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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim - Is he really irrelevant to Malaysia's future?

We all know how Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi pooh poohs away the de facto leader of the Parti Keadilan Nasional @ PKR on the very basis that Anwar Ibrahim is nobody according to him and his cabinet members of the Barisan Nasional!

The irony is that tens of thousands of Malaysians from all walks of life are flocking to hear him speak his piece at wherever he goes during this campaign period.

Whether being Malays, Chinese or Indians, they gather in huge numbers to hear what the most charismatic politician that this country has ever seen has to say about PKR's plans for the nation and still attracts the Malaysian people to want to come and listen to this 'irrelevant' figure for hours braving rain or shine?

Anwar Ibrahim is a man whom many term as being a political chameleon and base such claims on his openly supporting the various causes of the Malaysian grassroot parties and even controversial ones such as HINDRAF and has been quite close to anti-Islamic political parties such as the DAP!

Even Malaysiakini is running a piece on exactly this very issue regarding Anwar?

Only Allah the Almighty knows as to what exactly is the political standpoint of this man who continues to be in the election spotlight for his presence automatically draws the large crowds like moths to the fire or source of light?

PAS have always been a bit wary of Anwar's adaptability to the prevailing situation and they have sort of a love hate relationship with him.

Whatever it is, we can't deny the personal charisma and magnetism of his oratorical skills that never fail to arouse the passions and emotions of all Malaysians no matter who they are?

I just saw a former ally of Anwar, Roslan Kassim badmouth the PKR in the prime news slot on TV3, one of the BN's major voicepieces and major television channel!

Roslan Kassim was one of Anwar's staunchest supporters when Anwar was sacked by Mahathir from all his posts in the BN led Malaysian Government.

When I was with Anwar Ibrahim's entourage from his home in Cherok Tok Kun to the Madrassah of the late Ustaz Nik Mat in Dargah, Alor Star the night Anwar spoke to hundreds of thousands of his supporters from all ethnicities that memorable night, I saw Roslan Kassim and his stretch Mercedes Benz already waiting for Anwar amidst the sea of humanity there.

Such is the unreliability of politicians who will twist and turn and stab you in the back when you least expect it and Roslan can easily be figured to be a classic example of one who turned his back on Anwar based on this reality.

I think Anwar must already know as to who are his real true blue friends and supporters and would take extra precautions against divulging his action plans to those who would easily qualify to be superstar theatre performers par excellence?

Wow! Shakespeare would be proud to know all these great actors who wear a thousand masks in the political opera?

I used to be a staunch Anwar Ibrahim supporter but his alliance with the DAP sort of leaves me unsure as to whether he ought to be supported by this blogger and whether he would turn to be one who is willing to make a deal with the Devil just to attain his political objectives and goals?

But then again when I see PAS which I support wholeheartedly sign the same deal with the DAP although both these parties are the exact opposites if you really look at their party's objectives, I am perplexed once again to see these unspoken arch enemies be willing to shake each others hands in a pact?

Tad confusing I must say when I have to consider such contrasting political standpoints of PAS & DAP?

So I still wonder if Anwar Ibrahim is still the Islamic leader whom I had so very much wanted to see succeed Mahathir Mohamad as the Prime Minister of this country which I love so very much and regret the anointed one whom Mahathir had installed to rule over us?

He who has conjured up the misleading concept of Islam Hadhari which in actual fact has driven the wedge between the Muslims so deep that it hurts me to see the continuing division between the Ummah?

Is Anwar Ibrahim worthy of our support or should we be wary of one who seems to be like a kaleidoscope and keeps swirling and turning at every flick of the political hand?

He seems to be the sort of politician who has the total package in his being a Malaysian who relates to all the multi-ethnic , multi-faithed people and seems able to make the connections with them all or is this part and parcel of the endless promises that almost every politician on Earth will spew out BEFORE attaining power and then do a 'Brutus' on us?

Here's a trailer of a 55 minutes documentary on Anwar Ibrahim produced by Watch it and reflect back on all that has happened to the man who till this very second still gets legions of Malaysians follow him as he strives on towards achieving the crowning summit of his political career?

After you finish viewing all these, come tell us about what you think of this legendary icon of the Malaysian Opposition political parties who is staging a popular comeback into Malaysian politics?

What is your take on him? Can we believe him?