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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mahaguru58 regrets Islamophobes scandalizing his joke!

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Isn't it outrageous how folks who go around deriding Islam and Muslims get so worked up when we give them a taste of their own provocations in a manner of jest?

Well, by now every Islamophobe in Malaysia must be losing sleep and getting very pissed off at me and MENJ for joking about suggesting tattooing themselves as a precautionary measure to avoid being mistaken for a revert to Islam and buried as one!!!

By Islamophobe I mean every Non Muslim out there who has an agenda against Islam and us Muslims. These are the ones who post fabricated lies against us and scandalize each and every issue or problem that crops up here in Malaysia and the rest of the Islamic world.

There are others amongst the Non Muslims who just mind their own business and choose to live in peace amongst Malaysia's multi-ethnic, multi-faithed population.

These are the decent folks who deserve nothing but respect and goodwill for knowing how to be a good citizen and neighbor.

There are those however who love nothing but deriding us Muslims and choose to get petty and downright dirty in their expressions of hatred and animosity towards the Muslims especially against the Malays of UMNO who are running the Federal Government of Malaysia with their coalition member parties under the Barisan Nasional and PAS, the Opposition Islamic Party of Malaysia running the State Government of Kelantan.

Nitpickers par excellence, these filthy minded Islamophobes go about calling us names and insulting us just because they can't stomach it that their aspirations to see the Malay Muslims go down from power is but an impossible dream of them!

Islamophobes are just selfish beings who think that they can get away with just about anything and love nothing but to rib us Muslims day in day out in their hate filled blogs and websites.

Those who live in hatred day in day out must surely be suffering from a serious lack of care and compassion in their sorry miserable hearts and minds. I really pity them.

There's no point in living life like these. Life is short dear Islamophobes. Wise up and learn to appreciate what remaining moments of your life you still have and go on with your lives.

Learn to differentiate between a statement and a joke that was exactly what I meant when I was having the dialogue with MENJ in response to this insulting 'HELL NO! I am NOT a MUSLIM card produced by one of you!

If this is not a direct clear insult against the Islamic Authorities of Malaysia for inferring that the Muslims have nothing better to do than to go claim just any dead Kaffir and say that he or she is a revert to Islam, then I don't know what is?

Rational, peaceful people will not go so low as these Islamophobes saying that the Islamic Authorities in Malaysia are doing so with the intent to get hold of the wealth and property of those dead Kaffirs under pretext of stating that the dead Chinese or Indians had embraced Islam before they passed away and abscond the dead person's wealth and squirrel it away to the Baitulmal as stated here by the card designing Islamophobe and further compounded by another of his type here.

This is clearly a case of libel against the honor, dignity and integrity of the Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan @ JAWI and Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor and the good name and reputation of each and every Muslim living here in Malaysia!

What are JAWI and JAIS waiting for?