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Friday, February 08, 2008

Samy Vellu and Nik Aziz stricken with 'die in office' syndrome.

The Malaysian political circus is in town again with the likes of ancient dinosaurs in our Malaysian political sphere who keep blasting out their wish to die in office!

I have seen Samy Vellu say out loud time and times again that he would like to be re-elected back into office to do what he has not been doing for the Indians all these 30 over years since he got elected to be the MIC President!

If Samy Vellu had really done his job well, we would not have seen the masses of disgruntled Malaysian Indians having to resort to street protests under the HINDRAF movement to demand better living conditions for the masses of the grassroots of the Malaysian Indians living in dire straits in the rubber and oil palm estates to this day in the Malaysian agricultural industries.

Malaysian Indians are suffering from neglect by the Malaysian Indian politicians and people who are in power have failed to see to it that the poor and destitutes amongst the Malaysian Indians are helped to get out of the rut because corruption and abuses of power are rampant amongst the local authorities or the appointed officials who have not passed on to the poor their share of the government allocations and grants.

So for Samy Vellu to ask that he be returned to power by the electorate is truly a gross violation of the trust by the Malaysian Indians who need fresh new faces to represent them in government.

It's time for the Malaysian Indians to have a new leader. Say no to the dinosaurs!

Another oldtimer who needs to give way to fresh new faces is the Kelantan Menteri Besar, Nik Aziz.

PAS needs a new Menteri Besar in Kelantan. Enough of the power craziness gripping so tightly to the seat of the Kelantan Menteri Besar.

If PAS still manages to hold on to power in Kelantan, PAS would do well to replace the aged Nik Aziz with either Husam Musa or Nasharudin the young bloods who have done much to bring change in the ranks and file of Malaysia's oldest Malay Muslim opposition party.

Malaysians deserve to elect a new government and new opposition leaders in order to bring about a better more dynamic future for all.

Enough of the old and jaded politicians who have been freeloading on our government system.

Even the BN can do with a new President. Abdullah Badawi should give way to Najib to run the show. Don't tell me that AAB is also stricken with the 'die in office' syndrome? Sheeeshhh!!!

What do Malaysiakini readers have to say about this wish of mine?

Don't we all deserve a fresh new lineup of the government and opposition leaders?


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Nobody needs to die in office
If not placed in office in the first place
It's better to retire gracefully from office
Than to be ousted shamefully through misplace or displace

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080208
Fri. 8th Feb. 2008.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hope Samy Vellu or Nik Aziz get to read our thoughts, eh Cikgu?