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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim leads Maulidur Rasul Procession.

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Barisan Rakyat Menteri Besar of Selangor and Member of Parliament for Bandar Tun Razak led the Maulidur Rasul 1429Hijrah procession yesterday.

I managed to get him to say a few words to his voters after my first question to him in English escaped the man!

His mind seemed to be pretty occupied and might be mistaken to be not that focused if we don't consider the tremendous challenges he is facing today in delivering what he has promised to us his constituents and also to the people of Selangor?

What more Khir Toyo's constant needling him about the election promises that PKR has made?

I think we just have to let the man settle down in his new job and hope he get's better in time.

New job weighing down heavily on him or is it a case of culture shock?

I don't know. He just seemed lost in his thoughts yesterday. Hmmmmm....

Avalanche of comments at Khir Toyo's Blog!

Sometimes people in power only get the wake up call when they get whacked out from office!

Just take a look at Khir Toyo's recently launched blog where he has been receiving an avalanche of comments in the form of brickbats and bouquets from the Malaysian blogging public!

One of my readers came in and said that because of my highlighting Khir Toyo's blog, more Malaysians are now aware of his site and thus are making a beeline to either praise or raise hell for him over there?

Hehehehehe...It's part and parcel of being a blogger, eh?

Let him feel the power of the Blogosphere!

I have always said that for a tree to remain tall and firm, standing strong against all the storms and typhoons coming full force against it, the tree must take care of its roots!

This parable is likened to a government such as the BN.

They failed to take care of us the citizens and dismissed us away like we mean nothing to them when they were in power and only now after getting their butt kicked out of office in the 5 states, are the BN willing to admit that they screwed up?

Just admitting that they failed to listen yet do not have it in them to make fundamental changes in the way this 51 years deep set cronyism infested behemoth of the BN political Goliath comes to nothing when the leadership fail to accept responsibility and make way for other better leaders?

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been the major cause of the people's dissatisfactions but to date, he has yet to acknowledge his faults and make way for another more capable leader.

The problem is that we see none in the present BN lineup worth supporting as most of them are only apple polishers and play safe politicians who are each having their own fair share of dirty secrets to hide?

The Barisan Nasional Government under Abdullah Badawi and Mahathir had been so cocky all these while as exhibited by the arrogant manner by which they 'pooh poohed' away the Malaysian people's complaints, protests and demonstrations and brutally used the FRU to smash down their fellow citizens further stoking the raging fires in the average Malaysian citizen's hearts!

Racist policies adopted and put to practice by the BN caused untold sufferings and loss of freedom to many born Malaysians bringing about an explosive show of dissatisfactions by the minority Malaysian Indian ethnic community!

Malaysians of other ethnicities joined their fellow citizens in demanding the BN Government to hold a fair and clean general election process?

They were brutally attacked and assaulted by the FRU again and again sparking off an avalanche of protest votes against the BN by the general Malaysian population in the recently concluded polls!

The BN fell from power in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor!

Kelantan had been under PAS's rule for the last 18 years.

Today the Barisan Rakyat Coalition of the PKR-DAP-PAS political parties rule those states and UMNO big guns like Khir Toyo are today in the Opposition seats!

Khir Toyo stands guilty of destroying state files and documents when he had to clear the Menteri Besar office and Selangor State Secretariat building as proven here in my earlier writings about it!

Two days before, Khir Toyo started his own personal blog and joined us in the Blogosphere.

For a start, he is as expected getting whacked left and right for the way he ruled over Selangor and ordered many unpopular directives in the former BN stronghold state in the Malaysian Peninsular?

Nevertheless, his decision to start writing a blog is a giant step in the right direction for someone like him who was the Menteri Besar of Selangor for two consecutive terms?

I hear that other BN leaders are also coming up with their own blogs?

That's good for these fellows need to really hear from the Malaysian Blogging public not just swallow the bullshit that their Press Secretaries or Personal Aides whisper to their ears?

I for one see this turnaround by people like Khir Toyo as a positive thing for the good of the nation.

Crimes committed by the BN leaders such as Khir Toyo and others who got eliminated from the Malaysian Federal Government must still be brought to the attention of the justice system and action taken against the criminals!

Justice must be upheld and put to practice not just discussed in blogs and coffee houses or the kopitiams?

Today Khir Toyo has come to experience what blogging is all about?

Will the rest of the Malaysian Cabinet leaders follow suit?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kebanyakan Program Astro RIA 'membaloq'kan' Melayu!

Apakah anda juga terasa bahawa kebanyakan program program TV Astro RIA mengajak Melayu menjadi 'baloq'?

Bagi yang tak faham dengan istilah 'baloq' ini yang biasanya kami gunakan di wilayah utara semenanjung Malaysia ianya membawa maksud 'kurang bijak', 'kurang cerdik', 'kurang cerdas'!

Iyalah! Mana tidaknya?

Asyik asyik hiburan sepanjang masa!

Teramat kurang perancangan menjana minda orang orang Melayu ke arah menjadi lebih berdaya saing disegi pembelajaran akademik, lebih berilmu di dunia perniagaan, lebih berupaya mencipta dan mereka sesuatu hasil yang berkemungkinan mencetus pembaharuan didalam dunia serba moden dan mencabar ini?

Amat jarang sekali saluran Astro RIA menjana peluang sama rata kepada rakyat Malaysia tanpa berpaksikan sekian fahaman dan pegangan politik atau berusaha membawa umat Melayu ke arah berupaya berhujah atau berpidato dengan penuh bijaksana seperti kebanyakan kaum kaum yang lain?

Kita dikejutkan dengan kejatuhan mutu pembelajaran di universiti universiti negara kita dan ada yang tertanya tanya kenapa sampai begitu merudum sekali pencapaian menara gading kita?

Apa yang hendak dihairankan bilamana Kementerian Pendidikan seolah olah mangli terhadap pencemaran minda dan budaya orang orang Melayu secara sistematik oleh rangkaian rangkaian televisyen satelit dan juga tempatan?

Samada kita sedar atau tidak mutu pembelajaran penuntut penuntut kolej dan universiti Melayu teramat rendah kerana mereka diserang oleh kejutan budaya dan pencemaran adat resam sosial yang kini berpaksi kepada cara dan gaya bebas barat!

Diluar penuntut penuntut kolej dan universiti berpakaian menutup aurat dan menampilkan imej sopan namun disebalik tudung dan jilbab itu bergelora gejolak hawa nafsu yang disemarakkan oleh budaya kuning dan kotor para remaja Melayu sekarang yang sudah tidak segan silu melakukan pelbagai jenayah seksual dan tidak hairan terhadap bahana dosa perbuatan mereka?

Hadir pula aktivis aktivis sosial yang seolah memberi harapan kepada pesalah pesalah jenayah seksual ini dengan memberi mereka ruang dan tempat melahirkan anak anak haram mereka!

Kesemuanya berbalik semula kepada program program pemusnah minda dan daya upaya anak anak muda dan remaja Melayu yang terbiar merayau oleh pihak pihak berkuasa yang gagal mentarbiyah pemuda pemudi Melayu ini ke arah kejayaan!

Bila keadaan sudah menjadi terlalu buruk sehingga dicatatkan kelahiran lebih dari 68,000 anak anak haram oleh ibu ibu Melayu yang terdiri dari penuntut penuntut dan remaja Melayu pada tahun 2005 sahaja, maka baru lah kelam kabut kementerian itu, jabatan ini dan keluar lah kenyataan kenyataan yang sudah terlewat dan tidak berguna dari ahli ahli politik yang cuba menangguk di air keruh.

Dakwah dan Tarbiyah seolah dipinggirkan dari sisi masyarakat oleh pihak pihak media massa dan kegiatan dakwah pula banyak dilakukan oleh puak puak yang tersasar dari Sunnah Nabi Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam?

Entah apa lagi yang hendak berlaku pada anak anak Melayu negara ini?

Siapa yang peduli tentang mereka?

Astro? TV3? NTV7? RTM?


Abdullah Badawi's Crony acts as a Malay Sultan!

First and foremost, let me give credit to the source of these pictures.

Thanks to Sheih of Kickdefella for these eye opening photos.

My condolences Sheih upon your loss. ( Sheih's mother passed away recently). Al Fatihah.


These are authentic photos and not copy paste material ala my friend (now YB) Tian Chua who played a joke with that Najib, Razak Baginda and Altantuya Shaaribuu montage!

These are the real McCoys! Enjoy!


Behold the one who wants to be the latest Sultan within a Malay Sultanate!

Datuk Patrick Lim Soo Kit is seen here basking in his own personal revelry of being honoured by the F1 tycoon and Michelle Yeoh's boyfriend, Todd who raises his hands in the style of the traditional Malay custom of greeting their Sultan!

I mean can you blame Todd for his bloody ignorance of Malay palace customs and foolhardiness of carrying out such an act in the Balairong Seri of the Palace of the Terengganu Malay Sultanate?

What were the palace officials doing? Enjoying the theatrics of these two crony clowns of Abdullah Badawi?

Maybe they got bribed by Datuk Patrick,eh? Aiyaa...sorry aa..Too Want Koo Fat Trick!! :P

Yes, these two jokers are cronies of the Imam Hadhari! They are very, very close to the Seeker of Al Ghazali!

Only thing is that they seek to siphon off the oil wealth of the State of Terengganu whilst being in the patronage of the 'I am Prime Minister' chap who despite constant calls for him to resign stubbornly remains defiant and vows to stay put, no matter what?

Must be dandy to imagine oneself to be the Sultan of Terengganu, eh?

I mean after all, practically this chap is lording it over the East Coast State simply by being one of Abdullah Badawi's proxies and closest crony by dealing with the Monsoon Cup projects which I hear are one of the fronts to siphon off the RM1billion of petroleum dividends being paid to Terengganu and reverted around to be known as 'Wang Ehsan' by Idris Jusoh when he was the Terengganu MB?

So, no wonder the fella wants to act being the Sultan above the Sultan of Terengganu?
But this is no 'Bangsawan'? These fellas are really raking in the millions of oil money that should be going to the State Government of Terengganu's coffers and be used to help the people there?

Instead, these crooks are having the fling of their life's flying here and there by helicopter and enjoying life to the max whilst latching on to the big fat backside of Abdullah Badawi!

This is Patrick Badawi posing with two thumbs up for successfully getting to fly away with so many hundreds and thousands of millions of the money siphoned away from the 'Wang Ehsan' handled by Idris Jusoh all these years?

Why do you think Idris Jusoh went all out to try regain his Menteri Besar seat? There's billions to suck away they say?

The Monsoon Cup is a stormy way to bring in the big bucks and the Imam Hadhari is just so happy to put on the jacket of cronyism on the back of Pok Yeh, his kingpin in the 'Wang Ehsan' scandal?

Patrick 'Badawi' is the term they gave the fella for his closeness of contact with the Imam Hadhari who together with his son and son in law are happily stockpiling away untold amounts of wealth from their positions in the BN government!

Feast your eyes as to how happy Abdullah Badawi looks when greeting his money machine in the much discursed 'Soiree at Seri Perdana' charity event held last year!

So much for his 'Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang' Temberang bullshit!

Picture showing Patrick Badawi at home in Seri Perdana.

Kamaludin Abdullah with some of his VIP highly paid to attend guests during the Soiree.

This is Badawi with George Benson by his side and another guest at his lavish Soiree event!

What opulence the Imam Hadhari enjoys whilst there are so many Malaysian families going hungry whilst the 'I am Prime Minister' feasts?

Ahhh..Latok Michelle Yeoh so happily greeting the 'I am Prime Minister' with a loving embrace!

Badawi's cronies having a toast to their good fortunes of being in Abdullah Badawi's good books! Yummmmm Senggggggg!!!

Do we have to wait for a miracle to happen and this fella follow Datuk Zakaria to the 'Istana' down under?

No matter what anyone says or calls upon him to get the hell out from office, this thickest of the face spineless one remains adamant that the people of Malaysia have given him a BIG MANDATE and they want him to continue ruling over the beleaguered nation?

I blame Mahathir for putting this parasite there in the first place! Here's a report on his latest attack upon his anointed one! Too late lah Tun! You are the one responsible for this fiasco!

The whole goddamned BN is a pit full of nasty crooks who are getting fat sucking on the wealth of this country whilst they continue to bullshit the Malays that if they aren't there, the Malays will suffer?

Yeah right?

The Malays are getting fat on the NEP, eh? Well, take a look at one luxurious Malay 'Istana'!

Take a drive along the rural areas of this nation. You will come across many Malay Istana's like these!

Err..Pak Lalalalala, can we hold a 'Soiree' there in the near future? Would Michelle Yeoh be coming? What about Michael Jackson? His schedule free?

Maybe Britney aa? I hear she's available! Hehehehehehe...

Muslims of Malaysia and the world need a Khalifah!

As a Muslim, I feel extreme disappointment seeing the way the Organization of the Islamic Conference leaders fumble and mumble their ways over the years in failing to protect and defend the Muslims of the world!

The spirit of chivalry and courage is just not there in the hearts and minds of the so called Muslim leaders of this world.

Here in Malaysia, we have a lame duck masquerading as the Imam of 'Islam Hadhari' which is a blatant corruption of the trust and goodwill of the Muslim Ummah here in Malaysia.

This sorry excuse for a Muslim leader stood still and powerless when he was the Chairman of the OIC and did nothing to stop the American massacre of the Iraqi people!

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stands accused today as the weakest of the weakest amongst the Muslim leaders of today.

As a Muslim, I do not acknowledge this man to be anything with regard to my existence as a Da'ee.

I join my brothers and sisters all over the world in praying that soon we will have a Khalifah who will protect us and defend us from the onslaught of the Kuffar's who wage war upon us!

I pray that the Muslims of Malaysia will join me in enjoining the good and forbidding the bad!

The social rot taking place in this nation is a direct result of weak leadership from those who claim Malaysia to be an Islamic nation?

An Islamic nation in name only, eh? Not substance! Not by practical reasons!

We have amongst us those who dare to insult the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam by claiming that in the times of the Prophet there was no shaving system?

We have amongst us those who ridicule this and that in Islam by inferring that if the Islamic Sharia were to be practiced, there would be many amputees around?

We have amongst us those who ridicule us for covering our modesty and would rather have the so called Muslims of this land live a life free of inhibitions and fornicate on the streets and public places as they please? It is already taking place in places like KL and other so called modern cities of this nation?

We have young Muslims in name only fornicate and shoot videos of themselves doing these despicable acts and publish them online for the whole wide world to see and enjoy?

We have amongst us young and old who mock the tudung @ the jilbab and engage in zina @ adultery whilst having on such jilbabs to show that even those who cover their modesty aren't virtuous folks?

We have our so called 'Islam Hadhari' BN Malaysian Government broadcast day in day out so called entertainment programs that are followed so earnestly by the millions of Muslims especially those from the Malay community who would go stir crazy if reality programs such as Astro Ria's Akademi Fantasia were to be scrapped?

We have amongst us so called Muslim politicians who shred official government documents and files when they lose in general elections and the so called Muslim police force protect them as they go about committing such unIslamic actions?

We have amongst us those who would dare to insult the Supreme King of Malaysia and who is their Sultan and Amir of Islamic Affairs in the State of Terengganu just because a former Menteri Besar couldn't get the Sultan's blessings or consent for him to be in power again by calling the Sultan an 'animal'?

We have amongst us today those who would stop at nothing to besmear and ridicule the truth seekers by ordering the FRU to brutally assault the people of Malaysia just because the executive ordered them to do so?

We have with us a Police Force that instead of protecting the rightful citizens of this country, terrorize and assault them when they march in protest at the various injustices against their fellow Malaysians and bulldoze away residences and religious places just because some idiot in office gave them the go ahead?

So, dear Muslims of Malaysia. Wake up to the reality before us that if we do not speak up against all these injustices that are taking place right before our very eyes, there is no guarantee that what is shown in the videoclip above will not take place here in our nation?

Are you still willing to remain indifferent to what's going on in Malaysia?

Remember the Hadith of Rasul SAW to stop injustice with our hands, speak up against it if we can't do the first, hate it in our hearts if we do not have the 'guts' to do so?

Know you that the last choice is the closest to being one who is a Kufr towards Allah Azza Wa Jalla?

Decide wisely O Muslims because your fate is in your choice. Act or react before it's too late!

Start getting back on track as a proper Muslim and do what's required of you? Be a Muslim in the true sense.

Do not forget for a second that we are in the constant monitoring of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and His Malaikats! You may think that no one sees you but the Almighty does, 24/7!

Live a good life and help others do the same or die trying? After all, this life is just a temporal phase in our journey through existence. Be aware of that. Learn and improve your knowledge!

Insya Allah, there might just still be a chance for you and me to make Malaysia a better place to live in?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

BN leaders don't make good bloggers, do they?

Do you see any BN leader worth his or her name being a good blogger?

I see only Datuk Shahrir Samad having sort of a passable blog. I have my doubts whether Datuk Shahrir is actually the one running the blog for although he has most of us linked to his blog in his sidebar, I have yet to read his replies to the comments coming in to his blog?

I know that Azalina Othman has a blog to her name but then again as usual it is sort of caught in the blogosphere doldrums so to speak? No current activity!

It is just sitting there talking about paintball and she is said to be in charge of the UMNO cybertroopers? Hahahahaha! What a joke?

Former Malaccan Chief Minister Rahim Tamby Chik seems to have hired someone to set up a web portal for him but I see no comments or interactions from bloggers or commentors there as well?

Looks like Rahim Tamby Chik has paid someone to do some graphics showing him looking a bit better than how he actually is nowadays?

Something in the likes of Lucia Lai, my resident Penang Kaki Lang Islamophobe of Mental Jog 'fame'!

She has a 'photo' of her looking 'gebu gebu' when in fact it is more of a 'kekabu effect' in real life! :P

Tried to go take a screen shot snap of her blog but the server seems to go into 'internal 500 error' so that will have to wait. Even servers have attitude problems, eh?

Just ribbing her some since it's been almost a year after running into her at the last B.U.M. 2007 gathering at Lake View Club, Subang Jaya Bloggers Meetup! :D

Hehehehe..can't resist sidetracking there to 'cucuk' Lucia for a while! :P

Fellow Blogger and friend Jed Yoong just alerted me to Dr.Khir Toyo's blog here.

Nice looking blog but as usual nothing new. Instead of issuing further statements to the media about this and that, I'd advise Khir Toyo to put his feelings in words and open up his articles for comments and responses from the public!

Just a word of caution to him, that his performance as the former BN Selangor MB, might see him getting 'broom awards' in comment form flooding his blog from now on as he is being highlighted here. :P

Anyway, Mr.Khir Toyo, it goes with the territory. Brace yourself 'doc! Brooms coming your way!

Hehehehehehe...couldn't resist that!

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the archaic politician of Mahathir's times and who still wants to be the Prime Minister of this country before Izra'el Alaihis Salam comes a calling has engaged someone to put up a blog for him which just like Rahim Tamby Chik's is a dead blog as far as comments and interactions with blog readers are concerned?

Why do these guys even bother setting up such blogs or paying someone to do it for them when it is so evident that they know nuts about blogging?

A case of monkey see, monkey try to do although monkey knows nothing about why monkey has to do the same?

I don't know folks! I think that this is pretty ridiculous of them BN leaders to try go with the flow of the current information drive when in actuality they do not have it in them to be a self publishing blogger or even have the literary skills or the mental aptitude to speak their minds as most bloggers do, forgive me for being so blunt!

I read that the disposed Menteri Besar of Perlis, Shahidan Kassim wants to be a blogger too.

Well, let's see what the man is capable of before deciding whether what he has to say or share is worth our time?

Abdullah Badawi's recent promise of a public portal seems to have been lost in cyberspace. So, to me even if the BN really goes all out to be bloggers as well, it is really going to be a futile exercise!

You know why?

Why the hell for would any self respecting Malaysian citizen who has had it up to here with the BN spewing bullshit all over the main media platforms for the last 50 over years and monopolizing the radio and television channels and what have you in the print media, want to go and waste their time reading similar BN propaganda crap or listening to the same old bullshit online????


Don't waste your time and money O you BN folks!

Do something good with the remaining times you have. Go donate to charity or massage any old folks suffering from neglect in the various old folks home or shelters throughout the country!

That would be better for you, if you know what I mean?

Remember that the Malaikatul Maut comes a checking on us 70 times a day!

Go ask your ustaz about it if you still have not learned of this!

All my best wishes for your retirements.

Have a nice day. I really mean it. :)

Peace. @};-

Hassling the Barisan Rakyat State Governments Unnecessarily.

It's been just over 3 weeks since the new Barisan Rakyat State Governments have taken over from the 51 years entrenched Barisan Nasional dictators in the 4 northern states of the Malaysian Peninsular not counting the State of Kelantan Darul Naim which has been under the rule of PAS over the last 18 years.

I am seeing very unprofessional behavior coming from both the overthrown BN leaders and even from the Malaysian Bar Council who are so quick to jump the gun and start blasting the still green fresh state governments of the DAP-PKR-PAS People's Front coalition.

Former Selangor Menteri Besar, the notorious ungentlemanly loser in the form of Khir Toyo has been displaying such unprofessional sore loser characteristics by his constant nagging and hassling of the new Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that I wonder how did this fella get to be elected as the MB back then?

He who screwed up in the running of the Selangor State Government and practiced cronyism to such high levels that it just makes us want to whack the bugger with the broom looking at the devious manner in which he continues to attack the new Barisan Rakyat state government who have to start from scratch in setting up their operations SINCE the filthy idiot shredded all of the previous administration files and government documents to cover his corrupted tracks in robbing the state blind all those years? Read my article here.

Selangor State Secretariat staff shredding official government documents and files after the BN lost!

Why did the PDRM not go in and arrest these people for destroying government files and state documents?

Are the PDRM in cahoots with the BN in destroying such official documents?

Why have the Malaysian Bar Council not made a hue and cry over this blatantly criminal act?

Is this wanton and willful destruction of state documents not criminal? Why the silence?

Why the freaking @#$%^&*! double standards practiced by the BN and the equally silent Bar Council? Lousy useless nitpickers!

It's okay if the BN crooks do it, eh?

Looks like everyone closed both eyes at this vicious crime!

Talk about the crooks and the gooks coming together! Khir Toyo must have friends in the legal fraternity who allow him to just escape with his crimes of shredding government files like that?

He gets to act as if he is the one being wronged and acts like he is so holy bloody moly!

His constant sniping at Khalid Ibrahim only betrays the lack of gentlemanly conduct in him and exposes the guttersnipe that he is by his reactions since losing power?

Starting from scratch in setting up a state government after the years and years of robbing and stealing of the state's wealth and embezzlement is not something that can be done at the clap of hands or the summoning of a genie from a magic lamp?

The scoundrels destroyed all state files and documents as exposed by these photographs!

How low can these BN devils go?

To make things even worse, I am surprised to see the Malaysian Bar Council being so impatient and jumping the gun so to speak by their misreading what Khalid Ibrahim said about eradicating the squatter problem in Selangor?

Are the lawyers so content to seeing Malaysians living in squalid conditions?

Why jump to conclusions thinking that the new Selangor State Government of Barisan Rakyat will be continuing the brutal and violent manner by which Khir Toyo's administration demolished the squatter colonies in the state?

Doesn't the Bar Council realize that the Barisan Rakyat Government are just intending to relocate and house the squatters in a more humane livable environment and not go bulldozing the squatters away like what Khir Toyo's government did?

It saddens me to see the way so called educated folks go around shooting comments and making statements about this and that without knowing what the heck the new Barisan Rakyat governments are actually going to do?

In the case of Khir Toyo, it is understandable. The chap is a sore loser and rightfully expresses his true base self after losing out from power!

Now, why the heck are the Malaysian Bar Council so fidgety with the Barisan Rakyat leaders?

If the leaders of the Bar Council think they can do a better job and deliver all that they are hassling the Barisan Rakyat governments today, I ask that they stand for elections in the next Malaysian General Elections and if elected, prove to us the wonderful superstars that you think you are by your incessant nitpicking of the freshly elected governments of the BR!

Now, would that be asking too much of you?

Bar Council, don't forget to go contest in the 13th Malaysian GE and practice what you ask the BR to do now immediately after coming into power!

That is if you win, of course?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Abdullah Badawi's Current Term will be the last BN Government.

Everyone can sense that this is the last BN Federal Government to ever rule over Malaysia after having enjoyed their home run since 1957!

The only one who seems deaf, dumb, blind and blur to all the ominous signs is the beleaguered 5th BN Prime Minister himself?

I know that absolute power and position is not something that one can simply give up what more when being the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Incorporated means having at one's disposal billions of ringgits and connections that can set up one and one's families for life and for several generations to come?

It is for this reason that the hapless sorry excuse for a Prime Minister is ignoring all the caterwauling that is creating such a din that normal politicians would have thrown in the towel and made their escape to calmer pastures!

Not for the current recalcitrant one! Something must just be not right with the man for being as clueless as a country bumpkin who simply blinks away all insults and demands for him to resign and get the hell out of Putrajaya!

I can just shake my head in disbelief watching this person who is supposedly the one leading this country be so stubborn and obstinate without an iota of remorse or self respect who blinkers himself to not see, hear or acknowledge the nation's signals asking him to walk off into the sunset with at least the remaining bits of dignity that he should be able to muster?

I can only say that history will record Abdullah Badawi's current administration as the last BN Federal Government to have ruled Malaysia?

What do you think? Am I right or what?

UMNO - Sinking ship that is trying to stay afloat!

It doesn't surprise me to see how UMNO and it's Supreme Council made an about turn as far as their endorsement of the Terengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said -he of dubious background-because if they were to stick to their earlier threat to expel the chap, Terengganu would see the MB partyless and naturally, the man would weigh hooking up with PAS or PKR and re-establish his political base?

All the postulating of the former MB Idris Jusoh and his stable of 22 UMNO State Assemblymen has come to no avail and they are now forced to eat humble pie.

It's either kowtow to Ahmad Said the palace appointed MB or resign en masse which I doubt that they would ever do as it would mean canceling their 'meal ticket' for the next 5 years?

Idris Jusoh has no financial worries as I hear that he has amassed quite a stockpile of funds to see him and his family through for the next 7 generations from his term as the Terengganu MB?

I receive lots of feedback about the way Terengganu is said to be ruled by Khairy Jamaludin's proxy but then again as usual its all just like the flowing wind, you feel it but can't quite grasp it?

All these about turns by UMNO signals only one thing. That the party is desperate enough to be willing to twist and turn its way to avoid being sucked into the swirling whirlpool caused by the huge defeat it experienced in the recent general elections and the reality that UMNO does no longer command the awe and respect of the Malays of today who themselves are sick and tired of having to suffer consequential mental anguish due to the arrogance of UMNO leaders all these years?

If there is one major aspect of why even the Malays have turned away from supporting UMNO is the brazen way Abdullah Badawi and family have misbehaved despite not having earned their way up the UMNO political hierachy because Abdullah Badawi is there today only due to Mahathir having appointed him as his successor?

As far as leadership standards are concerned, every sane Malaysian knows that Abdullah Badawi is by far the weakest Prime Minister as far as this country is concerned.

Today, UMNO is just like an old rusty ship that has exhausted it's sea days and is now sinking due to wear and tear with a fumbling captain who knows not the bow and the stern of the spinning vessel!

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of this racist nationalist party that has throttled the nation for the past 50 years and disrespected the Malay Sultanates by clipping the wings of Their Majesties by removing certain vestiges of their sovereignty a decade ago and now seen to try and pressure the Malay Sultans to capitulate to their whims and fancies as to whom they decide to have as the MB's?

Problem is that today's Malay Sultans aren't easy to mess around with for Their Majesties are politically savvy as well and can't be duped or influenced as easily as before.

You will soon see the rats scurrying out from the sinking ship and try to latch on to the butt of the People's Front as Malaysians forget about racial based politics and embrace a more democratic outlook on life and a better future which is just emerging after 50 years of apartheid policies that UMNO spearheads even to this day?

I hope that Malaysians will slowly but surely remove the years and years of prejudice and racist tendencies that has been ingrained into the nation by the BN and their divide and conquer strategies since Independence.

No one wishes to see any Malaysian ethnicity disappear and become extinct due to the way the BN went about its policies!

To me I am all for us to live and co-exist in peace, prosperity and harmony for the rest of our lives and beyond.

You have voted for change in the most peaceful of ways and we are now seeing changes take place in our lives.

May the rest of the nation follow suit and restore Malaysia to being the most wonderful home we had before and can have again and after us , our children and their heirs!

We can do it Malaysia. Let the past slowly fade away and tomorrow bring us a better future!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

O Lord! It's hard for the BN to be humble!

Remember the song by Mac Davis?

In the song, Mac sings ' O Lord! It's hard to be humble ..when you are perfect in every way....

The thing is, I for one seriously conclude that them fellas in the BN must have taken such lyrics to heart and maybe even infused them into their brains ...if they still have any?

Now, why would I say so?

Well, just reflect back on their reluctance to say that they are sorry for the way the screwed up our life's and destroyed the wonderful goodwill that we all had from days and years gone by with their apartheid policies over the nation since 1957?

The BN has not come to their senses after the ass whupping we gave them on March the 8th 2008 and still strut around so pig headed thinking that they are God's Gift to us all and free from sin?

You can't say that they are kampong hillybillies for each of them big ass BN 'mean'isters talk as if they are the ones who know each and every bloody thing there is in running or as in their case, ruining the country?

We have a pompous clueless 'false prophet' who is so narcissistic he must surely love to hear the sound of his own fart?

That's the gross of the gross to speak of as the chap wedging his fat ass into the PM's seat seems so oblivious to all the cacophony of calls from all over the nation asking the fella to spare us further heartache and to go, call it a day!

So, I am not a wee bit surprised to read today's daily bullshit propaganda decrying Zaid Ibrahim's call for the BN Government to issue an apology to all those High Court Judges who got fried way back in 1988?

Recalcitrant old fools I must say! They just have elephant hides as replacements for their skin for any honorable God Fearing team of public servants would have wasted no time in resigning en masse and let others who are more deserving to serve in their place?

So, until and unless we the people go and effect change politically, there is no way in hell that these parasites would want to let go from sucking up all the wealth and opportunities there are in the hallowed halls of Putrajaya?

I can't wait for April 15 to come up and witness the dawn of promise that will see the release of Anwar Ibrahim from the political curse that has been cast upon him, denying Malaysians his presence in the political arena of this screwed up democracy since 1998!

Zaid Ibrahim might mean well but he needs to remember that Anwar tried to clean up the shit bin that is the BN from within and look as to where it got him?

Anyway, we the Malaysian people do appreciate his good intentions but as we all know good intentions never managed to extricate tyrants like Samy Vellu and his like from office?

Malaysians have to change things ourselves if we want to get rid of the BN vermins!

No amount of good intentions can change our future! We need to go kick ass! Agreed?

Melayu Wajib Membela Maruah Tuanku Sultan Terengganu!

Mana perginya para pendekar Melayu di Terengganu?

Apakah sudah berkubur para pencinta adat resam dan warisan Terengganu yang membisu terhadap perbuatan manusia manusia durjana penghina Duli Tuanku?

Apakah sudah mati rasa cinta dan sayang terhadap Kesultanan Melayu Terengganu yang merupakan Negeri Melayu terakhir yang menerima Residen British pada tahun 1919?

Apakah Melayu Terengganu terutamanya bangsat bangsat yang memegang sepanduk menghina Kebawah Duli Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin harus dibiarkan lagi tanpa dikesan dan dihambat Pasukan Polis Di Raja Malaysia yang terkenal teramat cekap memburu pembantah pembantah kerajaan BN sekian lama ini dan dihadiahkan peluru hidup di Peristiwa Pantai Batu Buruk baru baru ini?

Perlu apa dibiarkan manusia manusia durjana yang berani memegang kain rentang yang bertulis penghinaan sebegitu keji terhadap Duli Tuanku?

Anak diluar nikah lah mereka yang sanggup menghina Tuanku Sultan Mizan demi kerana dibayar upah sepuluh dua oleh manusia rakus mengejar pangkat dan kuasa sementara!

Malu lah kamu wahai pendekar perguruan persilatan Melayu dibumi Terengganu Darul Iman kalau kamu terus bacul membiarkan bajingan bajingan yang bersalah itu terus berleluasa ditanahair ini?

Meludah lah semangat semangat Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah dan Datuk Laksamana Hang Jebat keatas kuburan kuburan mu yang membiarkan anasir anasir penghina Tuanku Sultan terus dibiar berleluasa dinegeri kamu sesudah melakukan angkara sekeji dan sehina begini?

Sehina hina perbuatan manusia kaffir di Malaysia ini akibat sengketa mereka terhadap ajaran Ad Deenullah, tidak sampai lagi ketahap menghina Sultan Melayu yang berdaulat!

Lim Kit Siang belum lagi menghina Sultan selaku Melayu UMNO Terengganu!

Sedegil degil Karpal Singh didalam membantah pelaksanaan Undang Undang Islam dibumi kita ini, belum lagi si Karpal menghina Duli Tuanku!

Tetapi mereka yang bergelar Melayu UMNO Terengganu , pemakan upah Idris Jusoh sanggup merentang kain sepanduk menghina Duli Tuanku Sultan Negeri Terengganu Darul Iman dengan perkataan sehina begitu!

Jika benar ada lagi pendekar Melayu di sana, haruslah bangun mencari petualang petualang itu dan buktikan bahawa Tuanku Sultan masih mempunyai hamba rakyat Melayu yang tahu mengenang budi berpayung dibawah Kedaulatan Sultan Melayu Terengganu yang merupakan Ketua Agama Islam nan Maha Suci.

Kami rakyat Malaysia menyeru pihak Polis Di Raja Malaysia menangkap segera bajingan bajingan keparat itu dan dakwa mereka menurut hukum yang ada jika benar benar menghormati Duli Tuanku selaku Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong dan salah seorang Sultan Melayu yang berdaulat?

Semoga bangsat bangsat ini akan ditangkap dengan segera!

Nyahkan mereka dari bumi Terengganu!

UMNO Terengganu menderhaka terhadap Tuanku!

Melayu wajib membela maruah Duli Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Sultan Negeri Terengganu Darul Iman!

Daulat Tuanku!

Semoga hamba rakyat Tuanku akan mengajar Melayu Melayu Penderhaka ini secepat mungkin!

* Laporan berkaitan disini. Juga disini. Baca juga laporan blog ini.

Sultan of Terengganu withdraws Datukship titles from 3 treasoners!

I just came across my fellow blogger SanggahTokSago's blog where he has reported that the Sultan of Terengganu has withdrawn with immediate effect the Datukship of 3 UMNO Terengganu leaders!

They are the former MB of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, Datuk Rosol Wahid and Datuk Din Adam.

Idris Jusoh, Rosol Wahid and Din Adam are now plain commoners just like the rest of the vulgar bunch who thought that they could mess with the Sultan of Terengganu as they tried to show their 'terror' with demanding that the 'Istana' capitulate to their demands?

Looks like they do not know that Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin can literally kick their ass if Tuanku wants to?

Have they forgotten that Tuanku Sultan Mizan is a black belt Tae Kwan Do master?

Looks like for now, the 3 have been dealt a knockout blow by His Majesty!

If it was back in the times when our Sultans had their full powers, it would have been the long keris for the 3 through their shoulder down to their guts!

Malays forget easily!

I salute Tuanku Mizan for His Majesty's coup de grace!

Daulat Tuanku!

BN Politics in Penang's State Education Department.

Anil Netto first wrote about it in his blog saying that Penang school heads have been told by the State Education Department not to invite the new DAP-PKR State Government VIPS to attend any of their school functions?

Being a Penangite myself, I followed up on the case and contacted one of my blogger friends who is a schoolteacher back in Penang to confirm the news?

What did she tell me?

Plenty! It seems that in spite of the general ruling barring schoolteachers and education officers from getting involved in politics, the BN has been quite active trying to force their way into the school's education system and regular meet ups are conducted by the Headmasters and school senior officials with teachers to check as to their political leanings?

Those who are found to be leaning towards the Barisan Rakyat DAP-PKR-PAS coalition will be kept stagnated and prevented from getting any promotions.

With the recent change of government in Penang, the BN mindset State Education Department officials have turned petty minded and went about the schools telling HM's that it's okay if they do not send their teachers or school representatives to any State Government functions!

No need for any show cause letters to be provided by the schools to the State Government since the BN is not running the government there anymore?

Talk about half baked idiots screwing up our State Education Departments!

Excerpt from the tip off I got :

No action will be taken against teachers who do not attend official functions organised by the new state government.

National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) Penang branch Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah said teachers in Penang no longer needed to give explanation letters for failing to attend such functions.

He said the teachers were granted the “flexibility” since the state was no longer under the Barisan Nasional rule.

A senior state Education Department official recently told school heads at a briefing that their attendance was immaterial. “But, those who plan to attend such functions are required to first inform their school heads about it,” he said on Wednesday.

Previously, he said, disciplinary action would be taken against teachers who failed to provide reasonable excuses for not attending state-organised functions.

Lim advised teachers to use their discretion on whether to attend such functions, adding that those who did not would not be penalised."

I know the kind of idiots who do this kind of low class administrative 'office politics'. I have my own personal experience in dealing with such bullock mindsets in a major government agency that looks out for the Bumiputera's! Useless buggers!

The rot starts at the very top! No prizes for guessing who?

There is a whole lot of Government Department 'pegawai's who are useless and waste the taxpayers money by whiling away their working hours talking 'politics' at the cafeteria's and warong kopi's outside government office complexes.

You can see them 'lepaking' at and around most of the government departments. I will go around shooting videos of these idiots who are usually those who 'makan gaji buta!'.

Do you even wonder why our country is so backward compared to even our south of Johore neighbor ,the small island Republic of Singapore?

You can curse, rant and rave at Harry Lee Kuan Yew but the way that man has turned around Singapore and improved the city state to such a high class country just makes me want to spring a salute at the Mentor Minister!

It is because of dimwits like those at the Penang State Education Department who act as 'little Napoleons' and become the enemies of the nation from within and cause our education systems to be so out of tune with the rest of Asia if not the world!

Useless @#$%^&*! No wonder that the whole nation is in this sorry ass shape! Let's not even start to compare with the one who calls himself as the Supreme Leader of this nation?

May they develop ulcers on their 'lepaking' butts and suffer from boils! Grrrrrrr!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let the Barisan Rakyat States have their own media stations!

Dear Malaysians,

I call for the Barisan Rakyat States to be allowed to set up their own radio and television stations channels to enable Malaysians to have a balanced source of information!

Right now, I believe many of us are just so repulsed by the way RTM, TV3, NTV7, ASTRO RIA, and all other broadcasting stations are dishing out propaganda 24/7 sickening us to our stomachs and making many of us lose our appetites after being forced to listen to such crap day in day out?

Am I right in asking for the Barisan Rakyat State Governments to come up with their own radio and television broadcasting channels in order to give us the citizens a better and more broader choice of information?

We don't need more entertainment. The whole country is already awash with 'infotainment' as what the BN Ministry of Misinformation had been swamping us with all these years?

Zam Zam Ala Kazam made sure of that already!

I don't watch the 'Prime News' anymore because it spoils my dinner. I surf the internet to seek out news and views of the latest happenings more than I watch tv?

Even ASTRO screws us up with their fair share of propaganda!

If there is a better alternative I would gladly cancel our ASTRO subscription and sign up with the better satellite tv provider?

Can anyone update me as to whether the Barisan Rakyat State Governments have the legal rights to run and operate their own independent radio and television stations?

Thank you.

Makes no difference whether UMNO has a new President?

Dear Malaysians,

I refer to the current brouhaha as to the UMNO General Assembly's Elections being proposed to be postponed to next year to avoid the present leadership being trounced by the ones who aren't happy with Abdullah Badawi's ineptness to maintain the party's political standings in the Malaysian political arena!

Frankly speaking, it makes no difference to the nation as a whole whether it is Abdullah Badawi or Najib running the show in the BN?

Malaysians have started to vote for change and we will be rooting for the Barisan Rakyat no matter what?

If in the event of these fellas whom we have voted into power in the 5 states don't perform, then we will vote for those who can do better than them in the next GE!

The BN has had it's way for the past 50 years and are now at the brink of imploding from within?

I read about 'poison pen letters' being sent to UMNO members nationwide here. As if that's going to change how Malaysians feel about the BN?

Wakey wakey dear UMNO! No point in trying to salvage your ruined chances!

No matter who UMNO proposes to head it's Presidency, it's not going to change the way Malaysians as a whole have had enough of the BN's bullshit!

So to us citizens of Malaysia, even if you put up Mukhriz Mahathir as the next President of UMNO, honestly, do you think it's going to make any difference?

I don't think so!

What more an old relic of days gone by like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah?

No sirree! It just won't happen!

That's what I think. Don't know about you? You feel the same?

BN - Sudah Terhantuk Baru Nak Tengadah?

Mahaguru58 merujuk kepada kenyataan PM Abdullah Badawi yang kononnya baru sadar tentang bahana kealpaan BN terhadap keupayaan internet dan Bloggers didalam menangani penjajahan media perdana terhadap kebenaran dan hak hak rakyat serta parti politik yang lain untuk mendapatkan liputan media massa yang saksama sekian lama ini?

Penjajahan media massa perdana terutama oleh Kementerian Penerangan yang terang terangan menjadi alat propaganda Barisan Nasional untuk menjajah minda rakyat Malaysia tidak boleh disangkal sama sekali dan penjajahan ini teramat ketara semasa dibawah pentadbiran dua Menteri Penerangan BN berketurunan Mamak @ India Muslim.

Datuk Kadir Shaikh Fadzir atau 'Menteri Bow Tie' dan selepasnya Datuk Zainuddin Maidin atau nama timangannya 'Zam Zam Ala Kazam'.

Kedua dua bekas Menteri Penerangan ini melingkupkan identiti Melayu dari corong corong radio dan televisyen Malaysia.

Radio Irama Melayu Asli telah dihapuskan identitinya dan digantikan dengan 'Klasik FM'.

'Melayu-Melayu Jelmaan' ini ternyata tidak faham tentang jatidiri pengenalan bangsa Melayu Asli dan saki baki Warisan Melayu kini semakin pudar dan hilang ditelan zaman kerana kerakusan kedua 'Melayu Ultra' ini menonjolkan diri masing masing ingin mengampu pemerintah yang ternyata leka dan lalai tentang penghapusan identiti kebangsaan negara!

Semasa zaman pentadbiran Menteri Penerangan dahulu Datuk Mohamad Rahmat benda benda ini tidaklah ketara sangat?

Kini BN telah berada di ambang kehancuran total dek kerana Abdullah Badawi turut lena di ulit mimpi kemewahan melimpah ruah dan dibuai kuasa politik selama ini sesudah dilantik Tun Mahathir, penjajah BN paling lama menduduki kerusi Perdana Menteri selama 22 tahun!

Rakyat Malaysia terutama penulis penulis Blog telah muak dengan kerakusan penjajahan BN selaku pemerintah mengongkong Radio dan Televisyen Malaysia selama 50 tahun lebih tanpa memberi ruang dan peluang kepada parti parti politik yang lain untuk menyampaikan pandangan dan pegangan mereka secara adil yang tertuntut didalam sistem politik demokrasi!

Kini, Abdullah Badawi baru sadar tentang implikasi bloggers dan penangan laman laman web di-internet terhadap penjajahan BN sekian lama ini?

Minta maaf le kalau saya sebagai seorang penulis blog nyatakan secara terbuka bahawa luka didalam hati kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia terlalu dalam dan masih berdarah sampai kesaat dan ketika ini mengenangkan kezaliman BN terhadap rakyat yang sepatutnya disanjung dan dihargai kerana tidak memilih jalan yang melanggar undang undang sivil negara untuk membetulkan keadaan sekian lama ini!

Kami memilih menulis diruang blog kami kerana masih memegang kepada prinsip mendaulatkan undang undang dan menghormati sesama kami sebagai warganegara yang berhak hidup didalam keadaan selamat dan sejahtera.

BN tidak hormat kepada rakyat Malaysia dan berlagak sombong sekian lama ini dengan menidakkan pandangan dan pandangan rakyat sejak mereka mula berkuasa!

Apa BN fikir rakyat Malaysia boleh terus dibohongi mereka seperti di zaman 50an sehingga baru baru ini?

Sadarlah kamu wahai pemerintah BN bahawa kamu umpama 'kaduk naik junjung' dan 'sudah terhantuk baru nak tengadah?'

Sudah terlewat brader!

Kini rakyat Malaysia telah bangun, sadar dari koma masing masing dan memilih Barisan Rakyat sebagai pengganti kamu!

Namun kepada DAP-PKR-PAS, peringatan kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia agar tidak lupa diri dan semoga mula menjalankan tugas yang kami amanahkan tanpa berlengah lengah lagi!

Bulan Madu sudah berlalu! Mulakan tugas dan ringankan bebanan yang ditanggung rakyat mulai sekarang atau tunggulah padahnya nanti di pilihanraya akan datang?

Semoga Barisan Rakyat tidak menghampakan kami pula!

Abdullah Badawi, elok lah belajar mempersiapkan diri dan kabinet sementara ini untuk menghadapi bagaimana rasanya duduk dikerusi pembangkang pula di PRU ke 13 nanti?

Semoga Allah SWT memberikan Taufik dan HidayahNya kepada semua! Amin Ya Rahman!

Tok Mat Shabery Cheek! Selamat bertugas dan perkemaskan lah RTM supaya tidak lagi menjadi sarang pencacai dan pencaci rakyat lagi!

Dah tengik keadaan disana akibat angkara 'Melayu Celup' yang bermaharajalela disana sekian lama ini!

Buang buang lah yang mana mana ketua ketua anasir anasir propaganda murahan dan 'malaon malaon upahan' yang berkubang di Angkasapuri sekian lama ini.

Pengacara Debat Perdana tu eloklah dihantar ke mana mana pusat pemulihan minda yang ada!

Nak termuntah kita tengok cara kawan tu menyiksa pemimpin BR dahulu!

Moderator ke apa tu?

Mengadu domba lebih dari menjadi perantara yang adil?

Bawa bawa lah bertaubat sebelum tibanya Malaikatul Maut!

Semoga RTM menjadi Radio Televisyen Malaysia yang adil dan tidak lagi cuba hendak memperbodohkan orang awam Malaysia!

Setakat Ahmad Shabery Cheek hendak bermuzakarah dengan Bloggers tak jadi hal. Masaalahnya jangan bermimpi Bloggers kan beralih arah?

Tak mungkin sama sekali melainkan ada diantara Bloggers yang ada maksud tersurat dan tersirat hendak menjadi tali barut BN?

Yang tu kita tak kuasa hendak melarang! Pikiaq lah sendiri!!! :D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

E-Learning - Breaking the mould of Education as we have known it.

Right at this moment, academics from the Asia Cooperation Dialogue are attending the 3rd ACD Roundtable Meeting to discuss Collaboration and establish a Smart Partnership with Asia e University to launch a regional e-Learning Network that when implemented fully will break the mould of education as we know it!

I am attending this Roundtable Meeting in my capacity as a Program Consultant for the Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Global Hanyu & Culture Center which will be delivering Mandarin Study Programs and the Study of Chinese Culture throughout the region and the whole wide world.

It is so exciting to be in the company of so many brilliant academics who are all for the advancements in making e-Learning be the next platform for the dissemination of academic opportunities to break through the barriers of traditional borders and social-economic-cultural differences present in the world today.

Higher Education can now be made accessible and affordable by the setting up of this Asia e-University which is a 30 countries joint collaboration effort and is being spearheaded by Malaysia together with our neighbours in this part of the world.

Imagine the awesome possibilities being designed to provide access to practically every interested student or working adult located anywhere in the world, as long as he or she has the means to access the internet?

We are talking about Higher Education opportunities being offered to just anyone in the urban, rural and even remote areas of the world?

I am envisioning our citizens living in currently remote areas of Sabah or Sarawak who can just log in to the e-learning systems and continue their academic pursuits from places which all these while had not been able to get access to higher education, etc?

I will be updating you later with photos and more details about this exciting new dawn of better opportunities for all.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Political Photo Cartoons! BN Sunday Special!

I came across these cleverly captioned photos from Low Yat.Net and also some other sites which had me roaring with laughter reading the captions authored by the poster in the site!

The subject of ridicule is our former superstar in the Ministry of (Mis) Information Zainudin Maidin. The Chief Propaganda Minister of the beleaguered and embattled PM Abdullah Badawi!

I think that some Malaysian Bloggers are getting to be Masters in Parody! So Clever.....:P

Click on to the pictures to view them in a larger perspective . Now go ahead and Enjoy!

That's some ribbing about Zam Zam Ala Kazam. Now brace yourself for some Rafidah Aziz sizzling barbs! Gonna bring tears to your eyes! :D

Hahahahaha! There you have it! The Romeo in Putrajaya is at it again!

Hohohohoho! Imam Hadhari sure does not differentiate does he? Anything in skirt , baju kurung or whatever goes!

So all you ladies be aware! Our 'Hero Bunga' is at large! He still has 3 quota's left, remember? :P

MB Terengganu - 'Di-telan mati emak ; di-luah mati bapa?'

Gambar ehsan Agenda Daily.

Agak rumit memikirkan keadaan calon Menteri Besar Terengganu ADUN Kijal Datuk Ahmad Said yang diperkenan Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin untuk menjawat kedudukan sebagai Menteri Besar baru Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu kini dilaporkan telah dipecat keahlian UMNO nya oleh Ibu Pejabat UMNO di Kuala Lumpur?

Nampaknya keadaan Datuk Ahmad Said MB Terengganu yang baru seolah terperangkap didalam keadaan bak peribahasa Melayu 'Di-telan mati emak; di-luah mati bapa?'

Payah benar nasib dan keadaan UMNO Terengganu yang sedetik demi sedetik semakin bermasaalah angkara perebutan kuasa politik didalam usaha masing masing ingin bergelar Yang Amat Berhormat?

Sebaliknya masing masing kini berjaya meraih gelaran 'Yang Amat Di-Umpat?'

Apa kejadahnya sedang berlaku didalam Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu Darul Iman?

Mengapa sampai begitu sekali murka Tuanku terhadap Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh?

Apa sebenarnya jenayah Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh terhadap Duli Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin dan Kesultanan Melayu Terengganu sehingga menjadi punca murka Baginda Sultan terhadapnya?

Agenda Daily ada melaporkan keadaan disana tetapi maklumat terperinci masih belum kita ketahui tentang punca sebenarnya kemelut politik di Terengganu yang sudah 14 hari berlanjutan?

Kenapa media perdana seolah kelu lidah untuk mencerca dan berkata nesta terhadap UMNO Ganu?

Pilih kasih ke???

RTM, TV3, NTV7, ASTRO RIA seolah segan hendak meneropong buntut UMNO Ganu?

Rancak benar dulu semasa nak memperlecehkan Barisan Rakyat?

Apa hal? Lapor lah! Mana dia klip klip video olahan istimewa yang selalu ditayang dan di ulang tayang melalui saluran saluran tv seperti di zaman Menteri 'Kegelapan' Zam Zam Ala Kazam?

Takkan dah taubat? Taubat Nasuha ke RTM? Janganlah gitu! Kami nak hiburan juga!

Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang, Temberang!!! Apa Tok Mat Shabery tak kasi ye?

Iyolah...sekali Menteri berubah..Demam Retorik RTM pun kebah!!! :P

Tapi kita hendaklah juga mengambil tahu cerita dan berita semasa?

Kabar angin pun boleh juga lah! Sebab selalunya kabar angin berkenaan Pak Lah akhirnya terbukti benar belaka! :D

Moh lah kabor kat 'ambo!

Ada sesiapa yang boleh buka cerita?

When is Mahathir going to apologize to us Malaysians?

I am sure that many of us appreciate the way Zaid Ibrahim, the new Minister of Law in the Prime Minister's Department has come forward with an apology on behalf of the BN Federal Government for the way the judiciary was brutalized by the Government of Mahathir Mohamad in 1998!

For all the adulations that Mahathir received for bringing Malaysia out from the struggling economy back then as a result of the prevailing financial storm in that year, it can't be denied that Mahathir throttled the judiciary and choked the life out of it with his overpowering dictatorship!

The thing I would like to ask has Mahathir ever apologized sincerely for his screwups after all these years?

I know that the Grand Old Man of Malaysian Politics has a way of seeming to say that he is sorry for this and that but if I read him correctly, he was just being sarcastic and not really being repentant as in the manner he spoke at the Century Paradise Club in Hulu Kelang!

The Dialogue with Mahathir came about as a result of my suggestion to Raja Petra Kamarudin to give Mahathir a column in his web portal for us to communicate with Mahathir but Raja Petra countered by proposing to host the former PM with a dialogue and allowed us to have a one on one with him at the club!

Follow up with the rest of the 'dialogue' by clicking to the links below:

As you can see, Mahathir was being sarcastic in 'apologizing' to the nation for his crimes against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim?

The thing is will Mahathir ever sincerely apologize for:
  • sacking Tun Salleh Abas?
  • allowing so many corrupt politicians to remain in the BN?
  • appointing Abdullah Badawi as his successor and screwing up the nation in the process?
  • a zillion of other things that we can fault him and his 22 long years of lording it over us?
I for one don't think that Mahathir will ever apologize to Malaysians in the real sense?

We just might have to live with it and see what other drama is going to take place in Malaysia?

Bila Tuanku Sultan Dah Murka, Melayu UMNO Menderhaka?

Duli Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Sultan Terengganu dan Yang Dipertuan Agong Malaysia diberitakan sudah murka dengan mantan Menteri Besar Terengganu dari UMNO, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Terengganu kerana dikatakan berlaku biadap terhadap Duli Tuanku dan Kerabat Istana Baginda?

Maka itulah sebabnya Baginda Tuanku tidak berkenan merestui perlantikan Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh sebagai Menteri Besar Kerajaan Negeri Kesultanan Melayu Terengganu!

Dari bisik bisik berita terkini yang sampai ke telinga Mahaguru58, dikatakan mantan MB Terengganu Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh dikatakan berlaku biadap terhadap Duli Tuanku bila berbahasa 'I' 'You' 'I' You' dengan Baginda Sultan?

Mungkin Datuk Seri Idris berasa diri lebih tua dari Baginda Sultan sebab itu terlanjur berbahasa sedemikian rupa dengan Tuanku?

Entahlah samada benar ke tidak 'soksek soksek' yang sampai ketelinga Mahaguru58 namun sekarang ini khabar angin diMalaysia ini terbukti bukan sekadar khabar kosong!

Dari satu segi, Mahaguru58 bersyukur bilamana Duli Duli Tuanku Sultan Sultan dan Raja Melayu sejak kebelakangan ini tampil tegas mempertahankan kedaulatan Baginda Baginda Tuanku sekelian selaku Duli dan Yang Di Pertuan Kesultanan Melayu masing masing.

Nah! Inilah baru dikatakan menyambung Kedaulatan Kesultanan Melayu dengan mengajar rakyat rakyat kebanyakan yang seolah lupa diri bila kuasa pemerintahan kerajaan ditangan mereka yang bertindak melampaui batas; beralih peranan 'beraja dimata, bersultan pulak mereka didalam hati?'

Mahaguru58 berasa kemelut yang pernah melanda Kesultanan Kesultanan Melayu di negeri negeri Perlis Indera Kayangan, Perak Darul Ridzuan dan kini sedang beribut di Terengganu Darul Iman ada kebaikannya.

Dari pandangan Mahaguru58, Duli Tuanku Sultan Mizan ada hak hak Baginda untuk memastikan 'Si Kaduk Tidak Naik Junjung' dan hamba rakyat Duli Tuanku seharusnya sadar bahawa didalam institusi Kesultanan Melayu tidak seharusnya dilupakan adat resam dan warisan Melayu sejati walau beralih zaman sekalipun!

Itulah natijah bilamana Melayu lupa diri dan tidak berpegang teguh kepada segala khazanah warisan turun temurun dari nenek moyang mereka?

Melayu UMNO Terengganu kini ternyata sedang dilanda musibah akbar bilamana Duli Tuanku Sultan Terengganu tidak berkenan dengan pucuk pimpinan mereka dan kini melantik Datuk Ahmad Said yang terkenal dengan buruk laku semasa menjadi ADUN didalam Exco Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu sebelum ini sebagai Menteri Besar Terengganu yang baru?

Hairan bin Ajaib bila memikirkan apa strategi Baginda Tuanku melantik seorang yang ternyata berperangai 'gedebe' begitu sebagai Menteri Besar Baginda?

Apa agaknya muslihat disebalik perlantikan begitu?

Apakah ini menandakan zaman kejatuhan UMNO Terengganu bila tiada insan sebaik budi untuk dijadikan teraju kepimpinan Kerajaan Negeri?

Ternyata Politik Malaysia kini berubah arah dari UMNO Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya kepada UMNO Dulu, Sekarang dan Belum Tentu Lagi?

Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh menerima kesan dari keputusan beliau menggugurkan beberapa pemimpin UMNO yang mendapat sokongan kuat dari ahli ahli UMNO Bahagian masing masing namun kerana ada perancangan bercanggah didalam UMNO Terengganu ternyata menempah masaalah yang timbul mendadak sesudah Pilihanraya Umum ke 12 baru baru ini!

Tontonilah rakaman tunjuk perasaan ahli ahli UMNO Terengganu terhadap Idris Jusoh disini:

Ini pula rakaman perilaku dan perangai Datuk Ahmad Said dari Kijal yang dilantik Duli Tuanku Sultan Terengganu semasa persidangan Dewan Negeri Terengganu:

Kalau begini pula gaya dan cara kepimpinan UMNO Terengganu yang dilantik menerajui Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu, nampak gelap lah masadepan Terengganu Darul Iman?

Itulah natijah yang ditanggung rakyat negeri Terengganu bila mereka menolak 'Membangun Bersama Islam' tajaan PAS dan memilih untuk 'Tenggelam Bersama UMNO' hasil usaha Imam Hadhari Pak Syaikh Al Imamul Akbar Abdullah Al Badawi dan Pak Derih Jusoh?

Semakin hangat pula drama politik Tranung Kite?

Berita terkini Tok Mat Said dah dipecat keahlian UMNO nya oleh UMNO Malaysia!

Apa nak jadi UMNO Ganu? Ke laut nampaknya?

Makin berserabut UMNO pimpinan Tok Derih Jusoh nampaknya?

Itulah tulah derhaka pada Tuanku Sultan! Kalau zaman dulu dah kena pancung dah!

Bersama samalah kita mengikuti adegan adegan hangat seterusnya!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's Reformasi Movement Comes Full Circle!

Watch this video from start to finish to experience for yourselves the emotional impact it has for those of us who appreciate true justice and the way Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was denied it?

Feel for yourselves the frustrations that those who were with him must have felt on the night he was manhandled and forcibly taken away from his wife and children and the thousands of supporters who were there for him!

Only those who are deaf, dumb and blind to the way justice was destroyed and held hostage since the fateful day Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was reduced to being another of the BN's numerous victims of political tyranny will come away after watching this clip without shedding even a teardrop and not feel any remorse in his or her heart?

The life of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is like something out of a blockbuster movie that has the main character starting out:
  • as a student leader,
  • Muslim youth leader,
  • rebellious hero of the poor and downtrodden,
  • plucked from the streets to be anointed as a young political shining star in the political mainstream ruling party,
  • shooting fast past the old timers,
  • earning him both admirers and enemies,
  • fall victim to one of the nation's biggest political conspiracies,
  • sacked and humiliated like no other politician in Malaysia has ever suffered,
  • arrested like a dangerous terrorist head, blindfolded and driven off in the dark of the night,
  • viciously and brutally assaulted black and blue by the then Inspector General of Police,
  • almost paralyzed by a serious injury to his spine causing a slipped disc in his backbone's vertebra,
  • accused of being a sodomite,
  • tried in a kangaroo court,
  • sentenced to suffer in prison,
  • attempted murder of him using arsenic poisoning,
  • suffered 6 long years in prison,
  • found not guilty after Mahathir resigned and Abdullah Badawi took over,
  • regained his freedom after the judiciary finally grew some spine
  • now being at the brink of staging a fantastic comeback to reclaim his political aspirations
  • of becoming Malaysia's next Prime Minister?
This is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim after being assaulted by the brutish Rahim Noor, then the Inspector General of the Royal Malaysian Police.

Datuk Seri Anwar was blindfolded and had his hands handcuffed at his back at the time.

Very brave of Rahim Noor to have brutalized a man like Datuk Seri Anwar in such a condition, eh?

Speaks volumes as to the idiot's character!

Heard he suffered a stroke recently!

The cowardly @#$%^&^!

Serves him right!


Cash by Allah!

Right now!

Watch how Malaysians gathered in the hundreds of thousands to listen to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim speak at the elections ceramahs recently?

This is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today, ready to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

His life and Reformasi movement is about to come full circle.

I just can't wait to see what happens next in the life of this legendary and illustrious Malaysian?