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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Agent Provocateurs behind that insulting banner.

I strongly believe that the emergence of this insulting most offensive banner against Islam at Tasek Gelugor, Seberang Perai and Telok Ayer Tawar, Butterworth, Penang is the work of agent provocateurs meant to disrupt and jeopardize the momentum of the anti-BN buildup amongst the Malaysian voting public!

We are looking at a sinister plot by those who have a vested agenda to spark off a civil unrest in this predominantly Muslim nation that also has a sizable Non Muslim population who have now rallied together in a united hatred against the dictatorial and corrupt BN government for the first time in 50 years!

The Malaysian Opposition has the strongest support from dissatisfied Malaysians today due to the recent violent smashing downs of the people's protests and the dirty lopsided way that the BN is conducting its election campaigns in the vilest manner known to us since this nation came into being in 1957!

They hoard the airwaves over both radio and television and deny the Malaysian Opposition their fair rights to present to the nation their side of the campaign and their manifestos to each and every voter out there!

If this is the way that Abdullah Badawi thinks is the best that his accursed concept of 'Islam Hadhari' has to muster, then I say to hell with him and his corrupt ways!

Even old dictator Mahathir did not play this dirty all the years he was the BN Chairman and UMNO President plus being the Premier of this nation far longer than any other Malaysian Prime Minister!

This offensive insulting banner is but the work of agent provocateurs who mean to throw the country into chaos and cause the true Muslims to be provoked so greatly that they will lose all sense of patience and run amok on the streets of this country!

I call upon my fellow Muslims in Tasek Gelugor and Telok Ayer Tawar to seek out those who are responsible for this heinous act and to find out which printer produced this banner?

I also ask that the Royal Malaysian Police and JAKIM to seek out the culprits and bring them to justice failing which can we presume that this is the work of some unit in the ruling government itself that has hatched this most dirty of election tricks and are willing to risk bloodshed amongst the people just so the incumbents can continue to rob and pillage the nation blind?

To all Malaysians, do the right thing! Enough is enough! Let's exercise our rights and give this country a better government, worthy of our vote and support!

Long live Malaysians! Vote for Change!


Zulkipli said...

This is the work UMNO putras. They are the ones who have done that evil act. They are desperate, looking for everything under the sun to cause mayhem and tilt the elections in their favour. They are leaving nothing to chance. From Election Commission to UMNO media which is thriving on lies. They want to rally the Malays and make UMNO look like as the ones who are defending Islam. It is base, pugnacious and ill.

Sagaladoola said...

Mahaguru58, thank you for bringing to attention about this.

Shall make a note in my site and tell my friends of all races and religions to condemn this banner as unacceptable.

I believe this will not be made by

Malaysians - Malays, Chinese, Indians, PKR, DAP, PAS, Barisan Rakyat will not tolerate such a thing.


MAHAGURU58 said...


In our heart, we know that no sane Malay will want to insult Islam like the foul message in this banner!

What are the Malays without Islam?

Take away the Islamic foundation of any Malay and what have you?

So, to the culprit or culprits behind this banner, I say this, you shall reap what you soweth soon!

Where can you hide?

Can you hide from Allah?

Just you wait, you vermin!

The Almighty will soon expose you to us!

Melvin Mah said...

Uncle Maha,

How are things now? I am absolutely disgusted by the dirty tactics that UMNO will do to win the election. As Raja Petra said in Klang, the UMNO Putras and the radical ones is the main person who would start the provocation.

There are many things where people want to question where UMNO stopped them with the threat of a dagger, which is not supposedly done by them. To that, it shows arrogance and stupidity, because UMNO's leadership comprises of people who don't even get degrees,some up to Form 6 only.

Literacy rate in Malaysia is still as low at about 40 percent unlike a non-Muslim nation who has close to 80 percent literacy rate.

I just wish that BN don't scream like hell if this time the Opposition wins.

MAHAGURU58 said...


I know that this is not the work of any Non Muslim for as much as the Islamophobes fear Islam out of their not knowing about the true Islamic teachings, I don't think anyone who is a Non Muslim and Non Malay out there has the guts to do what this hypocrite or hypocrites have done here?

Thank you for your wanting to spread the alert about this heinous act of the bloody cowards who seem to be carrying out every vile measures that they can muster to retain power and unleash havoc into our midst!

I call upon all Malaysians to seek out and expose the bastards!

Vote for change!

Hidup Rakyat Malaysia!

Wednesday, 05 March, 2008

tankiasu said...

It was because the act of provocateurs like this we had the racial riot in 1969. God help us all if another one is to happen again.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Melvin,

Nice to hear from you again. Am doing fine here just a bit pissed off at this attempt to provoke civil unrest amongst us Malaysians by the saboteurs who want to cause the GE to be postponed from the looks of it?

I understand what you are saying and won't deny the truth as to the matter ?

I would however advice all Malaysians to not lose our focus and to channel our frustrations into the form of legible votes to bring about change!

Make sure that each vote counts and do not spoil your votes on polling day.

Melvin, don't get distracted from your studies and your career path.

You are a good Malaysian citizen and if possible to go easy on the cuss words in your writings! :P

I know that these people drive us mad but if we lose our cool and fall prey to their machinations, at the end of the day, it will still remain where it is now?

Let's lambast them nicely...:D

After all, as you point out, we are supposed to be the literate and DECENT ones amongst the citizens of Malaysia, aren't we?

You can still inflict damage to those unwise people by using informative words of choice, eh?

All the best to you sir!


MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother Tan,

Let's do what's right and alert the people about this heinous provocation by the hidden enemies of us all.

I for one think that Malaysians in general are wiser today than back then?

Let's focus and do our thing!

Best regards,

StreetBlogger said...

You are seeing the end of the election before it actually begins...

There are too many sign that BN will be thrashed by the educated and supported by 'mata duitan'...

The election wont happen....

MAHAGURU58 said...

Welcome streetblogger.

I seriously hope that it does not happen the way you are foreseeing it.

Nevertheless, the Malaysian people of today aren't the 'Yes Tuan, Baik Tuan' types we had 50 years ago anymore!

The people have had enough and History is recording the greatest groundswell as far as the informed Malaysians are concerned?

Those who still worship the BN will know that the BN are just like any of us and none is indispensable!

It is time for Malaysians to have new representation.

I for one am sick and tired of the same old bullshit that these tyrants have been dishing out since day one!

Malaysia deserves better!

We can all do better by getting in those who have the people's interests at heart and work towards reducing our spiraling costs of living!

We are a petroleum producing country for God's sake!

Damned be those who continue to threaten us as if they own the whole bloody country?

Do they think Malaysia belongs to them?

To hell with the corrupted ones and the eunuchs who don't have the balls to stand up for the people and instead engorge themselves on all that the nation has been coughing up at the people's expense!


Let's kick their asses on March the 8th!

Let's do it!

After all, we aren't beggars waiting expectantly for their scraps, are we?

Teach the tyrants a lesson and kick out that Imam Hadhari!

CruelAngel said...

I totally agreed with you. It must be agent provacator who is doing this. Too stupid for the opposition to do this even if they really hate ISLAM.

Happy to hear it from lotta malay & non-malay agreed on the same matter.
Malaysia finnaly united against a common enemy! BN!!!

gangeticus said...

Oh God! Tasek Gelugor is my hometown la bro!

I can't imagine the kind of person who would do such a thing. Its disgusting. However, I think there is a purpose behind it.

If we can find out why they did this, we'll catch the culprit, I am sure.

Peace bro.

Smokinlala said...

I am a Malaysian Indian Hindu and equally disturbed seeing this kind of provocative banner.My advice, Do not subscibe to these kind of mentality which wants to create only chaos.

aliya said...

Yeah, Tasek gelugor is a really hot area. InsyaAllah will be surveying the area as it's my hubby's hometown.
UMNO are desperate there. The BN calon was changed the last minute,they actually wanted to nominate another man but a reliable source said that coz the rejected calon's wife raised hell the night before nomination (teh mak datin, hehehe), they had no choice but to renominate the ori again. So here are actually fractions within the T.G Umno members.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank you all you fine Malaysians who have seen through the vile provocations behind the displaying in public of such a vicious message by the instigators out there?

My advice is for all Malaysians not to lose focus on what we have to do on March the 8th, 2008!

Vote for change and ignore the propaganda and provocations that will be unleashed in increasing incidents as the D-Day arrives!

Make sure you vote right!

Barisan Rakyat all the way!

thelifeandtimesofnicholasjoseph said...

Before we start pointing fingers on who is to be blamed for this very heinous act i suggest that we find EVIDENCE first. zulkipli, the first commenter for this post just suddenly out of the blues pointed out that it was the UMNO putras who did it. Phrophet Muhammad says that to accuse blindly is to slander, fitnah, and we know that the sin of slander is greater than killing. i in this matter believe that for every accusation that we make must be backed up by at least an un-refutable evidence. if this keeps happening then the whole world will see that we malaysians are a bunch of people who points to other people for every problem that we face.

Mohd Zainuddin Che Ismail said...

Jahanam la siapa yg buat mcm ni...Aku sumpah dia akan kena kecelakaan. Tok Guru kesayanganku diperlakukan mcm tu skali..Sial lah org tu.