how many of the Royal Malaysian Police top brass are Chinese, Indians and other Non Malays!

This is proof that anyone can climb up the ranks if they work hard for it!

I hope that the PM will see to it that our police officers are given what they rightfully deserve in order to boost their morale and make them feel obliged to do their best!

Right now, it's a bloody shame for a nation that likes to bask in world recognition reduce its police officers to work in squalid conditions!

First world infrastructure only in Putrajaya but 3rd class amenities or lack of it in the district police headquarters!

Surely the government can channel some of the funds being splurged on mega concerts this and that to provide better office conditions for our police officers!

That would be so much more better than to waste precious funds on one night events and functions which the BN government seems to indulge in very so often?

Isn't that so, Pak Lah and Tok Jib?

Monday, 14 January, 2008