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Friday, February 22, 2008

When righteous Malaysian Muslims are labelled as 'Talibans'.

I refer to the recent demands by the Malaysian based ACCIN @ Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGO's to the soon to be formed new Malaysian Government after the General Elections results are announced on the 8th of March, 2008.

For quite some time now, it has been an annoying trend by certain Islamophobic Non Muslims to provoke and instigate social and civil unrest amongst the populace by launching a psychological warfare through the Malaysian Blogosphere against Muslim organizations such as the ones unified under the ACCIN umbrella.

The attacks and insults from the blogging Islamophobes is getting more offensive and bordering on outright vulgar behavior of the foul mannered, guttersnipe's, hate mongering bloggers by the day!

Members of ACCIN are moderate, decent, law abiding Muslims who are just watching out for the rights of Muslims and trying to protect and preserve the sanctity of Islamic values and future of the Believers.

The foul manner of writing baseless hate filled venom against Muslims is so obvious by the choice of abusive words and expressions that is published in such blogs. I am sure that you will know which blogs fall into that category?

Unlike them, we are prohibited by our faith of Islam to reciprocate in equally offensive terms and are enjoined to remain civil as best as we can.

The Prophet Eesa ibnu Maryam Alaihis Salam @ Jesus Christ, Son of Mary ( May peace be upon him) advised, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before the swine, lest haply they trample them under their feet, and turn and rend you" meaning that we should not bother trying to advice or attempt to make sense to those foul mannered people for instead of appreciating such good advice, they will turn around and abuse us.

The thing is that just because Muslims have been remaining patient despite being insulted day in day out by these vicious brutes, they seem to think that they can get away with it and continue to provoke and lambaste us Muslims as they please?

It is only sabr @ patience that enables us to look the other way and avoid confrontation with these swines in human form. Not that I like referring to them in such a way but at times one has to call a spade just that. I am sorry for that.

I am sure that deep down beneath that angry, abusive character, some of them are just decent but confused folks.

If given an opportunity to sit down and discuss matters in a proper manner, they will be able to understand the real situation about Islam and the way things are here in Malaysia?

It is fortunate that the number of peaceful, law abiding good natured folks amongst the general Non Muslim Malaysians outnumber them and for that we are able to co-exist in relative peace despite the outrageous attacks that these enemies of Islam launch vehemently against us through their blogs and writings.

At times we see such decent folks voice their concerns amicably through sites such as Malaysiakini.

These are the ones I am referring to. Good natured caring people. Concerned they may be but they do not lose their rationality when responding to or in the manner that they raise their grievances. May Allah bless them. Ameen.

There are also the odd calls and attacks made against ACCIN members by those who label themselves as our fellow Muslims but who in reality do not live according to Islamic principles and values!

These are the ones whom we can clearly say are the backstabber's of the Ummah. In other words, traitors to Islam and are more apt to be termed as the Munafiks @ Hypocrites.

They term us as 'Talibans'. Utterly ridiculous! How misguided can they be? Na'uzubillah!

Anyway, one has to know that the meaning of 'Taliban' is a student of religious knowledge and should not be used to refer to us here in Malaysia. Not in the negative connotation that they imply anyway.

We are all enriching ourselves with the teachings of Islam 24/7 and try our best to live according to Allah's Commandments. Nothing wrong in trying to be good Muslims, isn't it?

To insinuate that by asking for our rights to be respected and observed, we are 'Talibans' as what they refer to the ones who ruled over Afghanistan and practiced the severest interpretation of their version of the Syariah is just not right or fair to us in the first place?

We who are Muslims here in Malaysia have yet to go bomb any Non Muslim's church or temple!

We have yet to go around massacring anyone in the name of Islam! May Allah forbid!

To have our fellow Malaysians resort to such baseless name calling is really something so sad that they have come to these sorry state of biased thinkings and conjuring up nightmarish scenarios in their befuddled excuses for brains!

They must be victims of dementia, a self imagined mental state of nightmarish illusions which is not real but purely a product of their Islamophobic delusions.

They fail to see the reality around them and picture life here in Malaysia to be hellish when rational folks all over the world flock to our shores in search of peace and tranquility.

Many have come to settle down here after realizing that Malaysia is a haven of peace and there are lots of opportunities to those who are enterprising and strive to improve their lot.

It's all a matter of perception. If one looks for the plus points of anything, one is sure bound to find it.

The problem arises when one's heart and mind is so full of hate and enmity that it escapes their perception and they see only what they will themselves to see?

At the end of the day, these troubled souls only see demons in place of angels and they end up as demented schizophrenics ranting and raving like mad against anyone who is a Muslim.

I feel sad to see such folks amongst our midst. I can only feel sorry for them for living in a world full of hate and suspicions.

I am glad however that amongst those who are Non Muslim bloggers, there are still many who know that things aren't that bad here for us and learn to express their views in a manner that is both good and thought provoking.

I would like to assure the Non Muslims of Malaysia that ACCIN and its member bodies of Islamic NGO's are only watching out for the rights of the Muslims and not at the expense of encroaching into your rights to live according to your faiths.

If you do worry about any of the demands in the ACCIN's list, you may write to us and tell us as to what your concern is in a civil manner?

Insya Allah @ God Willing, we can explain to you the reasons behind our asking the future Malaysian Government so?

May peace reign here in Malaysia especially amongst us the good citizens of this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed country.

I hope that instead of insults , our fellow bloggers would take positive steps to engage in meaningful, constructive dialogues with members of ACCIN who would be more than happy to explain to you about our stand on the issues raised in the list of demands to the future Government of Malaysia.

Click here and send in your questions or comments if you feel you need further info on the matter.

I am sure that ACCIN will be able to respond to you accordingly.

If you do not get a prompt answer, feel free to address them to me. Please keep your comments civil and address the matter in a manner befitting your status as decent human beings. Thanks.

I will pass on your message to the President of ACCIN who is also the President of ABIM, Brother Yusri Mohamad. Insya Allah.

Take care and have a nice day.

Please be informed that I will only respond to bloggers who actually are one and not entertain anymore anonymous commenter's. Not really keen to talk to the invincible's. :P

If you are a bona fide blogger, by all means please put forth your comments and viewpoints in an acceptable manner befitting our position as responsible Malaysian bloggers. Thank you for your co-operation.

Best regards,



Don'tPlayGod said...

Yes, I do understand how right-thinking Muslims feel when they are condemned and criticized left, right, and center by people who feel their rights(they have rights, too, you know) have been trampled on.

Let me bring out one of your quotes:
"If given an opportunity to sit down and discuss matters in a proper manner, they will be able to understand the real situation about Islam and the way things are here in Malaysia?"

But ACCIN does not subscribe to the "Interfaith Commission", so how do we "sit down and discuss matters in a proper manner"?

Yes, Muslims have been condemned the world over, but can you blame the non-Muslims for that? When Muslim terrorists go round killing themselves and other innocent people, destroying their properties and other loved ones in the process. When Muslim terrorists go round bombing churches, and killing other non-Muslims? When the smiling bomber of the famed Bali bomb blast, who says his only regret is that some Muslims were killed in the blast. Which means, it is o.k. to kill non-Muslims, who according to Muslims, are heading for hell anyway.

What about decent Muslims like you, and like ACCIN? Did you all come out loud and clear to condemn all this violence, carried out in the name of your Allah? Or did you all quietly acquiesce, and cheer? I don't remember hearing ACCIN or even any Muslim group in Malaysia condemning such wanton killing and violence done on behalf of your God.


Reza Pahlavi said...

Just want to respond to the above comment, starting from "When Muslim terrorists go round killing themselves and other innocent people.."

What about Sabra Shatilla, where Christian terrorists entered Palestinian refugee camps and kill innocent civilians, while the IDF safely cordoned the area so that the massacre could be committed without any interference and the no. of dead can be concealed?
What about Sarajevo, the city where the Christians laid siege for almost 4 years, shelling marketplaces and sniping innocent civilians while Bill Clinton dropped pork to the residents?

And a long long list that could be compiled here.

I cannot hear Malaysian Christians or any non-Muslim group that condemn the action of Texas-born Steven Dale Green, but immediately demand condemnation when the Taliban executed Korean missionaries.

Lastly, do understand that BN also demolished mosques and suraus, expel students who wear serban and transfer news caster for wearing tudung.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Brother 'DPG',

Even though I have a policy of not responding to non bloggers, this particular case needs me to exercise a bit of leniency and because you have put forth your points in an civil tone even if it contains some broad accusations against us.

Let me start by answering your question as to why 'ACCIN' does not want to sit down with the so called 'Inter Faith Commission' activists?

I would like to refer you to my post regarding why we Muslims will never accept the formation of the IFC as drafted by the MCCBCHST.

Visit to read about it.

That said and done, let me assure you that I am all for having dialogues between us without having that IFC set up as a 'government within a government' which is exactly what that IFC set up proposes to be!

Please go and read that post of mine before coming to any conclusions. Thank you.

Regarding having dialogues between us on an informal basis, just gather your friends and colleagues from amongst your brethren of Non Muslims and let me know.

I will do the same with those of us in ACCIN and we can all have a pow wow - informal of course at a venue suitable for all.

Where there's a will, there'll definitely be a way.

Brother Emmanuel has been asking me when are we gonna meet up at Genting?

A cool hill resort such as Genting ought to be a fitting place for such a dialogue, don't you agree?

We can discuss about this idea.

Now to your broad statements of accusing:
1. "Muslim terrorists go round killing themselves and other innocent people, destroying their properties and other loved ones in the process.
My answer:

Terrorists come in all shapes, creed and color.

If you care to do a search online, you'd find that terrorists are international and each with their own individual goals and objectives.

Visit and see for yourself.

Do take note that this is from the Americans point of view.

Not like they are squeaky clean angels themselves, having massacred millions and millions of people all over the globe so to speak?

Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


Current day Iraq?

And many other small countries that do not have the military might to defend themselves from American Superpower Terrorism!

You want to zero in on the Muslims?

Be fair and take off those blinkers and look at the way Muslims are being massacred because their bloody leaders are too bloody egoistic and self centered in the first place.

We don't have to go far, even here in Malaysia, Muslims are engaged in a perpetual war between themselves.

Just look at UMNO and PAS. PKR is just a 'Johnnie come lately' entity.

Terrorists exist in all nations. Even here in Malaysia, there are cyber terrorists consisting of Islamophobic individuals whose only job it seems is to wreak havoc day in day out causing endless terror to us Muslims.

That's terrorism for you.

Terrorizing the majority of the Muslims here for the crimes of the powerful few in the Malaysian Government.

We the law abiding peaceful Muslims are the victims.

Only bloggers like me and a few others have it in us to engage such cyber terrorists but even then if possible, I try to look the other way so that the matter will pass in time and I don't have to stress out myself in online duels with those kind.

Even then, yours truly gets labeled as an Islamofascist! :P

Yeah right!

2."When Muslim terrorists go round bombing churches, and killing other non-Muslims?


Either you must have been watching just one channel or something, but I'd seriously ask you to go explore more and see for yourselves the atrocities of Christians who go and destroy mosques all over Iraq and desecrate our holy places.

You can just type in the search engines and see for yourself the proof of such destructions being carried out by the Christian soldiers of the various nations of the world aided by their rogue terrorist Zionist regime of Israel.

You Tube is a good place to start.

They have plenty.

Check out:

That's from an American Media Group.

They won't be lying to you on accounts of they themselves exposing American atrocities to the whole wide world.

Not all Americans are like George Wacko Bush Jr. There are many more decent peace loving Americans in the States.

Problem is that the warmongers in Washington have an open agenda of staging wars in order to sell their weapons of mass destruction.

Even Sept 11 2001 is reported to be an inside job of Bush Jr's administration so that they can go wage war upon the war ravaged country of Afghanistan.

What do you say to that?

I can keep going on but what's the point?

I don't know about you yet but I sincerely hope that you and folks like you would be a bit more fair when you start throwing broad statements like that in Question 2?

3."When the smiling bomber of the famed Bali bomb blast, who says his only regret is that some Muslims were killed in the blast."


You are referring to a mass murderer who is going to burn in hell for killing civilians.

I for one do not support such acts of terror and the reason why I did not write about it is that it is a clear cut case of a terror group out to wreak havoc in a foreign country-Indonesia.

Nothing to do with me. Islam forbids the killing of innocents who have not waged open warfare against us. Period.


4."Which means, it is o.k. to kill non-Muslims, who according to Muslims, are heading for hell anyway?"

Answer as above. No, not okay!

5."What about decent Muslims like you, and like ACCIN?Did you all come out loud and clear to condemn all this violence, carried out in the name of your Allah?"

Same answer as no.4.

7."Or did you all quietly acquiesce, and cheer?"

Now, that's jumping to conclusions and libeling us for nothing!

I can turn around and accuse you and others like you in cheering when Iraqis were massacred in the hundreds of thousands?

Did you clap and jump about with glee seeing those burned out dead bodies of Iraqi Muslims bombed to oblivion by the Americans?

Did you and others like you slap high fives seeing the mutilated bodies in Bosnia Herzegovina,raped and massacred by the Serbs?

Did you clap with happiness seeing the burnt out bodies of dead Muslims in Gujrat and Bombay, India who were massacred by the RSS hordes there?

See! It can go both ways!


8."I don't remember hearing ACCIN or even any Muslim group in Malaysia condemning such wanton killing and violence done on behalf of your God."


You must obviously be so deeply entrenched in an ocean of hate that you have failed to observe the many condemnations by ACCIN against such acts of terror by anyone.

All I can ask you is to be fair and stop looking at issues with just one perspective-that of a hater's view and instead look at things as a concerned fellow human being.

Pity that you are anonymous. Would be good to know the real you so that we can maybe discuss over this online.

My Yahoo Messenger ID is mahaguru58.

Drop me a message if you wish.

Take care bro.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother Reza.

Valid and fair response I must say!