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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tan Chai Ho or Khalid Ibrahim? Tossing of the dice at P124.

I had an elections related chat with a few BN workers manning the 4B Youth Movement's Barisan Nasional Election Base at Taman Tenaga, Cheras this morning.

There were 4 Malay young adults there who were running a service station, catering to checking info of constituents who came to the station to find out which polling stations they are scheduled to go to on March the 8th?

I found them to be all bleary eyed as they had been manning the station 24/7 and most looked like they could really use some much needed sleep.

I wonder if Datuk Tan Chai Ho even knew about them losing sleep over their efforts to see to it that the man gets re-elected for the 4th term running?

Such is the price one has to pay being a minion in the electoral process of this nation.

I am sure that this same scenario is being repeated all over the nation in both the BN and opposition BR camps where millions of poorly paid Malaysian election workers toil day and night so that the candidates get re-elected or the new MP and SA wannabes get to win over their opponents come March the 8th of 2008!

Unknowns losing sleep for a bit of allowances received so that they and their families get some extra cash coming their way for the sacrifices they have to make.

So ironic!

Tan Chai Ho as I have stated yesterday comes across as having done this and that in his election propaganda booklet that I received complete with a Vote for BN T shirt.

Looks so bloody impressive on paper but in actual reality nothing can be so contrasting, really!

So the booklet shows the many types of infrastructures that have been built in the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary and we can't deny that but one has to consider many other aspects of the realities of life here than just marvel at buildings and structures.

For one thing, what about the quality of life for the constituents of Bandar Tun Razak as a whole?

Despite all the infrastructures built up at the sprawling new town here, the reality of juvenile delinquency and the emergence of the Mat Rempit terrors due to the failure of the grassroot political organizations such as UMNO Youth who have failed to nurture and groom such rabblerousers from wreaking havoc in the parliamentary like what we saw take place upon a 45 year old Indian Muslim motorist who was bludgeoned to near death by the BN Youths a few days ago and who is now being warded at HUKM after a major operation on his skull to remove a blood clot which I have reported yesterday as a followup to the Malaysiakini breaking news?

Even then, we can't just lay the blame totally on just UMNO for the crimes of the wayward youths whom they have enlisted to help them operate the numerous 'BN Operation Centers' that have sprouted up for this election campaign.

The root problem goes back to the quality of life that churns out such troubled youths and we need to go search for the root cause as to why our youths turn out these way nowadays?

You can't go blame Tan Chai Ho for that too!

We need to identify and acknowledge that the way we live nowadays has much to do with the general breakdown of our society from all walks of life over the years as a result of too much modernization in the physical sense but remaining crude and primitive in the internal entities of each and every person living in the current world of 2008.

Life isn't what it used to be and our youths face a different scenario and grow up according to a different set of values today than what folks like me and those my age and older age bracket experienced in our own lives before.

Back then, people were more content to just exist and survive with whatever they had and didn't place too much emphasis on material wealth and belongings.

In a sense, you can say we were so content even if we had no radio, no television, no telephone, no this and that and at times were even content to just have a small bowl of rice filled with water and a pinch of salt and a sliver of salted fish.

Try giving any kid growing up today that same bowl of rice with water and salt and I can guarantee you that you would get a dirty look from him or her and chances are that bowl of rice would go flying?

It's not the same anymore. Things are different and expectations of the Malaysian people even amongst those whom one can classify as living below the poverty scale is generally much more higher than what we poor folks lived in back in the 60s and 70s.

I asked the BN workers as to whether they would be voting for Tan Chai Ho and they answered that if given a choice they would rather have an UMNO candidate representing the P124 Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary but as the BN leadership have a gentlemen's agreement with MCA in the allocation of that parliamentary to them, they have no choice but to go with the flow?

Khalid Ibrahim of the PKR is a parachute candidate to the parliamentary and even I don't know much about him save for what is published in the papers and in the internet. I know that he used to be the head of Guthrie Plantations and is a former corporate figure but there is nothing spectacular about his achievements or what he has to offer us the people of Bandar Tun Razak that can trigger me to throw in my support for the man?

Even at the 'After Lina Joy' forum organized by the DAP at Hotel Armada a few months back where he was one of the panel speakers, I heard nothing constructive from him in explaining to the generally pro DAP and anti-Islam forum participants and attendees that might have given me and other Muslims something to remember him by or even see anything in his person that might lead me to be supportive of the fellow?

So it sort of leaves us Bandar Tun Razak Muslims undecided as to whom we should root for? If I am to resort to being funny I could recommend the voters to go throw a dice and leave it to chance as to who gets our vote but this is not a laughing matter.

This election will determine what we the constituents of P124-Parliamentary of Bandar Tun Razak can hope to expect from the winner of this election here?

Tan Chai Ho has not exactly been visible around here save for the photo ops that the man has managed to get printed and published in his electoral booklet.

Development of the Bandar Tun Razak infrastructure would still have taken place regardless as to who won the elections for the past terms.

It's a collective decision of various agencies and departments of the ruling government according to the Master Development Plan of KL and the Federal Territories.

It would still have taken place even if Tan Chai Ho had dropped dead way back in the late 90's!

Same goes with the Opposition. Save for their raising their voices in Parliament and throwing tantrums engaging in shouting matches with the BN Backbenchers or Cabinet Ministers etc., what other achievements have they had in contributing to the lives of the millions of Malaysians who expect the government of the day to see to it that their lives are improved over time and the many opportunities to seek a living is shared fair and square amongst the population?

Reality shows us that in this nation, things won't change as the majority of the people expect and hope or wish for?

There will always be a lopsided state of marginalization that will remain as it is right now and since this nation came into being for eternity.

The playing field for Malaysians of all races and faiths will remain as what it is as long as we still live divided and segregated according to our ethnicities and faith.

As Muslims, we can't go and agree with the Non Muslims that all faiths are equal. No way.

Any Muslim or so called Muslim who agrees to that is a jahil @ ignorant and no matter what excuse he or she comes up with to validate such a claim will never be accepted. End of the matter.

We can live in peace and solidarity with one another just as we have lived all these while but there remains an invincible and obvious barrier between us when it concerns the matter of belief in Allah and the Non Muslims chosen deity of their respective creed.

Just accept that and go on with our lives. As far as the candidates for P124 Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary, it can go either way.

Tan Chai Ho stands to gain from his having been the MP for this area since 1995, 1999 and 2004.

His last election victory saw him win with a 17,000 majority over his opponent and God knows what is going to be this year on March the 8th, 2008?

Bandar Tun Razak does not have much problems as far as I know with the needs of this parliamentary and Dataran Dwitasik is now nearing completion and lots of business opportunities will be available to us who live here.

As far as I am concerned, the people of P124 do not have much to complain about? We have almost everything we need within our reach and that ought to be enough for positive minded voters.

Naturally we will have amongst us faultfinders and nitpickers who would zoom in to anything not kosher according to their own limited mindsets but then again, what can we do to change the outlooks of those who are blinkered in their views? As I see it, Bandar Tun Razak people are fine.

We just have to decide whom to vote for when the day comes.

Before ending this article, I just ask that the BN Youths of this constituency to remain civil and not resort to any acts of violence against the innocent civilians of this parliamentary if caught in a situation like what took place the other day as a minor road traffic accident?

Same advice goes out to the PKR Youths who get to read this.

'Belajar cari makan bukan cari pasal!'

Be cool and in control. Violence begets violence and its not going to benefit anyone in the long run.

May Bandar Tun Razak folks choose wisely. Ameen. Have a nice day.