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Friday, March 07, 2008

30,000 over Penangites show support for the DAP!

This is something that the mainstream Malaysian Media and BN monopolized TV Channels will never broadcast to the entire nation!

This sea of humanity gathering in support for the DAP, one of Malaysia's 3 major Opposition parties at the grounds of the privately owned Han Chiang High School in Ayer Itam, Penang yesterday night!

I would like to thank for sharing this breathtaking video with us and I feel it is my duty as a Malaysian Blogger to share this breaking news with you!

If this is not proof of how the people of Malaysia have finally had it with the ruling BN coalition and are at last feeling brave enough to show their true leanings, I don't know what else is?

A government that ignores it's public is a government that is heading for the exit gates!

No one party can come lay claim that they are the best, they are the ones who have done this and done that?

If they step down, the country will go to the dogs, bla bla bla!

Wise up people! Each and everyone who goes into politics has his or her own story to tell and own dreams to pursue!

The way some of the BN leaders talk smacks of outright arrogance and a bloody pompous dismissive attitude when addressing the general Malaysian public!

People like Abdullah Badawi if not appointed by the former premier Tun Mahathir can just dream of ever being elected into office on his own standings?

Samy Vellu to this day remains like a big fat Indian movie gangster who terrorizes anyone who dares to stand against him in the Malaysian Indian Congress!

The fella has spoken so many times with the utmost contempt towards others and if I am not mistaken has even insulted the Holy Qur'an where he asked," Apa? Ingat itu Qur'an boleh bikin highway kah?"

I don't know what kind of insensitive clueless head of the Malaysian Government we have who can just choose to ignore such a very 'kurang ajar' affront against the Supreme Constitution of our Lord Almighty, Allahu Akbar?

Well, what can we expect when the supreme leader of the BN is a narcissistic pompous b'leader who loves to indulge in freeloading himself and family with all the luxurious wealth and trappings of office so much so that he just couldn't care less about anybody insulting Islam for he has just coined up his own version of it?

I see Penang experiencing a political upheaval tomorrow. The DAP tsunami is going to sweep through my home island and Koh Tsu Koon can kiss his dreams goodbye!

If what this video is showing turns out in the same groundswell of popular support towards the DAP, the Gerakan BN State Government can start getting ready to pack up and vacate the State Government offices in the Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak tower?

The Elections Commission have many other tricks up their sleeves to try and retain the BN Government to keep sucking the nation dry for another 5 years term by demonising the Opposition parties.

How could the Elections Commission just blatantly let the BN monopolize the TV Channels and only allow the BN to broadcast their political campaigns through ALL the TV Broadcasting Channels while stopping the rightfully contesting Opposition parties from even having not say 5 mins or 5 seconds of airtime, not even a bloody microsecond on air?

Talk of corrupt apple polishers masquerading as fair Elections Commission of Malaysia?

These vermins will be resurrected with their shoulders all lopsided and stand accused of committing criminal breach of trust of the Malaysian people before Allah the Almighty in the Day of Judgment!

The BN stands accused of conducting an unfair and dirty campaign this time around ; just as they have managed to get away with all these past 50 years!

I call upon all Malaysians to judge wisely the candidates before you tomorrow and cast your vote towards effecting change!

Let's forge a new Government of Malaysia, fair to all Malaysians, irrespective of creed or color!

Vote for Justice! Vote for Barisan Rakyat!

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