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Friday, February 29, 2008

MIC's Tamil Movie Scare Tactics Campaign Ad!

Looks like the MIC are bringing in the Tamil gangster movie threat scripted scenes into our Malaysian Indian lives by resorting to veiled threats through this public ad in the Star newspaper today!

What were the MIC thinking?

Do they think that we are in the 50s or 60s era where maybe the poor Malaysian Indians would be cowed by such a threat or succumb to idle threats by anyone anymore?

Wakey wakey Mister Alex goes the script of the popular cartoon 'Madagascar'!

Same call here for the MIC!

Malaysian Indians aren't buying into such shit anymore!

No way brothers! You all need to either shape up or ship out if the folks in HINDRAF are to be taken into consideration.

Do you seriously think Malaysian Indians give a hoot about your public threat?

From the way I see it, the Malaysian Indians have woken up from their MIC induced coma for 50 years!

No more are the Malaysian Indians going to be conned and kept in bondage by the MIC and their BN coalition allies.

HINDRAF might be having their leaders isolated in Kamunting right now but the smouldering rage in the Malaysian Indians hearts and minds is being displayed every now and then as they gather to demand justice for their community which the MIC claims to be custodians in this ad?

The sad part of these Malaysian Indian awakenings is that it has also unearthed the ignorance about how things actually are in this nation of ours that it has brought out the confused amongst the Indian community who are disclosing such fears through imaginative scary videos such as this!

I feel so sorry for this brother. Malaysia is not the nightmare you make it out to look like here sir!

If things are really as you conjure up in this video, you won't be left around at liberty to produce your imaginary hell in Bolehland as depicted here?

Only those who have a severe case of dementia or delusions would want to accept and believe this nightmarish scenario you have conjured up?

Maybe it would work for those who so hate our country that they would be rubbing their hands with pleasure and just be beaming from ear to ear watching this nightmare from the producers misguided mind?

C'mon brother! Face up to the reality that you have simply pushed things so far out of reality way too much that this video looks like a Friday the 13th genre production?

I can go shoot a live video of downtown KL or Jalan Masjid India and show the whole wide world scenes where Malaysians of all races go about their business in relative peace and harmony.

No fancy editing or anything. Live raw video to debunk your myth here. Just to set the records straight.

I may have my 'biff' with the BN's current leadership but I can't just stand by and see my nation being misrepresented in this You Tube's worldwide viewership. Justice for Malaysia is our top priority. The country as a whole is just as good as any other nation out there.

We just have to learn to differentiate between lousy corrupt politicians and not drag the whole country down the drain with them in our attempts to seek justice and highlight the injustices being committed against certain communities amongst the general Malaysian populace.

Now back to the MIC.

If the MIC is really that concerned about the fate of Malaysian Indians, then instead of going around threatening the Malaysian Indian community, you guys would do better to hold a 'Reality Check' nationwide campaign to show the Indians out there as to what is right and what is totally unfounded allegations such as what this video maker has produced?

How come the MIC has yet to catch up to this reality? The MIC Youth leaders have no options but to hold peace talks with the HINDRAF supporters and reason with them.

Discuss not diss and cuss! Be civil towards one another. Respect begets respect, etc.

Help the poor amongst the Indian community and assist them in whatever ways you can?

If there is a will, there will always be a way. Keep up with what's taking place on the ground and do not be afraid to go into the community and see what the MIC can really do for them?

You must know what the people are unhappy about and not just think that you know best as to what is the best way out for the Malaysian Indian community?

Work as a team with the other partners in the BN. I am sure that UMNO and MCA Youth will be more than happy to co-operate with MIC Youth in going around assisting the needy and desperate living in the estates and squatter areas or low cost housing projects?

Always try your best to be up to date with what is happening amongst the people who by sheer circumstances are being caught up and pushed along by the unfolding social and communal upheavals?

Don't tell us that the MIC does not read about the latest breaking news in sites such as Malaysiakini?

MIC needs to be proactive and keep up with the latest updates to be on par with the rest of the country folks!

Veiled threats such as this ad will only reaffirm the Malaysian Indians to show just how pissed off they are with the likes of the Samy Vellu @ the Sg.Siput Godfather?

I don't think that the HINDRAF thingy is going to fade away like the mists of the Malaysian foothills as you wish?

This is for real. Malaysian Indians won't be cowed anymore. In the meantime you can ponder on this and try to look for the ways that you can actually implement corrective measures to win over the people's hearts and minds instead of alienating them further by such threats.

Just sharing with you what the general public are feeling about the MIC? Many Malaysian Indians are unhappy because the MIC leadership have not really been upfront with them about many issues such as the Maika Shares scandal, etc?

People aren't crazy or stupid to go around getting themselves whacked by the FRU and the Malaysian Police?

Someone is agitating the masses and bringing them up to this frenzied stage where they get out of control by suggestive manipulation of their emotions and passions aroused to that breaking point of no return.

If left to run riot, the only victims will be none other than the Malaysian Indians themselves for they are at the forefront whilst the orchestrator's are safely shielded by the masses who do so for fear of losing their newfound leaders?

If the MIC are really the custodians of the Indian Community as this ad claims, then why are the people so against you?

It's preposterous for the MIC which claims to care and protect the Malaysian Indians to turn around and threaten the same community with idle threats alike what the gangsters are issuing in the cinema Tamil movies?

That's not the way to win over the people's hearts and minds, brothers!

I want to see our country return to a sense of normalcy and the whole country make amends and see to it that the grievances of the masses are addressed and assistance given where necessary?

The MIC must accept that they too have their fair share of blame for allowing things to reach this state of dire straits where normal peace loving people are forced to take to the streets to demand their fair share of the wealth of this country or at least be truly given more opportunities to stand on their own two feet and work for their living and get out of the poverty cycle.

If you care to check out what the grassroots are saying, bloggers like me can help you out with our own meet the people live interviews.

I could follow up this article with a live video interview of what the Malaysian Indians think of his threat ad from the MIC and in the process, maybe give you MIC folks a straight live feedback from the Malaysian Indians heart's and minds?

Dialogue instead of veiled threats. That would be a better choice for Malaysia, don't you agree?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

'Fatwa as you please' - Political desperado's new modus operandi?

What can we say when the leaders of PAS, an 'ulamak based party' feel fit to issue fatwa's as they please just to legitimize politically based character assassinations of their opponents?

One can't totally blame such desperate measures being touted by the likes of PAS President Haji Hadi Awang because the prevailing elections campaigning field is so bloody lopsided due to the ruling coalition's cowardliness in not allowing them equal airtime and space in the mainstream media platform to present their election manifesto unlike the BN monopolizing all such areas?

It still does not qualify PAS leaders to go around hurling insults and curses claiming that necessity to prevent a BN takeover of Kelantan and spoil their chances of making it in this 12th Malaysian General Elections!

I do not agree with what Haji Hadi is reported to have stated here in this latest breaking news that 'its okay in Islam to do just that!'

'IT IS NOT OKAY' according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

I have written about the forbidding of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam upon us his Ummah in going around cursing others here.

Are PAS leaders reading a different set of the Kitabs of Hadith than the rest of us or are we expected to just swallow whatever innovative fatwa that is spewed forth by the likes of Haji Hadi and Nik Aziz?

I feel sad to see such well learned Muslims being reduced to being in the category of those ignorants at large who resort to such petty name callings due to their confused selfs not having studied Islam as much as these two reputable scholars of PAS?

It's a shame to see such an erosion of their personalities to want to propose such a lowly calling just because their mortal enemies in UMNO are playing dirty by refusing them equal airtime over the broadcasting systems.

I would like to assure Haji Hadi and Nik Aziz that the learned Malaysians of 2008 aren't buying into all the propaganda bullshit that the BN is broadcasting over the airwaves and print media.

No sirree!

Malaysian voters of today are well aware that what is being bandied about by the BN is just sock full of bull that even a 10 year old kid can sniff out easily?

The internet can't be curtailed by the BN dear Tok Guru's and we the Bloggers of Malaysia are all for justice and truth to be shared and told to anyone who has a connection to the net and by way of other forms of communication.

Malaysiakini is read by millions of Malaysians all over the nation and feedback is being disseminated throughout the whole wide world.

You Tube hosts a whole lot of informative video clips that dissect and expose all the fabrications of the ruling coalition to the whole world so that everyone gets to see, hear and understand that they don't have to be like the 3 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil' idiots of yesteryears!

You do not have to worry or resort to such low class measures of issuing curses through your venerated selfs.

Stay well above the fray and really follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to the letter if you will.

Maintain your achieved positions of dignity as the stalwart leaders of PAS and do not go down into the company of fools! It is beneath the status and reputation of wise men to act and behave as them. Won't you agree?

Insya Allah, the Malaysian people know better today not to buy into and believe all the mainstream media bullshit that is coming our way.

If there are still those who swallow hook, line and sinker all the made for TV propaganda myths that are being broadcasted about by your political enemies, be it known to you that those are just a small fraction of clueless folks who still live in an imaginary world of their own where the sun shines brightly 24/7 and they imagine Abdullah Badawi and company to be the best there is for them?

No need to get all flustered up about such dreamers Tok Guru's!

Come March 8th, 2008, see for yourselves how Malaysians will vote?

Worse come to worse, even if you lose, it's not the end of the world just yet?

There will always be a better tomorrow as foretold by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

I am sure you learned gentlemen know of Allah's Promise that the banner of Islam will be flying high in the Akhirul Zaman!

We sure are living in these times, aren't we?

Better to focus on explaining to Malaysians what you plan to do to improve our lives and not fall prey to the bloody ego's that will destroy all the good work and sacrifices you have done for the sake of PAS and all other Malaysians!

Focus Tok Guru's! Focus!

Don't let Zainudin Maidin get to you now! Hehehehehehe!

Thought you gents were tough old warriors? Prove me right!

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah! Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh!

Allahu Akbar!

'Martyr's Tree of 'Bint Jbeil, Lebanon's City of Allah's Miracle.

Each of us have learned in school that for a tree or a plant to survive, it must have roots or other forms of nutrition seeking part of it's main support system to enable it to grow and replenish itself according to it's surroundings and location.

This is what I learned and hold it to be the truth. Common logic we might say?

Life for a tree or a plant depends on it's having a healthy root system that draws nutrients and moisture from the earth or whatever area that it is based in , whether in its natural environment or artificially induced surroundings such as a laboratory or a green house in which the tree or plant's nutrient requirements is fed to it in a controlled system set up?

Well, I have come across a situation that defies logic and if I didn't see the evidence supporting such a claim, I'd be amongst those who would have no hesitations in calling it a hoax and a fabrication just to seek attention from the world's media.

Something that can only be called as nothing but a 'miracle' has taken place in a city south of Lebanon.

Hundreds of visitors are flocking to Bint Jbeil, a city in the South of Lebanon from all over Lebanon and all other parts of the world to witness for themselves a miracle in the form of a tree that was cut off its roots in 2005 and displayed in the main City Hall of Bint Jbeil as a tribute to the martyrs who perished in the war with the Zionist regime of Israel.

On Wednesday, 1st of August, 2007, visitors to the exhibition were surprised to see green shoots emerge miraculously from the tree!

The tree sprouted branches and drops of fragrant smelling moisture started to ooze out from a crack that suddenly appeared on the trunk of the tree.

The trunk of the tree had been painted over with a dark coat of brown colored paint as the symbol of the bloodied earth of that area which was seeped with the blood of the fallen martyrs.

After the war with the rogue state of Israel in July 2006, a total of 43 small wooden plaques bearing the names of the martyrs who died in the war were added to the tree trunk as a remembrance of their sacrifice.

The people of Bint Jbeil were amazed to see the number of leaves which had grown out of that tree trunk to be exactly 43, the same number of those ‘syuhada’ who were being remembered in that exhibit!

This miracle is regarded by the people there as a sign of Allah’s honor upon the souls of the 43 martyrs of Bint Jbeil.

‘Last Saturday night, we had held a thanksgiving function to celebrate the first anniversary of Lebanon successfully repulsing the Israeli attack’ said a Bint Jbeil resident.

We were sitting in the hall and listening to Haji Selim Bazzi, a respectable citizen of Bint Jbeil explaining to us the significance of having that symbolic tree trunk in the city hall as a monument to the syuhada’s @ martyrs.

There were no leaves or branches visible at that time and it was just a dead tree trunk coated with paint. Everything looked normal.’

‘Bint Jbeil is fast becoming known as the ‘City of Struggle and Freedom’, ‘Motherplace of the Syuhada @ Martyrs’ and the ‘City of Reformists!’ commented another resident.

Now it has another new name. ‘The City of Allah’s Miracles’ said another ‘Bint Jbeil dweller.

‘May Allah shower His Blessings upon ‘Bint Jbeil and its Martyrs and bless each and everyone who has a noble and pure heart and wants to learn from this miracle!’.

This miracle shows how Allah the Most Magnificient elevates the status of those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of protecting their fellow Muslims and nation from the assault of the Israeli Zionist regime!

May we learn from this and reaffirm our faith in Ar Rahman, the Most Merciful Lord Almighty!

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! It is He who gives life to the dead and resurrects us when our mortal bodies return to the earth as He wills!

Subhanallah! Most Glorious is He, the Supreme Creator.

There are many things that are happening before us that at times leaves us clueless as to their causes and just like many other mysteries that have yet to be explained even by the foremost scientists of our times, we can only conclude that this 'Martyrs' Tree of 'Bint Jbeil of Lebanon is amongst them.

Verily it is none but Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala Who Knows Best! Allahu Akbar!

A miracle nonetheless if I may say so. Wallahu 'alam bissawab.

Lebanese immigrants are booking flight tickets from America, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world and returning home to see for themselves this miraculous wonder!


One of the Bint Jbeil elders posing beside the tree trunk.

Traces of the fragrant moisture that has dropped onto the wooden base of the mounted tree trunk.

Scientifically speaking, that trunk should have dried up and died as it has been severed from its root base and there is no source of moisture supplied to the sawed off tree trunk!

How did this tree trunk sprout branches and leaves equal to the exact number of the martyrs being honored?

43 freshly grown live leaves to the exact number of 43 martyrs being honored with their names of wooden plaques attached to the tree trunk's branches?

See with your own eyes the miracle here! Live new branches sprouting from a painted over and cut tree trunk from one of the battle areas of 'Bint Jbeil in South Lebanon. Masya Allah!

The small wooden plaques bearing the 43 names of the syuhada of 'Bint Jbeil.

Miracle defies logic! Science gets stupified! Unexplainable. Even 'Einstein if he was alive would be stumped to explain this?

The fragrant moisture sap seeping out from the trunk of the 'dead' but miraculously alive 'Martyr's Tree Trunk of Bint Jbeil, South Lebanon.

The 'Bint Jbeil elder being interviewed.

Visitors marveling at this miracle of their times. If this had happened here in Malaysia, the bomoh's and priests of the other faiths would have congregated around the tree and come up with their own interpretations of such a miracle?

If it had happened in the Peninsular, huge bumper to bumper traffic jams would have paralysed the highways and trunk roads as a result of cure seekers converging to the area?

Confidence tricksters would have made a killing selling 'air hikmat' or 'air jampi' touted to be mixed with drops of that fragrant moisture dripping from the tree trunk itself?

The 4D punters would have a field day and Sports Toto and Magnum Sweepstakes would be facing a rush from the hordes of gamblers who would be wanting to try their luck placing such bets based on this out of the ordinary happening! :P

As with any other people on Earth, things like this draw people to them just like ants detecting sugar or anything sweet. This is where the Muslims Aqeedah gets tested and those who are weak and ill learned will go gaga and bonkers over venerating anything that defies their comprehension.

Just look at this as a miracle from Allah the Almighty but do not get distracted by such a phenomenon. Remain steadfast to your Iman and remember that it is the Will of Allah for such a miracle to happen!

As I remember the Hadith of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam when the Al-Dajjal comes into being here on Earth, the miracles that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala would give him the abilities to test the faith of Mankind would be so mind boggling that many would succumb to their base sense of holding anything extraordinary to be something that they can only hold to be nothing but divine and will follow the Anti-Christ to Hellfire!

Hazrat Eesa ibnu Maryam Al Masih Alaihis Salam would descend to the Earth in Sham @ Syria near Damsyik @ Damascus and fight the Dajjal and kill him.

The blessed Prophet of Allah, Saiyidina Eesa ibnu Maryam Alaihis Salam would complete his mission on Earth that is to uphold the creed of Ar Rahman and proclaim 'La ila ha ill lall Laah ; Muhammad dar Rasulullah'.

Insya Allah.

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon us all. Ameen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BN has to play fair -Give the Opposition Campaign Airtime!

I am getting a tad pissed off looking at the way BN is having it's campaign clips broadcasted over almost all the main television channels every now and then and even over the Astro satellite tv channels!

How low can you go BN?

All these talk of having a clean and fair election seems lost on the way BN shamelessly abuses and exploits the mainstream media and broadcasting stations!

What bloody kind of justice is this SPR?

It's just pure anarchy having the caretaker government BN coalition not give the opposition parties their equal airtime IF they are really, really mature enough as a government that has had it their way all these 50 over years in lording over this country?

Why are the BN scared?

If it is true that you are the best there is for Malaysia, then you have nothing to fear!

The more you try to suppress the truth about how things are in Malaysia, the more you will come across as bloody dictators and cowardly eunuchs who don't have the gonads to square off as decent gentlemen politicians against the Opposition whom you pooh pooh off at will as useless?

Are the BN brave enough to hold live debates over RTM, TV3, NTV7, Astro Ria and all other channels and thrash it out with the leaders of the Opposition?

Are Abdullah Badawi, Najib Tun Razak, Ong Ka Ting, Samy Vellu, Koh Tsu Koon, Khairy Jamaludin and all the other candidates from the BN capable of holding their own in a professional, gentlemanly debate with the likes of Nik Aziz, Haji Hadi, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, etc?

I say that they won't dare to do so for Malaysia's politicians have yet to have come to such a stage that they can conduct themselves well and articulate in a direct man to man or woman to woman live debate even though this nation has just turned 50 last year?

Instead we see RTM under Zainudin Maidin shamelessly exploit and abuse the airwaves from the moment Parliament was dissolved and without a sense of responsibility and accountability not only towards the people of this country but before Allahu Ta'ala!!!

Whomsoever is unjust on Earth when given authority is assured of Allah's punishment when he or she is resurrected on the Day of Judgment!!!

Don't you ever forget that Zainudin Maidin!!!

If the BN wants us to take them seriously as a legitimate and rightful entity worthy of ruling over us after winning the elections fair and square, then by Allah please stop this bullshit and give the others their fair share of airtime to speak and present their points to the Malaysian people!

Failing which, your victory will be considered haram and attained through treacherous brainwashing of the ignorant masses through your shameful lopsided tv campaigns!
I guess losers and dictators just don't have an iota of honor when waging such cowardly wars against their opponents who are reduced to relying on any other means of reaching out to their supporters and sympathizers!

Thanks to the internet, we have alternative news portals such as Malaysiakini and also through Bloggers like me who do our part in disseminating information to all our fellow Malaysians and throughout the whole wide world in this cyberspace!

Shame on you BN! 'Lawan macam pondan! Tak gentleman langsong!'

You make us feel embarrassed having you rule over us for all these years and still not having the integrity to fight fair as true warriors?

This is like kicking the Opposition in the balls and you in turn cry foul???

Sheeeesh!!!! What a bloody shame BN!!! Be righteous and give the Opposition equal airtime!

Then you will regain any sense of respectability and worthy of your win if the people still want you!

Wouldn't such a win be better than to gain unfair advantage over the Opposition like these?

Datuk Aziz Jamaludin P119 Titiwangsa BN Candidate Interview

Mahaguru58 at Secret Recipe, KLCC yesterday.

Chow Kit Wet Market, Kuala Lumpur. Wednesday, Feb.27, 2008.

I was doing my marketing at the Chow Kit Wet Market this morning when the BN candidate for the area, P119 Titiwangsa Parliament seat, Datuk Aziz Jamaludin, the former Masjid Kg Baru Administrative Committee Chairman came campaigning.

Naturally, I flipped out our Nikon C200 Coolpix and went into interview mode so that you folks can have an idea of how it was during his visit to the market there?

It was not something I planned and just responded at the spur of the moment as any proactive Malaysian blogger would do?

Let it be known that I have no qualms in interviewing anybody be they from the BN, Opposition or even HINDRAF activists?

Every Malaysian who is worth interviewing will be accorded a spot here in my blog and if I get a good quality footage of the event, I might even upload it to Malaysiakini in response to their request to us their readers to contribute newsworthy video clips.

Bloggers being independent citizen journalists and publishers have a civic duty to share with our readers whatever we fell is newsworthy and by doing so do not necessarily have to be pro this party or that?

I for one am doing my part for the benefit of every reader of my blog, straight and simple.

Back to the interview.

This is the first time that I came to know of this BN candidate and being a Malaysian Blogger who is impartial when it comes to sharing news and views here in my blog, I just waited for him to come close and interviewed him.

Among his entourage was one of my blog readers @ Brother Zilan who recognized me and came to greet me before the BN candidate even came closer to the area where I was?

As a mark of respect to Brother Zilan, I conducted this interview and promised him to upload it to my blog here.

After the interview of the BN candidate, I conducted an interview of Brother Zilan and have him here speaking to you about the character and background of the BN P119 Titiwangsa candidate.

I also carried out an impromptu candid interview of the traders present there and got a lively trader who spoke her heart out and in an unrehearsed candid slip up spoke of replacing the BN candidate!!! Hahahahaha!

I immediately pounced upon her slip of her tongue and ribbed her about it! :D

It was funny; spontaneous and had everyone around laughing out loud!!!:P

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Happy Elections Malaysia!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Election spinmasters ahoy! Political parties sure try to chalk it up!

I am referring to the latest spin that has been coming my way courtesy of one of my blog readers and commenter in one of my latest articles here.

The intention is noble and meant to 'enlighten' me about the calibre of the candidate standing for election in my parliamentary.

It's all fine by me but after reading what the link had in store @ first class 'spinorama', it simply drove me to write this in response.

Remember this word 'spinorama' coined here by yours truly! :D

Let's move on.

You have got to hand it to the spinmasters hard at work during this election!

Flowery words -'outstanding', 'brilliant', 'dedicated', 'exemplary','people's champion', bla bla bla...

Run of the mill, by the book example of the S.O.P. of copymastery. Bravo! Par excellente!

Fooooweeeee! Takes one's breath away man!..

Reading the spin that the appointed spinmaster who dedicatedly weaves and tries to paint dull, expired, former luminaries of the corporate and political has beens into being seen as a potential dynamic election candidate?

In reality it looks like more of a rushed paint job over an ancient relic that really deserves more to be put to pasture than to be elected into office?

You have got to hand it to the copymasters who have been working overtime in painting a shine to the otherwise over the hill candidates who have been roped in to make an attempt to win over dissatisfied voters in the country.

We have to accept that things aren't exactly as wonderful as the way our 'Imam Hadhari' and his cohorts have been proclaiming and we don't want to be seen as those who only want to see the faults of others especially the leaders of the BN.

The reality that our costs of living has increased triplefold over the years of living under the BN's rule and the way serious crime seems to be spiraling out of hand can't be overlooked in our quest to see a better representation in the Malaysian House of Parliament and in the respective State Assemblies.

We can't however go to the extent of swallowing hook, line and sinker of anything that the Opposition parties dangle before us and get ourselves into deeper shit by electing airheads and past their prime politically recycled stale alternatives!

No sirree!

I am somewhat apprehensive in accepting alternative candidates who fumble and mumble their way in trying to present themselves to us as the better choice for 'reform' , etcetera, etcetera..

This is the usual run of the mill bullshit that every political aspirant dishes out to those who aren't capable of making an educated choice or are simply blinkered into believing that all that shines or seems to shine is solid gold?

At times, one tends to end up with the political version of 'fools gold'. All glitter and no bloody value to boot. That would really be a royal heartache and supreme letdown! May Allah forbid!

I am keen to throw in my support to the new, first timers who have yet to be tested and proven in the ever challenging and churning world of our Malaysian politics!

I mean, we already know what the incumbents have achieved or deceived in the form of their track records?

No matter how much spin any copymaster or spinmaster tries to paint up on the ones who have achieved nothing but plain old wasting of time in the august Malaysian House of Parliament, we can always look back and see what they did or failed to do in their past term?

This is the very reason why I am not that gung ho to throw in my support to either candidates in my parliamentary?

I would rather bide my time within the remaining days of their campaign to see who merits getting my vote and see to it that I get to share with you here anything and everything that deserves to be shared and spread in the cyberspace.

As for the spinmasters who try their level best to spruce up and beautify the ones from the dreary past to look glorious and charming, good luck.

As they say, nothing beats the young and fresh who have more to give than the ancients and the dinosaurs of the past who wanna come in and do what for Malaysia?

Another miserable bout of spewing bullshit in Parliament?

Oh pleaaaaase!!! Spare us the agony!

I almost fell to the floor rollicking in laughter and glee looking at the granny wanting to challenge Mat Sabu!!!

Hahahahaha! Talk about the past attempting to forge the future and even the infamous Mat Sabu is not known to be a sterling choice for a Parliamentarian for I do not recall any outstanding achievements of him when he was an MP?

C'mon folks! Give us a break, will ya?

I just hope that all the has beens, spruced up half baked parliamentarians wannabe to be sent packing back home to wherever they came from?

We need a better, younger, abler team of professional, educated, capable, decent, knowledgable parliamentarians and state assembly men and women in 2008 to see to it that Malaysia becomes a better nation, fair to all..(if possible)!

Failing which, Malaysia can rest assured that it will be another round of the same old bullshit that we had to endure from the likes of those in the past term we had!

In the meantime, let's go catch the latest updates in Malaysiakini. Elections 2008 is getting hotter by the day folks!

Let's hope that it is not us who get burnt by all the spin that is coming our way care of the spinmasters who are going about in full swing.

PKR sure has an overworked master going at it full swing! :P Hahahahaha! Figure him out!

Just as an example, let's take a look at this PKR flyer that was pushed into our mailbox.

Anwar is shown looking upwards at the text of 'Agenda Ekonomi Malaysia'. All fine and dandy as part and parcel of an election leaflet that any party would churn out as part of their campaign.

They also have pictures of the 'corruption scandal' involving the purchase of the Scorpene submarines and Imam Hadhari's jet. Fine. No worries about the relevance.

I also have no objections to the other points raised in this flyer. Fine by me.

But what the hell is the picture of that Malay couple with those ridiculous claims of their children's milk and medication money being stolen just because they have to pay toll?

Hello??? Who the hell is forcing anyone to enter into the tolled highways?

You can't afford to pay toll? Stay the hell away from such roads!

There are lots of alternative roads to take, aren't there?

I mean, sure let's face it. The cost of lands to be acquired in building such fine highways need to be taken into consideration, right?

Costs of construction, wages, etcetera have to be accounted for right? You wanna travel for free? By all means take the trunk roads!!!


And what bloody medical costs are we talking about here?

The Government clinics charge a measly ringgit for medications and consultations, for all I know!

One bloody ringgit!!!

Be sensible folks! This is just plain ol' bullshit! Really takes away any sense of credibility from the flyer when one looks at the relevance of it.

For crying out loud, there is a limit and certain matters that need to be taken into consideration before coming out with ridiculous leaflet messages like that?

It just sort of takes away the punch from such a leaflet when you have nonsense such as that spoiling it all!

Stupid point of view I must say! Kick the copymaster for us please! :P

Anyway, I wonder what other classic spins that the BN, PAS & DAP are gonna throw at us in this campaign period? Let's go see what's in store?

Anyone who has anything in such class , please share them with me. Gonna be adding them to my collection. :D


Tan Chai Ho or Khalid Ibrahim? Tossing of the dice at P124.

I had an elections related chat with a few BN workers manning the 4B Youth Movement's Barisan Nasional Election Base at Taman Tenaga, Cheras this morning.

There were 4 Malay young adults there who were running a service station, catering to checking info of constituents who came to the station to find out which polling stations they are scheduled to go to on March the 8th?

I found them to be all bleary eyed as they had been manning the station 24/7 and most looked like they could really use some much needed sleep.

I wonder if Datuk Tan Chai Ho even knew about them losing sleep over their efforts to see to it that the man gets re-elected for the 4th term running?

Such is the price one has to pay being a minion in the electoral process of this nation.

I am sure that this same scenario is being repeated all over the nation in both the BN and opposition BR camps where millions of poorly paid Malaysian election workers toil day and night so that the candidates get re-elected or the new MP and SA wannabes get to win over their opponents come March the 8th of 2008!

Unknowns losing sleep for a bit of allowances received so that they and their families get some extra cash coming their way for the sacrifices they have to make.

So ironic!

Tan Chai Ho as I have stated yesterday comes across as having done this and that in his election propaganda booklet that I received complete with a Vote for BN T shirt.

Looks so bloody impressive on paper but in actual reality nothing can be so contrasting, really!

So the booklet shows the many types of infrastructures that have been built in the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary and we can't deny that but one has to consider many other aspects of the realities of life here than just marvel at buildings and structures.

For one thing, what about the quality of life for the constituents of Bandar Tun Razak as a whole?

Despite all the infrastructures built up at the sprawling new town here, the reality of juvenile delinquency and the emergence of the Mat Rempit terrors due to the failure of the grassroot political organizations such as UMNO Youth who have failed to nurture and groom such rabblerousers from wreaking havoc in the parliamentary like what we saw take place upon a 45 year old Indian Muslim motorist who was bludgeoned to near death by the BN Youths a few days ago and who is now being warded at HUKM after a major operation on his skull to remove a blood clot which I have reported yesterday as a followup to the Malaysiakini breaking news?

Even then, we can't just lay the blame totally on just UMNO for the crimes of the wayward youths whom they have enlisted to help them operate the numerous 'BN Operation Centers' that have sprouted up for this election campaign.

The root problem goes back to the quality of life that churns out such troubled youths and we need to go search for the root cause as to why our youths turn out these way nowadays?

You can't go blame Tan Chai Ho for that too!

We need to identify and acknowledge that the way we live nowadays has much to do with the general breakdown of our society from all walks of life over the years as a result of too much modernization in the physical sense but remaining crude and primitive in the internal entities of each and every person living in the current world of 2008.

Life isn't what it used to be and our youths face a different scenario and grow up according to a different set of values today than what folks like me and those my age and older age bracket experienced in our own lives before.

Back then, people were more content to just exist and survive with whatever they had and didn't place too much emphasis on material wealth and belongings.

In a sense, you can say we were so content even if we had no radio, no television, no telephone, no this and that and at times were even content to just have a small bowl of rice filled with water and a pinch of salt and a sliver of salted fish.

Try giving any kid growing up today that same bowl of rice with water and salt and I can guarantee you that you would get a dirty look from him or her and chances are that bowl of rice would go flying?

It's not the same anymore. Things are different and expectations of the Malaysian people even amongst those whom one can classify as living below the poverty scale is generally much more higher than what we poor folks lived in back in the 60s and 70s.

I asked the BN workers as to whether they would be voting for Tan Chai Ho and they answered that if given a choice they would rather have an UMNO candidate representing the P124 Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary but as the BN leadership have a gentlemen's agreement with MCA in the allocation of that parliamentary to them, they have no choice but to go with the flow?

Khalid Ibrahim of the PKR is a parachute candidate to the parliamentary and even I don't know much about him save for what is published in the papers and in the internet. I know that he used to be the head of Guthrie Plantations and is a former corporate figure but there is nothing spectacular about his achievements or what he has to offer us the people of Bandar Tun Razak that can trigger me to throw in my support for the man?

Even at the 'After Lina Joy' forum organized by the DAP at Hotel Armada a few months back where he was one of the panel speakers, I heard nothing constructive from him in explaining to the generally pro DAP and anti-Islam forum participants and attendees that might have given me and other Muslims something to remember him by or even see anything in his person that might lead me to be supportive of the fellow?

So it sort of leaves us Bandar Tun Razak Muslims undecided as to whom we should root for? If I am to resort to being funny I could recommend the voters to go throw a dice and leave it to chance as to who gets our vote but this is not a laughing matter.

This election will determine what we the constituents of P124-Parliamentary of Bandar Tun Razak can hope to expect from the winner of this election here?

Tan Chai Ho has not exactly been visible around here save for the photo ops that the man has managed to get printed and published in his electoral booklet.

Development of the Bandar Tun Razak infrastructure would still have taken place regardless as to who won the elections for the past terms.

It's a collective decision of various agencies and departments of the ruling government according to the Master Development Plan of KL and the Federal Territories.

It would still have taken place even if Tan Chai Ho had dropped dead way back in the late 90's!

Same goes with the Opposition. Save for their raising their voices in Parliament and throwing tantrums engaging in shouting matches with the BN Backbenchers or Cabinet Ministers etc., what other achievements have they had in contributing to the lives of the millions of Malaysians who expect the government of the day to see to it that their lives are improved over time and the many opportunities to seek a living is shared fair and square amongst the population?

Reality shows us that in this nation, things won't change as the majority of the people expect and hope or wish for?

There will always be a lopsided state of marginalization that will remain as it is right now and since this nation came into being for eternity.

The playing field for Malaysians of all races and faiths will remain as what it is as long as we still live divided and segregated according to our ethnicities and faith.

As Muslims, we can't go and agree with the Non Muslims that all faiths are equal. No way.

Any Muslim or so called Muslim who agrees to that is a jahil @ ignorant and no matter what excuse he or she comes up with to validate such a claim will never be accepted. End of the matter.

We can live in peace and solidarity with one another just as we have lived all these while but there remains an invincible and obvious barrier between us when it concerns the matter of belief in Allah and the Non Muslims chosen deity of their respective creed.

Just accept that and go on with our lives. As far as the candidates for P124 Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary, it can go either way.

Tan Chai Ho stands to gain from his having been the MP for this area since 1995, 1999 and 2004.

His last election victory saw him win with a 17,000 majority over his opponent and God knows what is going to be this year on March the 8th, 2008?

Bandar Tun Razak does not have much problems as far as I know with the needs of this parliamentary and Dataran Dwitasik is now nearing completion and lots of business opportunities will be available to us who live here.

As far as I am concerned, the people of P124 do not have much to complain about? We have almost everything we need within our reach and that ought to be enough for positive minded voters.

Naturally we will have amongst us faultfinders and nitpickers who would zoom in to anything not kosher according to their own limited mindsets but then again, what can we do to change the outlooks of those who are blinkered in their views? As I see it, Bandar Tun Razak people are fine.

We just have to decide whom to vote for when the day comes.

Before ending this article, I just ask that the BN Youths of this constituency to remain civil and not resort to any acts of violence against the innocent civilians of this parliamentary if caught in a situation like what took place the other day as a minor road traffic accident?

Same advice goes out to the PKR Youths who get to read this.

'Belajar cari makan bukan cari pasal!'

Be cool and in control. Violence begets violence and its not going to benefit anyone in the long run.

May Bandar Tun Razak folks choose wisely. Ameen. Have a nice day.

Monday, February 25, 2008

BN Sedia Gempur ..Sedia Merempit...Sedia Bunuh?

I feel sad to see this clip of a Malaysian citizen who is another of a long list of victims of the nation's legion of menaces widely known as the 'Mat Rempit's'.

It is even more irritating to note that the ones who assaulted this poor man have yet to be arrested by the Royal Malaysian Police because they are associated with the ruling coalition party.

I can only pray that the perpetrators be punished by Allahu Ta'ala for almost killing this poor innocent man who is a victim of those animals in human form and deserve no pity when they die smashed across the road or get decapitated as many of such species get at times.

Malaysiakini ought to be applauded for posting this clip and alerting us to the type of menace that gets the BN government's sponsorship and the ones who go all out to indoctrinate them into their midst.

We have money laundering amongst the Mafiosi in the West and here we have menace laundering in Bolehland.

What if the man had died? Tutup kes? Alaaa.....ini kes accident...bla..bla..bla...just as all other cases we have heard so far in this getting to be a nightmarish land of ours.

Whom are we to blame? KJ? Azeez of the Putera Division? Or their bloody parents for giving birth to such ruffians?

At this time, one can't help but reflect on the words of the legendary character actor Ahmad Nesfu in P.Ramlee's Seniman Bujang Lapok which are" Kecik kecik tak nak mampos! Sudah besar menyusahkan orang!!!" meaning 'Wouldn't it be better if you had died when you were young than to have grown up and become a menace to others?'

How very apt!

Sigh!!! This is the sorry state of affairs of our nation's wayward youth who instead of being groomed to be model citizens and future leaders are being sponsored to become the nation's future murderers!

Bravo BN! Sedia Gempur! Sedia Bertempur! Sedia Menggelupur?....when Malaikatul Maut comes a calling.

Remember that! No one is spared from tasting Death. Today you whack a helpless man the stage that he was in danger of death from the beating that you gave him.

Won't be long before Almighty Allah returns to you an equal retribution and you be the recipient of everyone's curses upon learning about this horrible crime of yours!

Shame on you PDRM for practicing double standards! Where's the justice Tan Sri Musa Hassan?

We the people so depend on you gentlemen in the Police Force!

If you don't defend us the people from the likes of these menaces, then who else should we depend on or should we just take the law into our own hands and whack the life out of those terrors if we should ever get into the same spot?

May justice prevail in this country regardless as to who the culprits are?

Prove to us that there is still justice in Malaysia. Otherwise, I am sure that the millions of my fellow Malaysians will never ever trust anyone else in power.

Wallahi Wabillahi.

Nurul Izzah Anwar's Electoral Debut - History in the making?

None can deny Mrs.Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim her right to contest the Lembah Pantai Parliamentary seat against the incumbent Wanita UMNO Deputy Chief and (caretaker) Malaysian Minister for Women, Family & Community Development, Shahrizat Jalil.

Courtesy of Nurul Izzah.Com

On one hand she has the academic credentials to stand as a candidate for the seat and also is young and talented politically as she has acquired a lot of political mileage by standing by her father as he went through living hell, deposed, humiliated, beaten black and blue, incarcerated for 6 long years and finally released upon being found not guilty after his court appeal.

Courtesy of Nurul Izzah.Com

Nurul Izzah Anwar has sort of graduated from the school of hard knocks and naturally she has in her , her father's 'never say die' attitude and spirit. Anwar Ibrahim is fortunate to have such a daughter. Alhamdulillah. It's good for a father to be so blessed.

I have to accept the fact that political dynasties exist in all countries and we have living proof of that even in the world's major superpower, the United States of America where the current president George Wacko Bush Jr. is ruling over that country where his father once did.

So, who are we to deny these people their chance to go for their political goals and objectives?

Even in the BN, the top leaders of UMNO are sons of former Prime Ministers. People like Najib Tun Razak, the incumbent (caretaker) Deputy Prime Minister. His father Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak was Malaysia's second Prime Minister.

Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn, the incumbent UMNO Youth Chief and (caretaker) Minister of Education is the son of the 3rd Malaysian Prime Minister Allahyarham Tun Hussein Onn and his great grandfather was Dato Onn bin Jaafar, one of the founders of UMNO.

So, political dynasties are here to stay.

It's only natural then for Mrs. Nurul Izzah binti Anwar Ibrahim to enter the political fray.

As a newcomer to the mainstream Malaysian political circus, it is also going to be a tough journey for Nurul Izzah to make her mark in the hearts and minds of the people of Lembah Pantai who have been accustomed to the going on's in nightspots such as Bangsar.

The various establishments where maksiat and hedonism is the rule of the day and late nights aren't exactly going to be very gung ho about the candidacy of Anwar's daughter there as the PKR have with them the presence and support of their brothers in arms, members of PAS, the Islamic Party of Malaysia.

The sight of the skullcap wearing determined looking Muslim elders and boisterous shouts of 'Allahu Akbar' that we saw as shown in the video here yesterday when Nurul Izzah was accompanied by her supporters with all the flags, buntings and poster carriers as they 'takbir'ed their way to the nomination center must surely have caused many of the patrons of pubs and bars out there to have a case of the 'shrunken gonads' syndrome thinking that a JAWI raid must be taking place? Hehehehehehe....

Courtesy of

'Mami' Shahrizat did not do any cleanups of that infamous Bangsar area and rather played along to the way things have always been at one of KL's infamous drinking areas there.

Wonder what's gonna be in Nurul Izzah's agenda if she gets to beat Shahrizat in the coming polls?

Will it involve 'amal makruf nahi mungkar' or will it be just another bout of mere rhetoric that politicians almost always seem to excel without fail once they get elected and anointed into power?

Not being familiar with what Nurul Izzah is capable of for frankly speaking I have yet to discover the real deal of her character and personality, I look forward to doing just that as part of my research and study of this election's candidates and who they are and what do they stand for?

Will she be interviewed by Malaysiakini and featured in their Malaysiakini.TV or do I have to satisfy myself with just reading about her and watching KeadilanTV to get more info about this good looking lady who is sure going to charm them Bangsar folks over with her drop dead gorgeous looks?

Nurul Izzah Anwar surely takes first place as being the most good looking candidate this time around!

Hehehehehe...go read the comments at You Tube. Many are already fawning over her! :P

Anyway, it is not looks that the voters of Lembah Pantai and all other constituencies have to take into consideration or be bowled over by empty rhetorics!

We need to be more observant about their true characteristics and avoid voting useless ones into power such as what took place during the last term?

No more 'close one eyes', 'leaking' insulters, 'go back to China or India' foulmouths, or racist scumbags in Parliament please!

This nation deserves better quality, intellectuals being elected into office and does not need extremists or opportunists in government.

We seriously need deserving, responsible, hardworking, smart, well read, well learned productive Members of Parliament and State Assemblies to be elected and given space to bring our country forward and achieve a developed nation status with a good, vibrant, dynamic, caring government this time around.

I will curse and put a royal hex on those who continue to cause havoc in our Parliament by raising stupid issues and champion just one particular ethnicity or faith whilst being in power!:P

I seriously hope it does not have to come to that? Hehehehehe...

I surely don't want to be like my fellow blogger penarik beca who has a permanent curse going on for Abdullah Badawi's favorite Son in Law as he has attested to doing it here. Hehehehehe!

This 12th Malaysian General Elections is sure getting to be pretty interesting!

As for Nurul Izzah's political debut, I wish her 'Good Luck!'.

La haula wala quwwata illa billah bil aliyyil adzhim! Barkatu lillahi ta'ala!

Election Promises, Posters,Banners, Billboards, Bullshitters!

I came across several election posters, banners and boards from both the Barisan Nasional and the Opposition Barisan Rakyat this morning.

Each one of them promises this and that and there is a story that one can decipher from the underlying messages behind each and every one of them.

Let's take a look at them one by one.

First we start off with this one that I saw placed prominently at the traffic lights junction to the entrance of Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras, KL.

It's featuring the DAP candidate Jenice Lee with a striking Hollywood style pose with her outflung arms as if a theatre performer just taking the applause after a performance!

Quite eyecatching really! But I sort of did a double take when I saw her billboards message content!

"Safeguard our right to mother tongue education!"

That's it! No other objective it seems except promising to pursue just that one aspect of what obviously betrays a biased election promise!

There's no message in Bahasa Melayu. I see English, Mandarin and Tamil. Not a word in Malay!

So much for the DAP's 'Bangsa Malaysia'!

Malays can forget about having the DAP fight for your rights for their election billboard excludes any recognition of you.

Maybe they think that since the BN and UMNO have already been paying attention to you, they don't need to look out for your rights or give a hoot about your votes? From the looks of this obviously 'Malay ignoring' billboard, that's what seems to be the underlying message.

DAP supporters will come and accuse me of reading it all wrong but as they say in the media world, a picture speaks a thousand words and this billboard speaks volumes! Face up to it!

Good luck Jenice! You sure need loads of it!

Next we have a banner by the BN candidate for Cheras, a Dr.Jeffrey Goh Sim Ik from the MCA.

The doctor promises change for a better Cheras and leaves it to the voters to decide!

Quite vague I must say and nothing to support his election promise.

What kind of changes one might ask?

For someone who promises a better Cheras, the poor man obviously is either clueless about it himself or will wait for his bosses to decide later when they see the results on March the 8th?

So much for such a vague empty promise to change things in Cheras!

Next, I came across this comparison chart by the BN put up at one of the road junctions in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras.

As usual, the BN keeps showing us that things are so much better here in Bolehland compared to our ASEAN neighbours.

Oh we are so blessed!!! We have tremendous buying power states the BN!

Really? Easy for Abdullah Badawi and company to say when they don't have to worry about having to pay for groceries, utilities, house loans, this and that that the average Malaysian family are burdened with each and every day and end of the month so to speak!!!

For the freeloaders who get to live in palatial mansions in Putrajaya and travel here and there in luxurious automobiles at the expense of the Malaysian taxpayers, things must really seem so cushy and heavenly, watching their bank accounts all over the world swell every second and minute as they enjoy the wonderful unlimited perks of holding office.

Yes, they are truly blessed.

They have the gall to compare us with the likes of Singapore?

Hello!!! Does anyone there in the BN know how much the average Singaporean makes per hour compared to the average Malaysian?

I just don't want to dwell on this for my blood pressure might just shoot up trying to suppress my anger.

Bloody bullshitters! @#$%^&! Got to try remain calm...

Subhanallah..Alhamdulillah...Lailahaillallaah...Allahu Akbar...Subhanallah...Alhamdulillah...Lailahaillallaah..Allahu Akbar...

 calm now......

Okay, we have another billboard. Shows Abdullah Badawi carrying a boy who won the sailing championship some time back with the Cheras UMNO leader Syed AlHabshee if I am not mistaken.

The slogan reads, 'Membangunkan Modal Insan'. All hunky dory and promising this and that to those who might not have been reading the papers and watching the news on tv, etc.

For all the bullshit that this billboard displays, the reality is that social meltdown is at an all time high during the rule of the current BN leadership.

I don't have to spell it out to you here as to the sorry state of affairs that crime has taken a toll on the lives of the innocent people especially the children of this nation!

See this poster and read about the 'quality of insan's' that have materialized under Abdullah Badawi's rule?

Click on it to view better. Courtesy of

I am not laying the blame totally on the man's head but I sure wish that he had more of the tenacity that Mahathir displayed in seeing to it that criminals are not allowed to get off this easy?

Not implying that Mahathir is sin free or what but the man had balls to squash down upon the lawbreakers. Sex related crimes are on the mercurial rise since the 'modal insan rhetoric spewer' took over. So much for Mr.Nice Guy!

The nation needs a disciplinarian not a fumbling mumbling old fool. From the looks of it, we are going to be in worse off situations if he remains in power after March the 8th? Allah help us all!

Next, we have this big banner showing the 4B Youth Movement of Malaysia attesting their support for the Barisan Nasional candidate @ Tan Chai Ho of the MCA for Bandar Tun Razak for the second term around in this 12th Malaysian Parliamentary election.

Tell you the truth, I have been living in Bandar Tun Razak for more than six years, never once have I seen this Tan Chai Ho fella come visiting us the constituents ever since he got elected into office in 2004!

So much for a Member of Parliament whose only sign of being present is a made to order banner strung across by his servants at the traffic junctions of my constituency!

The sad thing is that he is being challenged by the one who asked the people of Ijok to vote for the Barisan Nasional?

Yeah, I am talking about the BN DNA filled failed candidate of the PKR, Khalid bin Ibrahim.

Yeah I know the fella has a Tan Sri'ship before his name but I am one who doesn't care much for titles and honorifics.

What a bloody sorry choice of candidates we folks in Bandar Tun Razak are stuck with!

I'd be more happy if it was someone vibrant or highly charged or something like even the Cili Padi of the DAP who successfully tested her 'power' by holding the DAP to ransom recently or if it was somebody like Ong Tee Keat or whatever?

Anyway, that's it for this part of the day. More updates can be found at my must read site of Malaysiakini for they are the ones who have the latest news and views flying in from all over the country as we speak every second of the day and night as the Election Fever starts taking place in everybody.

Till we catch up again, here's Mahaguru58 signing off and wishing you to cast your votes carefully.

May Allah bless and guide us all. Ameen.

Have a productive day Malaysia!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mandarin inadequacy costs Chia Kwang Chye Penang's CMship?

Now this is something that really makes my day.

An excerpt from the Sun newspaper report below where one of the candidates for the Chief Minister's seat Chia Kwang Chye laments the fact that his inadequate command of Mandarin might just cost him any chance of making it to Penang's topmost political seat of power? Wonder if these news made it to Malaysiakini?

I lost out due to inadequate command of Mandarin'
PENANG (Feb 22, 2008): Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye says it was his inadequate command of Mandarin that caused him to lose the race for the post Penang Chief Minister.

Asked why he was retained at the federal level instead of being one of the candidates for the prized post and if he was surprised with the decision?

Chia said: "I was told that my Mandarin is inadequate. I think the criteria was emphasised and publicised in the newspapers and now it looks like the criteria of being a good Mandarin speaker seems more and more important.

"It seems it has become important based on the issue being raised by the (Penang) Chinese Town Hall, that Mandarin speaking is a very important criteria.

This aspect has been raised over the past few weeks and so in this respect, I am not adequately qualified."


The question of the very important aspect that one has to have in today's world is the grasp of Mandarin. What kind of Mandarin? Well, you need to know that in the World of the Chinese, Putonghua is the highest standard of the learning of Mandarin.

Myself with the Deputy Dean of the School of International Education, Shanghai Jiotong University, Associate Professor Fei Yu-fang, who witnessed the presentation of the Unico Holdings scholarship presentation event and of another Hanyu Study collaboration MOU that I have successfully closed. Alhamdulillah.

I am proud to be associated with one of the best Mandarin @ Hanyu Study Programs available right now here in Malaysia. The Shanghai Jiaotong University - Global Hanyu & Culture Center, a member of the GEM Group.

It is one of the official Confucius Institute, a Hanyu promotion network led by The Office of Chinese Language Council International ( under the Government of the People's Republic of China.

The Shanghai Jiaotong University & Global Hanyu Culture Center based at Petaling Jaya offers the best quality Mandarin Study programs and also many programs suitable for just anyone who intends to improve oneself in learning Mandarin and Chinese Culture.

We are based at the Jaya 33 business complex along Jalan Semangat, Section 13, PJ.

Visit our website here to learn more of our programs. Trial classes are available if you want to check out what is in store for you in adding Mandarin to your list of spoken and written languages in your resume.

Call me to find out more at 6-016-3969881. I can set up a suitable program for you according to your budget and time schedule. As they say, where there is a will, there'll surely be a way! :)

If only Chia Kwang Chye had got wind of our Hanyu Study Programs a couple of months back, by now the man might have a very good chance of clinching the Chief Minister post?

Anyway, no worries 'Tai Loh', you can always pick up anytime from now. You can still have a fighting chance to make it in the next election. Want to learn Mandarin? Call me 016-3969881.

This is a video I took of our Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dato' Ong Tee Keat, the MCA Vice-President who graced one of our recent events where we held a scholarship presentation to 26 of our Global Hanyu & Culture Center students who received sponsorship from Unico Holdings to further their degree studies in our Shanghai Jiaotong University campus in Shanghai, China.

As you can see, Dato' Ong Tee Keat whom I have admired and supported all these while for his laudable efforts to speak up for the Malaysian people both in Parliament and in his capacity as the incumbent MP for the Pandan constituency, has shown his mettle in his grasp of the Chinese culture.

Great job brother! May this 12th Malaysian GE 2008 see you re-elected to serve the people more!

So, people. Come study Mandarin of the highest levels with us at SJTU-GHCC. We are here for you! There are many unique advantages by studying with us.

Amongst them are:
  1. We teach STANDARD PUTONGHUA, different from the accent-punctuated dialetic Mandarin such as Huayu in Malaysia.
  2. Our curriculum and pace of teaching are adjusted to suit the learners needs.
  3. Our classes are small, between 8-12 students. Although many of our students request for one to one coaching (which is available by special arrangements), we encourage students to join groups so they can learn and benefit from the group dynamics.
  4. Our teachers are from China or trained in China or by Chinese experts.
  5. We have a good collection of the most up to date learning resources on Chinese language, culture and contemporary China.
  6. Shanghai Jiaotong University-Global Hanyu & Culture Center provides a smooth pathway to short term immersion studies in China in our GEM Suzhou or SJTU Shanghai campus.
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To Malaysian students from all walks of life, study Mandarin with us and see your chances at success be boosted multifold. Contact me to find out more.

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Xie xie nee.