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Friday, March 14, 2008

Anti Guan Eng Protest by Penang Malays & Indian Muslims

These are photos taken of the protests in Penang at the KOMTAR area by Penang Malays & Indian Muslims who are up in arms over the statement by Barisan Rakyat Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who said that the Penang State Government will not be continuing the NEP of the Barisan Nasional Federal Government during his rule.

Source of these photos are from the Chinese.Cari.Com.My.

As you can see clearly, this is a Penang Indian Muslim leader @ 'New Malay' who is protesting against Penang Chief Minister with 'power' Lim Guan Eng.

Frankly speaking, from my point of view, this is just an UMNO orchestrated protest meant to stir up trouble in Penang to provoke the Malays to run riot and cause as much problems to the Barisan Rakyat Penang State Government as possible.

Not that these people who have gathered in protest here are actually those who understand exactly what the NEP is all about to be exact?

It all smells fishy to me and I say that this protest is uncalled for and a case of the UMNO 'sour grapes' losers in Penang who masquerade as the champions of the Malays there?

Troublemakers with nothing better to do?

What do these pictures tell you?

Is this not a BN's Sandiwara?

* For comic relief on this take, make a beeline to He just cracks me up! :D


Saidul A Shaari said...

Lim Guan Eng has donw well so far and I don't think our Malays in Penang should worry too much about Guan Eng's views on DEB. Only rich Malays who have benefited from DEB time and time again should be concerned. :-)

Malays are worried about Guan Eng's father, Lim Kit Siang. His arrogance towards PAS (ultimately Islam) will one day create unstoppable anger from Malaysian Muslims. DAP better be careful from today onwards. We Muslims are watching you.

Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

al said...

It's funny how we could not celebrate after the election wins by BR but UMNO can stage a protest? This is very strange Daching balancing act.

Khairul H. said...

How come the police aren't tear-gassing those people? Double standards!

Trashed said...

Eh, takde tear gas ke ? Must be these people are from Kepala Batas.

MAHAGURU58 said...

I'm too bloody pissed off too!


Soay siow ey law kau ey lang!


ju said...

Budget from tear gas used up for GE12 ler!

Am glad many malay really take pride in themselves and not fool by BN particularly UMNO. Keep that up and soon we can see truly Malaysia!

Now I'm confident that I'll live to see this day!

Mr Rajamani Thialan said...

Mahaguru do you think there will a another May 13 in the making? My family and friends are worried about this...

Anonymous said...

What would Malaysian gain from the street protest? In fact, we can clearly see a chain reaction from this. First, there could be a downturn in the economy. Then Foreign investors will avoid investing in a country where there is political instability. This is going to be worst if current investment companies intend to shut down. Now ppl will be out of jobs and crime rates will increase. So who looses out at the end? The Rakyat of course! Therefore should those leaders who head for protest think twice because because of their naive and foolishness that will actually cause the instability . Now if the Hindref leaders were put under ISA, why wouldn't the same happen to those who head the protest? Isn't this grey??? said...

Wuah, rancak sungguh. Kenapa depa semua tak awal-awal pakat macam ni undi BN masa election noh? Lah ni dah terlepai dah. Tunggu lima tahun lagi lah.

LOL, now I can tell KL bloggers, you all ada protest kat KL, we all Penang pun ada....

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother Rajamani Thialan and all my fellow Malaysians,

Do not worry.

Those UMNO losers think that by protesting like that, the rest of the nation is going to join them and go berserk?

Dream on. The year is 2008 not 1969.

Malaysians are now better informed and have the internet to know what's right and what's wrong?

We have access to information and such knowledge is power.

Ignorance is what causes people to react as fools?

True Malaysians will not behave like those idiots yesterday.

Those who gathered in protest yesterday are the idiots who screwed up in their lives!

Just look at the faces.

Do you see smart intellectual academics or the stupid idiotic types who would grovel and kiss your hand if you threw a few ringgits at their faces and call you 'Tuan'?

I assure you that if the @#$%^&*! ever dare to harm the people, we will not stand idly by?

This is nothing but an UMNO dirty tactic of trying to spark off riots and instability in the country just because they lost the elections.

The DAP-PKR-PAS Coalition won't let anything happen to you or your family.

PAS has just restrained its members from reacting or responding to such provocations by the UMNO trash talking losers who took to the streets of Penang yesterday!

After 50 years of freeloading off the blood, sweat and tears of the Malaysian taxpayers, the parasites in UMNO were just betraying their low class reality!

Mr Thialan and fellow Malaysians,

Rest assured that we will rise to the occasion if and when it is necessary?

As for now, let the true colors of UMNO reveal it's ugly self so that the entire world can see who they truly are?

A bunch of racists and not true Muslims!

A true Muslim will work for his keep.

These are the remora's @ human sucker fish.

Parasites who think they can just keep on latching themselves to the BN and enjoy a free lunch?

Sorry UMNO!

Makan time is over.

Now get to work you imbeciles!!!

keny said...

Well where is the ISA when we needed them ? Like you mentioned , not sure how many of them who protested knows what the NEP stands for ? Would be good if we mobilise a few people to randomly interview those protesters ..would be funny and hilarious and an instant hit in YouTube...NEP is for helping the poor bumiputera and non-bumiputera not the UmnoPutera ...and making them richer and richer with multiple Istana Kayangan(s)...

malayamuda said...

Pak Lah the impotent Prime Minister

He can tell Lim Guan Eng not to spark racial tension, when nothing he said actually spaked racial tension.

But it's been 3 years now since Hishamuddin and UMNO Youth raised the keris and racism at the UMNO General Assembly and Pak Lah has no balls to tell them off.

Impotent and No Balls can u imagine that

Mr Rajamani Thialan said...

Thank you Mahaguru for that assurance.It's people like you that make our country beautiful and peaceful. I hope that BN learns from it's mistakes and repents before the people reject them totally.Peace.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother Rajamani.

You are welcome. The Malaysians as a whole are all beautiful peace loving people.

It is idiots like those who were at the protests in Penang who mess up our lives.

God Willing, all these idiots will soon learn that in order to live, they must work for their keep or die as plucked off parasite leeches who sucked on the people's blood all these while!

I join you in hoping that the BN wakes up to it's follies all these 50 years and repents.

Failing which I can assure you that they will be kicked out in the next GE!

May peace be upon us all. Ameen.

kakLuna said...

last time they said demonstration is an act of uncivilized people.they also had named demonstrator as 'beruk'.

now, who is 'beruk' anyway?

aliya said...

I was caught in a massive traffic jam on the bridge on my way to penang from 11.30am-12.30pm, and back again at 4pm. So @&%$#!!! Like the chinese say, "ciak pah siou eng" ,those 'lao-kau' should be caught and jailed for their stupid antics. Well, at least now the whole world knows who are the sore losers, who don't wlak their talk. Good reasons to kick them all out in the next GE, unless they learn to behave better!!

malayamuda said...

polis kata jangan
polis kata jangan
polis kata jangan

saya pantang dicabar

the infamous quotable quotes by the out going Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

if UMNO Penang is not happy with the Penang Government it should show it's dissatisfacion through the ballot box. Dont behave like Beruk and agen Yahudi and agen USA !!!

Padan muka engkau

Teik Chuan said...

I am a Malaysian, currently studying in Singapore university. I feel that the Malays is a fascinating race. The Malays in Penang do not have to be worried. The demographics and the ideologies of ruling parties in Penang and Singapore is very similar. The Malays in Singapore are not marginalised, the Singapore government does not have NEP but they do have financial assistance schemes such as Mendaki to help Malays. Singapore respects Islam, how? It is compulsory for Malays to have a proper burial. Singapore, being so small does not deprive the Malays of this right of proper burial although the Chinese have no choice but to be cremated upon death.

If NEP helps Malays, keep them but what is happening is that this policy only benefits only a small group of Malays, this is not good. We want all those in need to be benefited from it so I feel that abolishing NEP is not an action to encroach into the Malay rights. I respect the rights of Malay but at the same time other races should not be marginalised. I believe DAP will work to help everyone in need. To all my Malay friends out there, racial harmony is possible if all parties work to achieve it. Let's drop all the arrogance and not be consumed by the petty differences so we can work for the better of Malaysia.

Aleckii said...

Muslim Indians are 'Malays'? Since when?

And yeah, how come there are no watercannons and tear gasses? UMNO people can do what they want, but if it's the people against them, they pull out the tanks. Go figures.

The Saint Penang said...

One can convert and change his religion. Never can he change his race. That is the fact. If a Hindu convert into Muslim he is a Muslim but the fact that he is a Tamil remains. How is it possible for an Indian Muslim to be in UMNO. He should be in MIC. If he doesn't like the idea he should be in any other multi racial parties such as Gerakan or PPP if he choses to be with BN. Otherwise go to Keadilan or Dap. They are multiracial. . Can someone enlighten me please.....