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Friday, February 29, 2008

MIC's Tamil Movie Scare Tactics Campaign Ad!

Looks like the MIC are bringing in the Tamil gangster movie threat scripted scenes into our Malaysian Indian lives by resorting to veiled threats through this public ad in the Star newspaper today!

What were the MIC thinking?

Do they think that we are in the 50s or 60s era where maybe the poor Malaysian Indians would be cowed by such a threat or succumb to idle threats by anyone anymore?

Wakey wakey Mister Alex goes the script of the popular cartoon 'Madagascar'!

Same call here for the MIC!

Malaysian Indians aren't buying into such shit anymore!

No way brothers! You all need to either shape up or ship out if the folks in HINDRAF are to be taken into consideration.

Do you seriously think Malaysian Indians give a hoot about your public threat?

From the way I see it, the Malaysian Indians have woken up from their MIC induced coma for 50 years!

No more are the Malaysian Indians going to be conned and kept in bondage by the MIC and their BN coalition allies.

HINDRAF might be having their leaders isolated in Kamunting right now but the smouldering rage in the Malaysian Indians hearts and minds is being displayed every now and then as they gather to demand justice for their community which the MIC claims to be custodians in this ad?

The sad part of these Malaysian Indian awakenings is that it has also unearthed the ignorance about how things actually are in this nation of ours that it has brought out the confused amongst the Indian community who are disclosing such fears through imaginative scary videos such as this!

I feel so sorry for this brother. Malaysia is not the nightmare you make it out to look like here sir!

If things are really as you conjure up in this video, you won't be left around at liberty to produce your imaginary hell in Bolehland as depicted here?

Only those who have a severe case of dementia or delusions would want to accept and believe this nightmarish scenario you have conjured up?

Maybe it would work for those who so hate our country that they would be rubbing their hands with pleasure and just be beaming from ear to ear watching this nightmare from the producers misguided mind?

C'mon brother! Face up to the reality that you have simply pushed things so far out of reality way too much that this video looks like a Friday the 13th genre production?

I can go shoot a live video of downtown KL or Jalan Masjid India and show the whole wide world scenes where Malaysians of all races go about their business in relative peace and harmony.

No fancy editing or anything. Live raw video to debunk your myth here. Just to set the records straight.

I may have my 'biff' with the BN's current leadership but I can't just stand by and see my nation being misrepresented in this You Tube's worldwide viewership. Justice for Malaysia is our top priority. The country as a whole is just as good as any other nation out there.

We just have to learn to differentiate between lousy corrupt politicians and not drag the whole country down the drain with them in our attempts to seek justice and highlight the injustices being committed against certain communities amongst the general Malaysian populace.

Now back to the MIC.

If the MIC is really that concerned about the fate of Malaysian Indians, then instead of going around threatening the Malaysian Indian community, you guys would do better to hold a 'Reality Check' nationwide campaign to show the Indians out there as to what is right and what is totally unfounded allegations such as what this video maker has produced?

How come the MIC has yet to catch up to this reality? The MIC Youth leaders have no options but to hold peace talks with the HINDRAF supporters and reason with them.

Discuss not diss and cuss! Be civil towards one another. Respect begets respect, etc.

Help the poor amongst the Indian community and assist them in whatever ways you can?

If there is a will, there will always be a way. Keep up with what's taking place on the ground and do not be afraid to go into the community and see what the MIC can really do for them?

You must know what the people are unhappy about and not just think that you know best as to what is the best way out for the Malaysian Indian community?

Work as a team with the other partners in the BN. I am sure that UMNO and MCA Youth will be more than happy to co-operate with MIC Youth in going around assisting the needy and desperate living in the estates and squatter areas or low cost housing projects?

Always try your best to be up to date with what is happening amongst the people who by sheer circumstances are being caught up and pushed along by the unfolding social and communal upheavals?

Don't tell us that the MIC does not read about the latest breaking news in sites such as Malaysiakini?

MIC needs to be proactive and keep up with the latest updates to be on par with the rest of the country folks!

Veiled threats such as this ad will only reaffirm the Malaysian Indians to show just how pissed off they are with the likes of the Samy Vellu @ the Sg.Siput Godfather?

I don't think that the HINDRAF thingy is going to fade away like the mists of the Malaysian foothills as you wish?

This is for real. Malaysian Indians won't be cowed anymore. In the meantime you can ponder on this and try to look for the ways that you can actually implement corrective measures to win over the people's hearts and minds instead of alienating them further by such threats.

Just sharing with you what the general public are feeling about the MIC? Many Malaysian Indians are unhappy because the MIC leadership have not really been upfront with them about many issues such as the Maika Shares scandal, etc?

People aren't crazy or stupid to go around getting themselves whacked by the FRU and the Malaysian Police?

Someone is agitating the masses and bringing them up to this frenzied stage where they get out of control by suggestive manipulation of their emotions and passions aroused to that breaking point of no return.

If left to run riot, the only victims will be none other than the Malaysian Indians themselves for they are at the forefront whilst the orchestrator's are safely shielded by the masses who do so for fear of losing their newfound leaders?

If the MIC are really the custodians of the Indian Community as this ad claims, then why are the people so against you?

It's preposterous for the MIC which claims to care and protect the Malaysian Indians to turn around and threaten the same community with idle threats alike what the gangsters are issuing in the cinema Tamil movies?

That's not the way to win over the people's hearts and minds, brothers!

I want to see our country return to a sense of normalcy and the whole country make amends and see to it that the grievances of the masses are addressed and assistance given where necessary?

The MIC must accept that they too have their fair share of blame for allowing things to reach this state of dire straits where normal peace loving people are forced to take to the streets to demand their fair share of the wealth of this country or at least be truly given more opportunities to stand on their own two feet and work for their living and get out of the poverty cycle.

If you care to check out what the grassroots are saying, bloggers like me can help you out with our own meet the people live interviews.

I could follow up this article with a live video interview of what the Malaysian Indians think of his threat ad from the MIC and in the process, maybe give you MIC folks a straight live feedback from the Malaysian Indians heart's and minds?

Dialogue instead of veiled threats. That would be a better choice for Malaysia, don't you agree?


gangeticus said...

"Discuss not diss and cuss!"

Superb bro!

ccs said...

We written & presented! good job!

To me the keyword here is Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue & not samseng way of solving problem, brother!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank you dear brothers for understanding the context of my write up.

We need to nip the problems in the bud and work together as a people in solving our nation's current issues.

MIC needs to be humble and accept that issuing veiled threats and belittling others such as their jibe at PAS run Kelantan is not going to win them new fans?

Has any MIC leader visited Kelantan recently?

Don't just open your mouth , speak nonsense like that and betray their ignorance about how things really are in the East Coast?

Their overall economy is getting better as a result of lesser cases of corruption and under the table negotiations.

Am not saying that the PAS leadership there are perfect and free from errors but compared to the high amount of kickbacks and 'greasing' that needs to be done if one wants to seek any BN projects here, it would be really quite a contrasting scenario between there and here?

MIC must learn to master the art of winning the people's heart not pissing them off in a worser scale than what it is now?

DIALOGUE not Bollocks!


semi-modern said...

Mahatir: Anwar is innocent.

MAHAGURU58 said...


Mahathir was being sarcastic in that clip.

You need to know how he thinks and how he expresses himself.

That is the way Mahathir stands taller than the rest of the politicians here in Malaysia.

A master in political maneuvering and stabbing his opponents deep through their hearts and withdrawing his rapier without leaving a mark on the exterior but succeed in killing them deep within.

This is why to this day, none have the calibre to face up to the Grandmaster of Malaysian politics.

Whether from within the BN or the Malaysian Opposition?

Even PAS stalwarts such as Nik Aziz acknowledge the genius in politics of Mahathir Mohamad, the old UMNO juggernaut who keeps socking it to his opponents both in and out of the party.

Video clips such as these only reaffirm the political prowess of Dr.M.

We can hate him for his iron fisted policies of before but we still have to acknowledge his success in bringing Malaysia to where it is now?

We want to look for his faults?

We should first assess ourselves as to what we have done for this country?

Shouldn't we?

MAHAGURU58 said...,

Sorry that your long winded article can't be published here in this thread for one major reason.

NOT RELEVANT at all to the subject being discussed here.

I would have no problems in publishing any comments no matter how long they are IF only they relate to the topic at hand.

Hope you understand.

Best regards.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Same goes for semi-modern's referring to Mahathir's 'CONFESSION' to skewering Anwar.

I sincerely hope that those who want me to publish your comments here stick to the general requirements of any rational blogger to write in response to the subject being written about?

Hope that everyone can do just that.

Write if you feel strongly about the contents of the article which you are responding to.

Not that hard, is it?

Stick to the topic and write away as you please BUT in a decent publishable manner.

Rants and raves are best kept to oneself.

No point in adding to the worries and concerns of the reading public.

Can we agree on that?

aliya said...

If that video is circulating around the world, too bad. That's the result of emotions overruling logic & realism. Maybe too much Tamil movies influences too. It doesn't potray the real Malaysia.
Yes, the Indians are furious with MIC. Personally I believe Hindraf has its own hidden agenda which unfortunately, most Indians haven't realised. We'll just wait and see how MIC begs for votes from their own Indian population this coming election. The results should be interesting,hehehe