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Friday, March 14, 2008

Anti Guan Eng Protest by Penang Malays & Indian Muslims

These are photos taken of the protests in Penang at the KOMTAR area by Penang Malays & Indian Muslims who are up in arms over the statement by Barisan Rakyat Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who said that the Penang State Government will not be continuing the NEP of the Barisan Nasional Federal Government during his rule.

Source of these photos are from the Chinese.Cari.Com.My.

As you can see clearly, this is a Penang Indian Muslim leader @ 'New Malay' who is protesting against Penang Chief Minister with 'power' Lim Guan Eng.

Frankly speaking, from my point of view, this is just an UMNO orchestrated protest meant to stir up trouble in Penang to provoke the Malays to run riot and cause as much problems to the Barisan Rakyat Penang State Government as possible.

Not that these people who have gathered in protest here are actually those who understand exactly what the NEP is all about to be exact?

It all smells fishy to me and I say that this protest is uncalled for and a case of the UMNO 'sour grapes' losers in Penang who masquerade as the champions of the Malays there?

Troublemakers with nothing better to do?

What do these pictures tell you?

Is this not a BN's Sandiwara?

* For comic relief on this take, make a beeline to He just cracks me up! :D