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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Election spinmasters ahoy! Political parties sure try to chalk it up!

I am referring to the latest spin that has been coming my way courtesy of one of my blog readers and commenter in one of my latest articles here.

The intention is noble and meant to 'enlighten' me about the calibre of the candidate standing for election in my parliamentary.

It's all fine by me but after reading what the link had in store @ first class 'spinorama', it simply drove me to write this in response.

Remember this word 'spinorama' coined here by yours truly! :D

Let's move on.

You have got to hand it to the spinmasters hard at work during this election!

Flowery words -'outstanding', 'brilliant', 'dedicated', 'exemplary','people's champion', bla bla bla...

Run of the mill, by the book example of the S.O.P. of copymastery. Bravo! Par excellente!

Fooooweeeee! Takes one's breath away man!..

Reading the spin that the appointed spinmaster who dedicatedly weaves and tries to paint dull, expired, former luminaries of the corporate and political has beens into being seen as a potential dynamic election candidate?

In reality it looks like more of a rushed paint job over an ancient relic that really deserves more to be put to pasture than to be elected into office?

You have got to hand it to the copymasters who have been working overtime in painting a shine to the otherwise over the hill candidates who have been roped in to make an attempt to win over dissatisfied voters in the country.

We have to accept that things aren't exactly as wonderful as the way our 'Imam Hadhari' and his cohorts have been proclaiming and we don't want to be seen as those who only want to see the faults of others especially the leaders of the BN.

The reality that our costs of living has increased triplefold over the years of living under the BN's rule and the way serious crime seems to be spiraling out of hand can't be overlooked in our quest to see a better representation in the Malaysian House of Parliament and in the respective State Assemblies.

We can't however go to the extent of swallowing hook, line and sinker of anything that the Opposition parties dangle before us and get ourselves into deeper shit by electing airheads and past their prime politically recycled stale alternatives!

No sirree!

I am somewhat apprehensive in accepting alternative candidates who fumble and mumble their way in trying to present themselves to us as the better choice for 'reform' , etcetera, etcetera..

This is the usual run of the mill bullshit that every political aspirant dishes out to those who aren't capable of making an educated choice or are simply blinkered into believing that all that shines or seems to shine is solid gold?

At times, one tends to end up with the political version of 'fools gold'. All glitter and no bloody value to boot. That would really be a royal heartache and supreme letdown! May Allah forbid!

I am keen to throw in my support to the new, first timers who have yet to be tested and proven in the ever challenging and churning world of our Malaysian politics!

I mean, we already know what the incumbents have achieved or deceived in the form of their track records?

No matter how much spin any copymaster or spinmaster tries to paint up on the ones who have achieved nothing but plain old wasting of time in the august Malaysian House of Parliament, we can always look back and see what they did or failed to do in their past term?

This is the very reason why I am not that gung ho to throw in my support to either candidates in my parliamentary?

I would rather bide my time within the remaining days of their campaign to see who merits getting my vote and see to it that I get to share with you here anything and everything that deserves to be shared and spread in the cyberspace.

As for the spinmasters who try their level best to spruce up and beautify the ones from the dreary past to look glorious and charming, good luck.

As they say, nothing beats the young and fresh who have more to give than the ancients and the dinosaurs of the past who wanna come in and do what for Malaysia?

Another miserable bout of spewing bullshit in Parliament?

Oh pleaaaaase!!! Spare us the agony!

I almost fell to the floor rollicking in laughter and glee looking at the granny wanting to challenge Mat Sabu!!!

Hahahahaha! Talk about the past attempting to forge the future and even the infamous Mat Sabu is not known to be a sterling choice for a Parliamentarian for I do not recall any outstanding achievements of him when he was an MP?

C'mon folks! Give us a break, will ya?

I just hope that all the has beens, spruced up half baked parliamentarians wannabe to be sent packing back home to wherever they came from?

We need a better, younger, abler team of professional, educated, capable, decent, knowledgable parliamentarians and state assembly men and women in 2008 to see to it that Malaysia becomes a better nation, fair to all..(if possible)!

Failing which, Malaysia can rest assured that it will be another round of the same old bullshit that we had to endure from the likes of those in the past term we had!

In the meantime, let's go catch the latest updates in Malaysiakini. Elections 2008 is getting hotter by the day folks!

Let's hope that it is not us who get burnt by all the spin that is coming our way care of the spinmasters who are going about in full swing.

PKR sure has an overworked master going at it full swing! :P Hahahahaha! Figure him out!

Just as an example, let's take a look at this PKR flyer that was pushed into our mailbox.

Anwar is shown looking upwards at the text of 'Agenda Ekonomi Malaysia'. All fine and dandy as part and parcel of an election leaflet that any party would churn out as part of their campaign.

They also have pictures of the 'corruption scandal' involving the purchase of the Scorpene submarines and Imam Hadhari's jet. Fine. No worries about the relevance.

I also have no objections to the other points raised in this flyer. Fine by me.

But what the hell is the picture of that Malay couple with those ridiculous claims of their children's milk and medication money being stolen just because they have to pay toll?

Hello??? Who the hell is forcing anyone to enter into the tolled highways?

You can't afford to pay toll? Stay the hell away from such roads!

There are lots of alternative roads to take, aren't there?

I mean, sure let's face it. The cost of lands to be acquired in building such fine highways need to be taken into consideration, right?

Costs of construction, wages, etcetera have to be accounted for right? You wanna travel for free? By all means take the trunk roads!!!


And what bloody medical costs are we talking about here?

The Government clinics charge a measly ringgit for medications and consultations, for all I know!

One bloody ringgit!!!

Be sensible folks! This is just plain ol' bullshit! Really takes away any sense of credibility from the flyer when one looks at the relevance of it.

For crying out loud, there is a limit and certain matters that need to be taken into consideration before coming out with ridiculous leaflet messages like that?

It just sort of takes away the punch from such a leaflet when you have nonsense such as that spoiling it all!

Stupid point of view I must say! Kick the copymaster for us please! :P

Anyway, I wonder what other classic spins that the BN, PAS & DAP are gonna throw at us in this campaign period? Let's go see what's in store?

Anyone who has anything in such class , please share them with me. Gonna be adding them to my collection. :D



Wanyama said...

Dear Maha,

Yes, I read the entry. I'm not voting in Tun Razak. I'm voting in Kuantan. But I came along your blog and I saw you asking some questions about Tan Sri Khalid. So I volunteered and brought you what I got. I find you very critical of all people and issues. Yes, we don't have the best, but when we are given the right to choose, we settle for the better and move on from there to get the best (insha Allah). I have a friend living in Tun Razak and he wants to vote for Tan Sri Khalid as much as he may not be the best. But we can rightly argue Khalid is better than the UMNO Chineese stooge for now. You see, if you judge all people, remember, that's an opinion (of yours) so itself is a political hype/position and persuasion. The question is simple: what do we have, how do we go from here, how do we perfect what we have. How do we move on to a better ground. If these questions are answered, then the reality can dawn. Idealism doesn't work if realism doesn't precede it. About the toll, UMNO putras are making jokes and turning every road into a toll milk cow. It hurts that you dismiss poor Malays and tell them not to use the toll roads. Don't you know distance, work and safety count as well? People are not against tolls, but the toll agreement must be known by the people. UMNO Putras will never allow you that because there is a kill to be made in the tolls. Here lies the problem. Propaganda is there, but the reality that UMNO failed too is there. Talking about young people, I'm a young man, but we need to use the oldies that we can find now to sweep the road for us befor we take over(insha Allah). Unseating UMNO is not a joke. That's why everyone counts here. Being critical of every person and issue doen't yield better results and neither does it point to immense knowledge and humanhood. If you are happy with UMNO Putras and their Chineese apparatchicks, fine, but that must be said morally rather than in subdued voice that tries to hide behind the facede of critical analysis which even the unborn ca read beteen their lines. May Allah guide us and give us the best. He Knows All. (Amin)


MAHAGURU58 said...


My, my, my, my Brother Abdullah!

Now what has come over you?

Are you mad at me for not seeing eye to eye with you on this issue of me not falling for the spin about Khalid Ibrahim?

C'mon brother. Grow up.

It's so very unbrotherly of you to go flying off your handle like that just because I don't buy into all that glorification of the PKR candidate!

Frankly speaking, I am not impressed by the write up about that 'outstanding' candidate that Din Merican, PKR's Sec-Gen. has painted so much about in the link you gave me.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Look Abdullah. Politics is something one does not take at face value.

I have my own aspects of looking at things and no matter that you accuse me of being overly critical, well for your information, I have absolutely all my rights to think whatever I wish to or feel about just any bloody candidate out there!

You are so bold in lambasting Tan Chai Ho as an UMNO stooge!!!

Is this the kind of an attitude that a PKR supporter exhibits?

Well, it surely speaks volumes about the holier than thou attitude that PKR members seem to ooze out of their every pores when being CRITICAL of others, in the real sense!

Such an arrogant standpoint or reaction on your part only further alienates Malaysians from giving even any further consideration to this 'Johnny Come Lately' party.

What a shame that our recently forged exchange has to turn up like this?

For a minute there I thought that we had sort of an understanding there but sadly your choice of words here in this latest comment betrays your bitterness in realizing that I am not easily bowled over by fancy worded write ups!

So be it bro. There's no point in us waging an unnecessary feud here just so that some chap gets or loses a potential vote or show of support from this blogger?

Go in peace bro and let this episode fade away into the realms of cyberspace and leave me to make up my mind about whatever I wish.

I'd prefer to let this slide than to dwell on it.

Have better things to do than to yak yakkety yak further with you on this.

I just don't wish to respond further on this.

Fee Amanillah.