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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Abdullah Badawi's Crony acts as a Malay Sultan!

First and foremost, let me give credit to the source of these pictures.

Thanks to Sheih of Kickdefella for these eye opening photos.

My condolences Sheih upon your loss. ( Sheih's mother passed away recently). Al Fatihah.


These are authentic photos and not copy paste material ala my friend (now YB) Tian Chua who played a joke with that Najib, Razak Baginda and Altantuya Shaaribuu montage!

These are the real McCoys! Enjoy!


Behold the one who wants to be the latest Sultan within a Malay Sultanate!

Datuk Patrick Lim Soo Kit is seen here basking in his own personal revelry of being honoured by the F1 tycoon and Michelle Yeoh's boyfriend, Todd who raises his hands in the style of the traditional Malay custom of greeting their Sultan!

I mean can you blame Todd for his bloody ignorance of Malay palace customs and foolhardiness of carrying out such an act in the Balairong Seri of the Palace of the Terengganu Malay Sultanate?

What were the palace officials doing? Enjoying the theatrics of these two crony clowns of Abdullah Badawi?

Maybe they got bribed by Datuk Patrick,eh? Aiyaa...sorry aa..Too Want Koo Fat Trick!! :P

Yes, these two jokers are cronies of the Imam Hadhari! They are very, very close to the Seeker of Al Ghazali!

Only thing is that they seek to siphon off the oil wealth of the State of Terengganu whilst being in the patronage of the 'I am Prime Minister' chap who despite constant calls for him to resign stubbornly remains defiant and vows to stay put, no matter what?

Must be dandy to imagine oneself to be the Sultan of Terengganu, eh?

I mean after all, practically this chap is lording it over the East Coast State simply by being one of Abdullah Badawi's proxies and closest crony by dealing with the Monsoon Cup projects which I hear are one of the fronts to siphon off the RM1billion of petroleum dividends being paid to Terengganu and reverted around to be known as 'Wang Ehsan' by Idris Jusoh when he was the Terengganu MB?

So, no wonder the fella wants to act being the Sultan above the Sultan of Terengganu?
But this is no 'Bangsawan'? These fellas are really raking in the millions of oil money that should be going to the State Government of Terengganu's coffers and be used to help the people there?

Instead, these crooks are having the fling of their life's flying here and there by helicopter and enjoying life to the max whilst latching on to the big fat backside of Abdullah Badawi!

This is Patrick Badawi posing with two thumbs up for successfully getting to fly away with so many hundreds and thousands of millions of the money siphoned away from the 'Wang Ehsan' handled by Idris Jusoh all these years?

Why do you think Idris Jusoh went all out to try regain his Menteri Besar seat? There's billions to suck away they say?

The Monsoon Cup is a stormy way to bring in the big bucks and the Imam Hadhari is just so happy to put on the jacket of cronyism on the back of Pok Yeh, his kingpin in the 'Wang Ehsan' scandal?

Patrick 'Badawi' is the term they gave the fella for his closeness of contact with the Imam Hadhari who together with his son and son in law are happily stockpiling away untold amounts of wealth from their positions in the BN government!

Feast your eyes as to how happy Abdullah Badawi looks when greeting his money machine in the much discursed 'Soiree at Seri Perdana' charity event held last year!

So much for his 'Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang' Temberang bullshit!

Picture showing Patrick Badawi at home in Seri Perdana.

Kamaludin Abdullah with some of his VIP highly paid to attend guests during the Soiree.

This is Badawi with George Benson by his side and another guest at his lavish Soiree event!

What opulence the Imam Hadhari enjoys whilst there are so many Malaysian families going hungry whilst the 'I am Prime Minister' feasts?

Ahhh..Latok Michelle Yeoh so happily greeting the 'I am Prime Minister' with a loving embrace!

Badawi's cronies having a toast to their good fortunes of being in Abdullah Badawi's good books! Yummmmm Senggggggg!!!

Do we have to wait for a miracle to happen and this fella follow Datuk Zakaria to the 'Istana' down under?

No matter what anyone says or calls upon him to get the hell out from office, this thickest of the face spineless one remains adamant that the people of Malaysia have given him a BIG MANDATE and they want him to continue ruling over the beleaguered nation?

I blame Mahathir for putting this parasite there in the first place! Here's a report on his latest attack upon his anointed one! Too late lah Tun! You are the one responsible for this fiasco!

The whole goddamned BN is a pit full of nasty crooks who are getting fat sucking on the wealth of this country whilst they continue to bullshit the Malays that if they aren't there, the Malays will suffer?

Yeah right?

The Malays are getting fat on the NEP, eh? Well, take a look at one luxurious Malay 'Istana'!

Take a drive along the rural areas of this nation. You will come across many Malay Istana's like these!

Err..Pak Lalalalala, can we hold a 'Soiree' there in the near future? Would Michelle Yeoh be coming? What about Michael Jackson? His schedule free?

Maybe Britney aa? I hear she's available! Hehehehehehe...


kesava said...

Saw this post at LKS blog:

vehir Says: Today at 14: 04.07
Extracts from
[ ]
Dan memang Idris ini adalah darpada keturunan samseng yang tidak sedar diri (lihat saja air mukanya), sebiji macam ketua Kongsi Gelap (macamana boleh jadi MB?). Apa yang paling mengemparkan adalah AYAHnya JUSOH itu sendiri merupakan salah seorang PESALAH (PCO), iaitu Orang yang dikenakan tahanan Buang Daerah oleh pihak polis.

Jusoh dibuang daerah ke Hulu Terengganu, lokasi di Pekan Kuala Berang pada tahun 1960-an dahulu di atas sabit kesalahan jenayah.

Beliau pada masa itu dikesan tinggal di rumah Pok Su, yang terletak di Kampung Rahmat Kuala Berang. Sumber ini boleh diperolehi dengan tepat melalui orang tua atau penduduk asal Kuala Berang yang masih hidup sezaman dengan Ayah Si Deris itu.

Maklumat ini juga diterima melalui seorang vateran yang sudah ‘retired’ drp kakitangan awam dan amat mual dengan sikap Idris Jusoh.


TheWatcher said...

As corruption is the guiding philosophy of Umno, there is no Umno leader who can take over from Bodowi and give Malaysians a fair deal without all the plunder and rape of the country's resources. Don't expect this election setback to stop their plunder - it will only stop when BN is kicked into the opposition and I hope it'll happen sooner rather than later.

MAHAGURU58 said...

It is time for Malaysians to come out with their opinions and take to task those corrupt politicians who have been taking their own sweet time plundering the wealth of this country as they please!

The internet and blogging platform has liberated us to share with our fellow Malaysians news and views that the Mainstream Media has hidden from us all these while!

Knowledge and Information is what kicked out the BN in the 5 states of the Malaysian peninsular.

Let's go all out to see to it that the Barisan Rakyat will form the Federal Government in the next GE and all the crooks and criminals be rounded up and punished according to the real law!

Not 'the fix me up' laws of the 'correct, correct, correct' category!

maxwell said...