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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VK Lingam's denial: Proof that he's not in Chua Soi Lek 's class!

You have got to hand it to our former Minister of 'Sexual' Health superstud Chua Soi Lek that he is in a class of his own.

The former randy andy caught bucking like a rodeo star on video proved to be way above the rest of the current Malaysian BN Government meanisters by admitting that yes it was him caught on video committing adultery and after his first refusal to quit his ministership made an about turn and tendered in his resignations from all government and MCA party posts as he should!

Today, despite all the visible proof as shown above in these videoclips , the Malaysian senior lawyer here VK Lingam does not have the balls or the moral courage to admit that it is him talking to the former Malaysian Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Ahmad!

Speaks volumes about the lack of integrity in the judicial kingmaker, doesn't it?

No matter how many exposes Malaysiakini and other 'straight to your face' alternative media come up with, it is preposterous for the Malaysian Government to still beat round the bush with this case!

Abdullah Badawi and his BN Coalition government are going to face the Malaysian voters soon in the next General Elections and the Malaysian people are already starting to get very pissed off at him and his lack lustre performance leading this country!

How he handles the current minefield of political screwups is going to determine his fate as the incumbent Prime Minister of this country in the next GE?

VK Lingam's denial of him being the person in the video clip here is a clear proof of his lack of gentlemanly conduct that the beleagured Chua Soi Lek showed to the entire world by admitting to being the machoman pumping away in the video taken of his sexploits at Hotel Katerina, Batu Pahat.

In that instance, even when he has been proven to be an adulterer, Chua Soi Lek's admission and subsequential resignations from all his government posts raised his integrity level to be above his colleagues still hanging on to their ministerial seats of power.

VK Lingam sadly lacks the spine or the fortitude shown by Soi Lek.

The results of the Royal Commission Enquiry on VK Lingam's case will play a part in deciding the fate of the Barisan Nasional in the next General Elections.

Hello Mister Lingam, the whole bloody world is watching! If you still try to slither your way out of this shit hole you are currently in, your integrity or rather lack of it will go down in history as the one who claims to be drunk while trying to 'kow tim' the nation's judicial make up but end up as the nastiest 'skunk' of the Malaysian legal fraternity!

From claiming to be a drunk , you'll just be known as Malaysia's stinkiest skunk in black and white!

Hey...come to think of it...lawyers do dress in black and white....sheeeshhh...

No malice intended to the Malaysian Bar but you folks need to really spring clean your membership roll from skunks like these ....errr sorry....meant to say ..'drunks'....hehehehehe!


Correct, correct, correct? Hahahahahaha...that one is a real punchline!!!!:P


H J Angus said...

2 Different crimes and different players.

In CSL's case he was the only casualty and his admission allows him to start all over and turn redeem himself.

In this case, so many important names are dropped, being totally honest may not be prudent and you may even end up in the trees with some C4

mahaguru58 said...

It is as you say dear Mr Angus.

The crimes are different and the ones implicated are of different positions but in CSL's case, he had the spine to say yes that it was him and he answered for it politically.

In VK Lingam's case, the proof of judicial fix up is so very clear as exposed in the videoclip that has been authenticated by multimedia forensic experts!

If he still goes on to DENY that it is him, then I say bollocks to our socalled Malaysian Judiciary!

We might as well have a kangaroo court or whatever court for JUSTICE is long dead in this country, then!

These names and figures might seem to be important here on Earth but these crooks are going to be plastered when the real Judgment Day takes place before the Almighty!

Then, we'll see real justice take place.

Malaysians must take into account all the shenanigans taking place before us and vote the scoundrels out in the coming GE or suffer another 5 years of corruption at its worst!

The irony is I see no worthy Opposition alternative fronts for me to give my support to!

All the political hasbeens and washouts have ended up at the dirt trap there as well!

Looks like we are stuck between the BN Devils and the Opposition Deep Brown Seas - just as treacherous I say!

Can't say blue in this one! Hrmphh!

Trashed said...

With due respect to Indian readers, Dato VK Lingam is displaying all the bad traits of the stereo typed Indian - drunk, lies and talks big. I think he is a disgrace to the Indian community.

I think he should tell the truth and then close down his legal firm and pack up and take his family to Australia. The UTK will have a tougher time tracking him down there - they stillcan, though but we may not hear of it in Malaysia, mainstream media being what it is.

As for the voting, yes, neither seems to be a viable option but I've had enough of frustration with the BN's impunity. They have shown that the rakyat's well being are secondary to theirs.