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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Malaysian Convict gets whipped 20 times as corporal punishment!

This video is hosted by and probably shot by one of our prison officers. This video should be posted everywhere as a visual deterrent to those criminals out there who have committed vicious crimes like what happened to the poor 8 year old girl @ Nurin Jazlin Jazimin!

As we speak, another little girl is still missing after over a month and the Malaysian Police have yet been able to trace the perpetrator or perpetrators who are still at large.

We hear of similar attempts at abducting young girls very so often nowadays.

I hope and pray that the missing child is returned to her parents soon and do not even dare to imagine her circumstances right now.

Just hoping for a miracle and stating my total support to our Malaysian Prison authorities for giving the guilty ones their due as what this criminal has been punished with according to our Malaysian Penal Code's provisions.

If the caned criminal still doesn't repent after this corporal whipping, I just don't know what else except the capital punishment that would rid the nation of another vicious felon from roaming our streets and endangering innocents out there?

Remember Noor Suzaily Mokhtar, Canny Ong and so many others?

Justice must not only be served but it must be meted out according to the maximum punishments upon perpetrators such as this!

Syabas Jabatan Penjara Malaysia! We the people salute you!


Antares said...

Some say this is a Prison Planet. Some of us are prisoners, and others are the guards. You seem to relish the sight of brutal punishment, my friend. In your self-righteousness, you believe those who commit cruel crimes must be shown cruelty in return. But have you ever pondered what drives men to commit degraded acts? In every case without exception you will find a sad tale of an authoritarian Father who models himself after a vengeful, wrathful Male Deity - and in so doing he turns his own sons into monsters.

“… for Heaven, just Heaven, sends a fearful religion to cruel souls.” – Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, 1788

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Antares,

It is not that I derive pleasure from watching the felon get his butt whipped.

It is just that it pisses me off that vicious criminals who cause the innocents harm get defended from good natured folks such as you.

You would be singing a different tune my friend if it had been one of your loved ones whose life was snuffed out so brutally as that poor girl died at the hands of that demon who is still at large?

All I say is that criminals ought to be punished as what God Almighty decrees and not be defended as what you seem to be doing?

Even then, to each their own I say!