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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tiptoeing through the Malaysian political minefield.

As each day passes by, I can't help but notice that the Malaysian political minefield keeps exploding here and there with reports that expose the true shenanigans that have taken place in Bolehland and hush hushed by the current government.

For a government that is being led by those who preach Islamic values, this and that, plus their slogan of 'Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang', one can't help but notice the 'Tembelang' that has taken place in our nation's now proven to be tainted judiciary!

I don't know what other excuses VK Lingam is going to come up with in reaction to this expose in Malaysiakini?

The more the man tries to wriggle his way out of the legal quandary he is charged with, the more entangled he seems to get by the way his former secretary G.Jayanthi has testified against him by spilling all the beans of his attempt to 'dalcha' the whole judicial fiasco that he is being charged to have orchestrated!

Latest update is that PM Abdullah Badawi has just dissolved the Malaysian Parliament as reported here.

So, people. The Malaysian political circus is just about to begin as the Ringmaster has just announced that with effect from 12.34pm today, the nation's Parliament is now dissolved.

Personally, I feel that there are still many issues raised about the Elections Commission's failures to spring clean the electoral rolls that have been exposed to have a lot of errors and reports of non voters discovering that they have been registered in other states, etc.

Doesn't it look like a rush job to dissolve Parliament at this time given the unsolved and unexplained 'monkey business' that the EC Chairman just seems to pooh pooh away at will?

What a bummer!

Abdullah Badawi does seem to disregard all the complaints and grouses of the very people who put him there in the first place.

Will Malaysians still return him to power with a landslide victory over the disunited and always at odds against each other Opposition?

We'll just have to see what transpires after today?

As for the one who said it looks like him, sounds like him, utters 'correct, correct, correct, correct....' all the time, things look like they are finally spinning way out of control for the man to do any sweeping under the carpets or floorboards this time!

G.Jayanthi is the epitome of the 'Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned' phrase!

Her testimony shreds to pieces all the attempts of VK Lingam to deny that his trip to Kiwi Land with former Malaysian Chief Justice Tun Mohamed Eusoff Chin was an arranged holiday!

VK Lingam could turn out to be a major 'pull the plug' syndrome from the BN's chances of retaining the landslide victory they enjoyed in the last General Elections.

I don't know if Malaysian voters are any wiser or have the guts to teach the culprits a lesson this time around?

Frankly speaking, the choice we are faced with in the Opposition lineup aren't that promising either.

I see a lot of N.A.T.O. (No Action Talk Only) has beens in their lineup and a few major crooks as well masquerading as the people's champions in some quarters.

The Malaysian political dinosaurs from both the BN and the Opposition are still clamouring for support to retaining of their political seats of power from their supporters.

The question is why the hell should Malaysians be stuck with just one or two over the hill politicians?

Look at vibrant Singapore! They may just be running an island republic but damn! Look at the way they have turned Singapore into one of the world's best run nation!

Surely we can do better or at least be on par with our south of the border neighbour?

Wise up people! Wise up!

I wish that Malaysians will not re-elect the dinosaurs and choose to cast their precious votes carefully this time around. We need better brighter MP's and SA's.

Sad thing though, the past experience of having just invincible MP's is something to think about?

The trend is for the elected MP's and State Assemblymen and women to just order banners and have their servants tie such banners up at traffic light junctions and prominent areas heralding whatever festive occasions that is in season.

You don't get to see these so called YB's or YAB's that often in your constituency unless there happens to be a photo opportunity to showcase their ugly mutts on national tv!

Sheeeeshhh! When are we ever going to get responsible politicians running this country?

From the looks of it, the nation has been stuck all these 50 years of coming into being with a growing number of recalcitrant, half baked, immature and egoistic nutcases under guise of being MP's and SA's who seem to love nothing but spew bullshit and insults in the Malaysian House of Parliament!

Some don't even turn up for the Parliamentary sessions and earn free pay at the expense of their constituents.

Others love to make a fool of themselves as proven in the past sessions with the likes of those who 'camwhore' themselves with stupid comments and insults against the womenfolk and even poked fun at their female colleagues and counterparts over the 'leaking problem'.

Many have proven themselves to be nothing but apple polishers and attention seekers in Parliament by raising controversial and sensitive issues just to highlight themselves as 'champions' of their political parties.

The track record of all the electoral candidates need to really be taken into consideration before casting your votes!

May Malaysia get a better government this time around. Amin.

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