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Thursday, January 24, 2008

RTM News Channel One - Your Daily Bullshit!

I don't know about you folks but I for one will feel like puking every time I have to listen to the daily bullshit spewed by Radio Television Malaysia's Channel One morning news roundup or summary.

These fellas must think that Malaysians are morons and do not have any other alternative media to catch up with the latest happenings or news?

To the producers of the news program at RTM, I say this, ' Wake the bloody hell up!'

It is one thing to assume that all's fine and dandy in the utopia that they seem to imagine this nation to be in but it is absolutely disgusting to keep dishing out endless bullshit each and every bloody morning!

Let's take the Thaipusam turnout issue reported by the mainstream kowtowing media. RTM unabashedly claims that a million Hindus turned up at their Batu Caves hillside temple complex whilst alternative news media such as and other news blogs say that the boycott by Hindraf supporters was a success!

Whatever it is, I sure hope that RTM and all other so called mainstream media give us a break and stop thinking that it is still 'British Malaya' where Malaysians had no alternative sources of getting news and catching up on the latest happenings!

We are living in the age of the internet aren't we?

Through the free online web hosting services, global independent bloggers are capable of publishing the latest happenings by way of print, audio and video reports in real time and even live streaming video broadcasts, giving us instant access to all such breaking news through the internet from any part of the world!

If you are to believe what RTM dishes out daily, then all the past years people's grouses, dissatisfactions, protests, marches, rallies, etc must be a figment of our imagination!

Grow up RTM and be uptodate in your broadcasting! Such lack of integrity on your part only drives Malaysians away from watching your daily crap especially during your routine early morning news roundup!

Don't you realize that we can watch so many other news channels on cable and satellite tv or even online?

For a station that claims to be older than the nation, I dare say that the way you guys run the news channel there from Angkasapuri, you must be dreaming that we are still in the bygone era where people did not have access to any other sources of information like in the days of the 'wayang pacak' of the 50's!

Sheeeshh! No wonder that there is a growing resentment amongst the masses against the BN run government propaganda machine that is the Radio Television Malaysia still living in their imagined shangrila way atop Angkasapuri!

Enough is enough!


The Malaysian. said...

Well said Bro, well said. I personally feel that Datuk Zainuddin Maidin is directly responsible for the very misleading and inaccurate information which RTM spews out daily.

zorro said...

Zainal, can't fault the producers and news-readers...they are only the mouthpiece of Zam. People's Parliament will announce thru a press conference on Monday at Blog House on
the boycott of MSM. See you there?

mahaguru58 said...

Datuk Zainudin Maidin ought to realize that in news reporting, truth packs the most punch and credibility!

When truth is mangled day in day out by the news producers whether on their own accord or directed to do so by anyone, they massacre the reputation and integrity of their broadcasting station!

I have been patient for so long but I guess that my patience has just ran out!

Here's calling a spade just that!

RTM News Channel One is simply a pure BN propaganda channel!

If the opposition should even have a hiccup, believe me that it will be repeatedly broadcasted over TV at a regular interval by the RTM vultures unabashedly!


mahaguru58 said...

Brother Zorro,

Pretty busy and occupied with a business project at the moment.

My support for you is always there.

God willing, we will meet again one of these days, sir!

Keep up your swashbuckling mate!

May the truth prevail!


BravoTango said...

Don't sell the Mamak short. He and the RTM people know that RTM's channels are viewed mostly by the not well heeled people such as the kampong folks and these news are tailored for them. Come election, these are the people whose votes are going to count.

The Mamak knows that urban people are mostly 'orang berada' i.e. ada astro and ada internet access. Come election, urban people vote for the opposition.

Frankly, my source of local news has never been RTM nor TV3. It used to be NTV7 but now I get most from the web. If I am still awake at midnight, I flicked on Nightline at TV3 but only for 5 minutes of local news headlines.

mahaguru58 said...

Well, bravotango...that might have been true a couple of years back!

Today, most kampong folk have Astro and internet at home, so don't be surprised if things are going to turn out way different this time around!

After all, RTM has been broadcasting bullshit to the people day in day out since the days of black & white tv.

People are a tad wiser now.

Let's see whether Malaysians have outgrown their blinkers?

I for one hope that they have.

Trashed said...

I am just surprised that it took you so long to finally accept that RTM One is pure propaganda.

If you, of such learned disposition, can take such a long time to come to this conclusion, it may take longer for those Malaysians in the rural areas. But I share your hopes that the rakyat can sieve through the fiction and get the facts.

Regardless of one's affnity whether to the ruling party or the Opposition, the media should at least report truthfully.

mahaguru58 said...

It's just a figure of speech bro.

Hell, ever since I actually bothered to take heed of all the political shenanigans taking place here in this country, I knew for sure that RTM has always been the propaganda machine of the BN.

Nevertheless being one who doesn't straightaway dismiss off anybody without giving them some time to run their cause, I have been holding my tongue so to speak to see just whether they will wise up to doing what's right?

Looks like the disease is too deep set for us to expect any miracles.

I thought Zainudin Maidin being a former journalist would bring about some changes but looks like he doesn't have it in him to do so.

So, I spoke out against RTM today.

Will it change anything?

Who knows?

We can only just hope that our prayers will be answered and RTM shed it's nefarious reputation being nothing but a mouthpiece for those with vested interests.

That's all we can do for now, right?