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Friday, March 28, 2008

Abdullah Badawi's Current Term will be the last BN Government.

Everyone can sense that this is the last BN Federal Government to ever rule over Malaysia after having enjoyed their home run since 1957!

The only one who seems deaf, dumb, blind and blur to all the ominous signs is the beleaguered 5th BN Prime Minister himself?

I know that absolute power and position is not something that one can simply give up what more when being the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Incorporated means having at one's disposal billions of ringgits and connections that can set up one and one's families for life and for several generations to come?

It is for this reason that the hapless sorry excuse for a Prime Minister is ignoring all the caterwauling that is creating such a din that normal politicians would have thrown in the towel and made their escape to calmer pastures!

Not for the current recalcitrant one! Something must just be not right with the man for being as clueless as a country bumpkin who simply blinks away all insults and demands for him to resign and get the hell out of Putrajaya!

I can just shake my head in disbelief watching this person who is supposedly the one leading this country be so stubborn and obstinate without an iota of remorse or self respect who blinkers himself to not see, hear or acknowledge the nation's signals asking him to walk off into the sunset with at least the remaining bits of dignity that he should be able to muster?

I can only say that history will record Abdullah Badawi's current administration as the last BN Federal Government to have ruled Malaysia?

What do you think? Am I right or what?