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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Go Samy! Go! Go!, Go Samy! Go! Go! Go!, Go Samy for good!

Hehehehehe! Do you remember Chuck Berry's famous song," Johnnie B.Goode "?

Well here's a clip of him performing that all time rock & roll hit care of You Tube for you to enjoy!

Now, with the current mood swing against the ever so stubborn infamous MIC b'leader Samy Vellu who despite all the insults, all the curses, all the name calling from the very Malaysian Indian community who have been screaming obscenities to his face, the recalcitrant old fella refuses to fold up and go!

It has come to this extent of open displays of hatred towards Samy Vellu that even many Indians are writing to Malaysiakini and expressing their frustrations to see the man still stubbornly ignoring all calls for him to go!

Picture courtesy of

Just wondering how it must be if the lyrics of Chuck Berry's famous hit here has it's chorus changed to 'Go Samy! Go! Go!, Go Samy! Go! Go! Go!, Go Samy for good!'?

You think the fella will get the message? Hehehehehe....from the looks of it, no way!

I just don't understand how someone can be so thick skinned?

A politician who is on record of having the most insults thrown to him and even to his face can still have the gall to remain in office and seek another term after having wasted 30 over years of doing what for the Malaysian Indians?

If he has done good for his people, they would have even cast a statue of him and deitify the fellow!

The reality speaks otherwise! He is being heckled, has been surrounded by angry violent crowds of Malaysian Indians who would waste no time in beating the crap out of him if they weren't held off by the police and security guards who have to be there wherever he goes!

Malaysian Indians love him as he claims? Yeah right!

Let's see what is his fate on the 8th of March?


multidimid said...

Despite the Hindraf Rally and the attending agitation arising from the Indian Community, our Samy Vellu is still not exiting without putting up a fight in the GE 2008. His confidence level is extra boastful and confident declaring that out of the 19 state seats only three namely - 1. Lunas, 2 Perai, 3 Bagan Dalam need extra efforts. The 9 Parliament seats have no problems.
His reasoning “of the 780,000 voters we have, 530,000 are our members, when own members, we have a special direction for them. What we have to fight for is the balance of 200 hundred over thousands”
So is this Indian factor having a decisive say in the swing of votes to the opposition or is it a wishful thinking for a lot of people? More details & pics of MIC line-up at
Go H E R E


MAHAGURU58 said...

Some folks just never learn and in this fella's case, he is the classic deaf, dumb and blind to all the shit coming his way!