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Friday, February 08, 2008

Network Marketing Tips for Uptrenders in Team Zainking

Uptrenders using the company's system to check their accounts and register new businesses.

Assalamualaikum to all future Uptrenders and to my members of Team Zainking.

I have a few more business building tips for those of you who are Uptrenders out there.

As the Team Zainking Global Business Entrepreneur Leader, I hereby would like to share these important network marketing tips to enable my team members out there learn as to how to improve and upgrade their network marketing business to better levels.

In my earlier post, I have written about :
  • Arriving early for appointments or business meetings and presentations
  • Stop waiting for things to happen
  • Introducing oneself with sixteen second sizzler's
  • Carrying business cards at all times
  • Getting business cards from prospects and potential business contacts
I would like to share more with you here as to what serious Uptrend Business Builders need to do in order to become successful in their network marketing activities.
  • Uptrenders must always have a pen or pencil handy.
When you get to exchange business cards with your contacts, it would help if you write down the details of where you met the person and any special info about them in the back of their business cards so as to enable you to remember them better.

When you make follow up calls to them, such info that you write down on their cards will help you to tell them where and when you both met in the conversation. That would trigger their memory and bolster the trust between you plus help you to secure an appointment with them as the next step in your business building efforts.

For all the business cards that we keep, chances are that if we fail to jot down on them the details as to where and when we met the owners of those cards, we will forget and have no idea as to who they are and when you met them?

So, it is important to keep a pen or pencil handy on us all the time when we go out and meet people. Sometimes people change their mobile phone numbers or have new email addresses. Having a pen or pencil will help us to write down such changes on to their name cards.
  • Making your name tags work for you.
When you are attending a seminar or business opportunity presentation where you have to wear a name tag or badge, it would work to your benefit by writing or printing on such tags your name in large clear letters and your Uptrend Networks Business Group.

When you meet people in such events, they can easily read your name tag and remember you when you greet them. Visuals such as the name tag help in aiding business networking unless of course you are famous and have achieved super stardom in the business and other fields and need no such advertising to let others know about you?
  • Focus on speaking with just a person at a time during a meeting or event.
The key to successfully network and make contact with potential prospects is to focus and concentrate in getting to know just one person at a time during business seminars or business opportunities meetings and events.

If you fail to show your interest and sincerity in knowing a person by not paying attention to them or listen to what they are saying, chances are that you will also fail to secure that contact or connection with the person.

The results of focusing sincerely on one person at a time will manifest itself when further business communication or contact will follow that sincere conversation you had with him or her about the Uptrend Business opportunity.
  • Avoid having others speak to your prospect especially your 'uplines'.
Now, this is something that I have personally experienced where I lost a potential business due to a screwup that an 'upline' of mine committed by speaking to my prospect first before I could even start presenting.

This unfortunate incident took place last month when I unwittingly informed that 'upline' of mine about my meeting a prospect who had driven down to KL from outstation just to see me and join my business network.

The chap turned up at our meeting place and without even asking me for permission started to talk to the wife of the prospect and literally screwed up all chances of closing the deal right there and then by repeatedly telling the prospect that they do not have to sign up first.

They can just listen to the presentation and decide later! Talk about a case of 'diarrhea of the lips' and also utter stupidity on his part! Grrrr.. I just do not wish to even remember the day!

It's bad enough that the presentation was screwed up, it made me so bloody pissed off that I have sworn not to ever have such a thing recur again in my business presentations.

I will never again have any of my so called uplines come screw up my business prospecting.

So must you! Never ever let any idiot come spoil a sure fire deal like that! Learn from my experience. There are lots of such useless ones in the business. Learn to keep them away.
  • Remember to close the deal after your presentation.
What is the objective of meeting a prospect and conduct a business presentation?

Is it not closing a deal between you and them?

Well, each Uptrender must remember this when he or she goes to see someone about the Uptrend Networks business opportunity.

If the prospect is clear about the many wonderful rewards that this business has to offer them and have the right mindset, burning desire to make more money through Uptrend's networking and have the start up capital ready, waste no time in finalizing the business registration of them.

That is the objective of you meeting them in the first place, isn't it?

What the hell for would anyone take the trouble to drive and go meet the people, present the business, spend money for food and drinks, and waste their precious time and efforts, if they fail to secure the new business associate registration by closing the deal at the end of the meetup?

Remember your objective. A business meetup must lead to a new business sign up or don't even bother in the first place to go see them!

Rule of thumb is to be a rational and smart business builder. Not waste precious resources and time in chit chatting away about all these things and fail at the end of the day to capitalize on your efforts.

Winners make sure that for each effort they make out there, they get their due rewards!

Let's go make money by working smart and effectively. If you would like to learn more, come join me in my Team Zainking and DO YOUR PART in building this business.

Don't join me if you want to just sit on your ass and dream about making it big in Uptrend. It doesn't work that way. You want money?

Well, please be informed that you do have to work for it by following my way of doing this business which is to smartly utilize the internet and blog about it and also use Uptrend's dynamic business systems.

Contact me at or sms me at 6-016-3969881 for further details.

Let's make money! Insya Allah.

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