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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Malaysian Politicians True Colors Expose Season Starts!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

It is now open season for Malaysia's politicians to start baring teeth and bite each other in their attempts to garner popular support and seek attention of the kingmaker's in their political parties in order to make it to the candidates list for the looming General Elections!

We aren't surprised to see once close buddies turn into battling political mongrels, snapping and snarling at each other in their campaigns to be seen as the top dog in the political scramble to power in the nation's corridors of power in the Malaysian Parliament and then on to the cherished seats of dominance in Putrajaya!

Malaysiakini reports of how Nalla Karuppan, the infamous tennis buddy of Anwar Ibrahim has now sniped at the latter asking 'What the hell has Anwar done for the Malaysian Indians all the years he held power as the nation's Deputy Prime Minister during Mahathir's watch?'

Pretty interesting turn of events , isn't it?

Malaysia's politicians never fail to amaze me with their dramatics and about turns especially by those who hold grandiose designs on conquering the Prime Minister's Office Complex by kicking out the incumbent sleepy head who has broken the record of being the most condemned PM this country has ever seen!

Mahathir was hated with a vengeance by his political enemies for the way the former PM smashed down any challenges to his post and Anwar is a glaring example of how ruthless Mahathir could be and he got plastered royally!

PAS Youth Chief Salahudin Ayub's challenge to SPR's Chairman Rashid is also pretty much creating a political drama where we see a proven kingmaker in the form of the Elections Commission Chairman getting his retirement extended just to make sure that the ruling coalition wins the coming General Elections by throwing a challenge to the Malaysian disunited Opposition to boycott the polls if they aren't too happy about the status quo?

Doesn't that smack of arrogance on his part?

What the hell does he think this country is? A banana republic to do as he wishes? The idiot should not have been retained at all as he has been proven to be biased in his position as the Elections Commission's Chairman.

It is cases such as these that prove the current coalition party intends to fight dirty in the coming polls!

Salahudin Ayub is right in challenging this arrogant chap in a debate! Don't think that the fella will even have the balls to accept the dare!

Next we have the HINDRAF's Chairman at large issuing notices of a large scale gathering of his supporters next month in conjunction with Valentine's Day of bearing red and yellow roses for the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi ( if he still is one at that time) in order to woo Mr.Romantic to have a heart for the Malaysian Hindraf Indians (after handing over or better still publish their memorandum online calling the Malays Islamic Extremists, Islamo-fascists, Malay terrorists, etc.).

Don't think Samy Vellu will be very happy about this attempt to draw attention to the outlawed Hindraf again. I hear that he plans to galvanize the Briged Putera MIC into holding their own 15000 supporters show of support to Abdullah Badawi soon!

Samy Vellu faced lots of heckling from the Hindus at Padang Jawa, Klang when he tried to visit the demolished temple. Big Samy also got booed and cursed like hell at Penang's Indoor Sports Arena the other day when he attended a dance festival. Doesn't look like it's going to remain the same anymore for the entrenched Works Minister this time around!

Malaysian Hindus are just pissed off at the MIC and they also don't give a hoot about the new kid on the block, Nalla Karuppan who's trying to do a 'remora' on the butt of the BN and attempting to curry favor with Abdullah Badawi by going for Anwar's jugular!

IPF's attempts to do so failed miserably all these years with Pandithan reduced to carrying a coffin in order to force Samy Vellu to have some heart for the former MIC big wig. Nothing doing!

MIUP's efforts will just end up as the 'also tried's' in the Malaysian Indian political theatre.

Nalla can try to do an 'MGR' in his attempt to blaze his trail into the seats of power in the BN but he has to get past the toll keeper in the form of Samy Vellu before any chances of that ever happening?

The MCA just got it's VP in the form of Chua Soi Lek stripped naked before the whole wide world exposed and packed off to the 'land of the former ministers' by forced resignation from all his posts in government and the party!

UMNO is seeing intense lobbying taking place amongst it's top guns especially up north in the State of Perlis where Shahidan Kassim seems hellbent in cutting down his political rivals in the form of the UMNO Secretary General and Azmi Khalid to size.

I believe things are going to get bloody messy this time around with all parties going all out to grab power and effect change in the Malaysian political arena.

Will we see a new government consisting of the Malaysian Opposition political parties or are we going to see the BN continue to bulldoze its way back into political dominion over us?

Whatever it is , from the way things are taking place right now, the ordinary Malaysian citizens are in for a more expensive cost of living no matter which faction gets the votes!

Things are getting more costly. Usual cock and bull excuses are the order of the day and you and me still have no other options but to just carry on and seek our fortunes through our own enterprises whilst the Demons after Power continue to play the race and religious cards in their power plays.

At the end of the day, the rich keep getting richer whilst the poor just get screwed in the name of this and that!

Happy 2008 people! You are all in for the launching of the Drama of the Year soon by all of our infamous politicking parasites!

Watch out for the saliva spewing dinosaurs as they attempt to pull a fast one on us, again!

I truly wish to see a whole new lineup in the Malaysian Government!

If I see the relics from Mahathir's era still warming their butts in the Malaysian Cabinet, I'll just have to say that Malaysians deserve the kind of idiots they keep returning to power each and every bloody GE that has ever taken place in this country!

Damn! It's just a tad too sickening to see the same old cock and bull faces in the government!

Don't Malaysians ever learn or are capable of ever changing the lineup of the robbers and thieves in officialdom?

We need a new set of crooks! Hehehehehe! Si Luncai terjun dengan labu labunya!

Biarkan! Biarkan! Nang buti nang ...kui buti na na na na na na ....trukk cheng!!!

It's all just like a Chinese Opera to me!

Just spare us the bullshit ye politicians and do us good.

At the end of the day, History will record how you handled yourselves whilst in power!

Learn from Chua's screw up! Really! :P

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