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Saturday, February 23, 2008

UMNO Terengganu members open revolt against BN nominated candidates

Have you heard of the UMNO Terengganu members public protests against the choice of candidates nominated by the BN Terengganu leadership and dropping the 'giant killer' Rahman Bakar and another?

Well, I came across this rare scenes of UMNO members protesting ala the Opposition parties in a fellow blogger's site.

Maybe Malaysiakini might want to fly over its journalists to Kuala Terengganu to catch the action there?

I am sure that these pictures won't appear in any of the mainstream media for fear of exposing the open revolt by UMNO members that has been unleashed following the nomination of certain candidates by the UMNO Terengganu leadership!

These photos are the courtesy of author Tarmizi Mohd Jam who runs Sanggah Tok Sago.Com which has published the explosive report of UMNO Terengganu members protesting openly!

RTM seems deaf, dumb and blind to these scenes of protest by UMNO members!!!

Err..excuse me (caretaker) Minister of Information, will we get to see an offering of a video clip of such protests during prime time tv? Pleeeease!!! Hehehehehe...

Looking forward to see what RTM is going to come up with this time?

I am sort of bored watching the spliced up clips of the Pakistani protests interlaced with the Malaysian made for RTM protests especially the one showing the Batu Burok protests!

You know, the one with the helmeted guy burning the Jalur Gemilang and remaining incognito till this moment!

Okay, enough chatter. Let's see these rare pictures of UMNO Terengganu members saying' NO!'

Looks like the protests are going on day and night! How come the FRU aren't anywhere in sight?

Tch! tch! tch! tch! Doesn't look good man! You need to have the men in red helmets and the water cannon trucks to complete the picture!!

What's a protest in Malaysia without the Federal Reserve Units? Total letdown man!!! Really!!!

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

In several parts of the world
There are selective perceptions
That will determine specific persecutions
While the rest are kept in a whirl

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Sat. 23rd Feb. 2008.