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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Murali Abdullah Interview by Mahaguru58

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

This is my interview of Brother Muhammad Murali Abdullah , a prolific Malaysian TV Drama & Film Director.

This interview was done by me when we met at Ampang Point, just after the Eidul Adha festivities.

Brother Muhammad Murali is a revert to Islam from Hinduism. From the interview I learned that he reverted to Islam when he got married to a Malay lady.

From being one who was anti Islam , he got the inspiration to embrace Islam after a dream he had of meeting the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

After his divorce a couple of years back, Brother Muhammad Murali started to study deeper into Islam with guidance from his friend the Malay film actor Sidi Oraza, and is now a committed Muslim working on producing Islamic values based TV dramas and documentaries.

I asked Brother Murali about his views regarding the current issues back then and he answered frankly about what he feels about such things.

Among his advices to the Muslims is not to fear Allah and to love Him! Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala cares for us and has given us so much that we should appreciate and submit ourselves to His Will sincerely.

I am working on a project with Brother Muhammad Murali and soon we will be announcing it to the world. By the way, the brother is looking for a spouse.

He is looking for a sincere Muslimah who might be interested in sharing the rest of his life with him. Interested parties may email him at

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bless him with a suitable soulmate soon, Insya Allah.


River of Karma said...

Ask him if he had ever took the time to study the religion (other than word of mouth) he was born into, then see if his "Revert" was done by proper comparison.

PS: Chances are, his answer will be a predictable "No"

mahaguru58 said...

Must be pretty frustrating to see more folks finally seeing the light of Islam , eh?

Well, I have no problems in passing your questions to him when I see him again!

In the meantime , just go easy with the mind games. Don't wanna see you burn a fuse or something!


MENJ said...

I suppose Islamophobes like "River of Karma", who also happens to be in cahoots with the Islamophobe Elaine Lim, will never get into their brains that once someone receives the al-Huda, Guidance from Allah Almighty, there will be no stopping that person to revert to his fitrah, which is Islam.


mahaguru58 said...

It's either fate or one's own stubbornness to see the light.

Anyway, I have passed on the above commenter's remarks to Brother Muhammad Murali who is ready to smash back with his reply.

Brother Muhammad Murali is outstation at the moment and will be back in KL by next week.

I will get him to speak about this on live video so that the whole world will be able to gauge as to whether the commenter above deserves to question another person's free will and choice to submit to Allah the Almighty on his own accord?

Trashed said...

Do you think that the recent case of the elder Mr Gan's conversion to Islam was a case of a sinful act by his eldest son to acquire the family's property ?

It would appear that the elder Gan's conversion may not be proper as the documentation was inadequate to support but yet the Syariah Court made a determination.

I'd like to think that people who convert to another religion, such as Muhd Murali, do so on their own volition instead of what might be in the case of the paralysed old man Gan.

It doesn't give religion a good name and makes efforts such as yours more difficult to achieve.

mahaguru58 said...

Frankly speaking, I do not have direct access to the case and just like you, I have come to learn about the case from blog reports online.

I too wonder about the haphazard manner by which the conversion to Islam documentation shows an alteration to the date and the simple manner by which such a document is furnished as proof of the late Mr.Gan is said to have embraced Islam before his death.

It is cases like these which give rise to problems and doubts!

Just like Brother MENJ said in his blog that surely the Islamic Authorities aren't that hard up to be going around snatching dead bodies of persons who are reported to have become Muslims before their last breath or what without adequate and absolute proof?

Since we are living in the Last Ages where all kinds of documentation and audio visual technology is available with us to record any such conversion easily.

I for one see no point in those making such claims as to the deceased having embraced Islam after their passing away!

Anyone who embraces Islam must put up a public notice in the newspapers that they are now a Muslim to avoid such cases from recurring!

I mean if they are sincere, what is there to worry?

Death threats?

Bodily harm?

Well, it all depends on how strong the revert's decision is in claiming his or her birthrights to be a Muslim?

Ravi said...

Hi Zainol..

thanks for the posting of Murali regarding his "revert to Islam".

I'm the living proof of "revert to Hindu" after seeing the truth of Islam and history of Islam...

Murali should contact me and i will let him know the ""Freedom of Thoughts and Actions i.e. HINDU.

There is no beautiful religion than Hindu....

You know what we called the people who convert to Islam .... Kakka!!! yes a deregotory word for Indian Muslim... That what is he now..

Ravi Arumugam

mahaguru58 said...


All I can say to you brother is to learn to live and let live.

Hate doesn't do anyone any good bro.

You choose to be a Hindu?

By all means bro, go right ahead and live your life as you see fit.

Life is what we make it out to be Ravi.

It's too temporary to waste it away steeped in hatred towards others.

I am all for good dialogue and good discussions about faith and all that but choose with whom I engage with in doing that.

Let us accord to each other that sense of goodwill and respect.

Who knows? We might get to learn more from each other.

Peace to you bro.

Bored Stiff said...

First of all let me commend you for the respectable manner of which you answer questions from strangers, no matter how uncivilized the person. I am a Hindu, but I believe all Gods are one. Thus my respect for all things designed by the Almighty, including my non-Hindu brothers and sisters. I do have a query though, and since you seem close enough to contact Mr. Mohd. Murali, would you please ask him this question. What is his justification for the usage of the sacred Hindu font of Sanskrit and the design of a peacock feather in his latest reel endeavor, Jelma 2? There was also an earlier usage of such font in the movie Syaitan, with Rosyam Nor as the lead. Wouldn't this send the wrong signals to those who dont know about Sanskrit? Would Muslims agree if someone was to use Islamic styled text to name a Demon or suggest an evil demeanor? I would welcome a dialogue from 'revert' Mohd. Murali Abdullah, for I am an aspiring movie-maker myself and would not mind making a contact in the movie world. My e-mail is I believe I have been acting in respectable manner and would like to apologize if any of my comments were deemed too sensitive. Thank you


Hi Everyone,

Revert to another religion is their understanding and own believes. We all human and lets we live together. We all are brother and sister, there is no border for us. Please no heart feeling here. I`m a hindu but I respect all religion