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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Malaysians! Don't vote for anyone with a corrupt past!

I find it preposterous to see so many of the BN's current politicians seeking re-election in the coming GE!

The same goes to any of the current Opposition party members who have done or accomplished nothing for their constituents in their past 5 year term as Members of Parliament or State Assemblymen or women.

I for one will not support anyone who has a tarnished track record and has only wasted his or her time whilst being in power or office.

Malaysians must stop blindly endorsing any Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy who is put up as the candidate in their respective constituencies.

If the BN puts up someone who has already wasted his or her time doing nothing but filling up their bank accounts all these while and done nothing to improve the lot of the people who elected him or her in the period before this, then please use your commonsense. No one is indispensable.

If the Opposition comes up with someone who has just been full of hot air all these while and done nothing for the constituency, forget the person!

Malaysians deserve better. We need sincere representatives who are really sincere in wanting to improve the lot of the people and not just interested to morph overnight into the cash flushed bureaucrat whose objectives are nothing but a humongous personal castle, a luxury chauffeur driven automobile with the MP crest emblazoned across their chariot and waste their time sleeping on the job in either the Parliament or State Assemblies!

And last but not least, don't forget all those who spewed nothing but bullshit and insulted the intelligence of the people and also the ladies of this nation by their cock and bull ideas or screwed up opinions!

You want clues? Go ask Mob1900! Go through his posts. Check out his posters! You will surely learn as to who I am talking about?

C'mon Malaysia! It's time to put this nation back on track! Let's have a better government!


Mustafa said...

so say in your constituency there are two YB standing fro election

one is a corrupt Malay Muslim who shouts and screams about Malay Supremecy and Islamic Nation, while being a corupt bastard who has no shame in taking bribes

one is a decent Chinese Man who believes in secular state and equal oppurtunity for all regardless of race and religon

You will vote for the decent Chinese Man right?

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum mus.

Hehehehe...a trick question, eh?

Sorry my friend, doesn't happen in my place.

Tan Chai Ho of the MCA is the BN representative here in Bandar Tun Razak and the Opposition is from the DAP!

Based upon my writings, who do you think I'll vote for?

No prizes for guessing but I think it's pretty obvious isn't it?

Chai Ho gets my vote. Period.

If it is as you picture above, I'll refrain from turning up at the polls.

I don't need to support any corrupt SOB from the BN or will I ever vote for anyone who is against Islam.


Turning to your blog, when are you going to start writing?

Attempt to Dakwah? That's a noble idea.

Get cracking on it bro.


Mustafa said...

I am actually planning to start posting one of these days. I've started writing few articles, haven't quite complete one yet. But i will post eventually. Thanks for checking out and stay tuned.

Anyway, I did not quite understand your stand but I take it that you rather give up your right to vote if given the choice of corrupt Muslim and a decent non-Muslim?

Or do you actually vote based on the larger picture. I mean rather than focusing on who the local representative is, you vote based on the party that you are for/against. In your case, you probably are against DAP, so you choose the BN rep? Although based on your previous writings, I will say you are not a BN fan either.

Based on your reply, I assume You'd rather choose a party that acts against your ethical and moral values to govern your country than choosing one that oppose to the idea of total Islamic Nation. Am I close enough?

mahaguru58 said...

Well mus,

It's not exactly wise to discuss one's preference in political choice here in public.

I for one am not a fan of any political party here in Malaysia for the very obvious reasons that many do not actually practice what they preach or claim to stand for?

If you get deep down to it, you will find that most political parties are almost alike in their power struggle and backstabbings plus most play dirty.

Envy and enmity is part and parcel of politics and frankly speaking, as a citizen, I just sort of get sick and tired of all the empty promises most of the politicians make.

It's a real heartache when one comes to think of it and I'd rather go about my business and just do my dakwah activities if I can.

Yet politics is part and parcel of our lives and we are entrenched in the system as registered voters.

You do not need to pry into my affairs and ask about who I vote for or anything.

Just focus on writing your piece and be a good citizen.


Mustafa said...

Assalamualaikum my friend Mahaguru,

I agree fully that it is wrong to pry into your affairs and ask about who you vote for or anything I am sorry if i made an impression of doing that in my comment. You see this is exactly why I am putting off my blogging task. I tend to write in a way that people read the complete opposite of what I wish to state.

In fact, I have no intention of knowing who you will vote come election. Now I understand why you openly told me which candidate you are going to vote for;)

Anyway, what I actually want to ask was that since you were asking Malaysians to "Malaysians! Don't vote for anyone with a corrupt past!", what is your take on Corrupt Muslim vs Decent Non-Muslim candidate.

I am asking this because I know of so many Muslim brothers an sisters who are really really angry with corrupt politician they want to spit on these politician right in their face. But then if given a choice to vote either a corrupt Muslim or a non-corrupt Non-Muslim, they wont hesitate to choose the corrupt Muslim because they think it is haram to vote for Non-Muslim. Obviously I do not agree with this. I just want to know as a learned Muslim, what is your take on this. That's all

Cheers to you too :)