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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's Reformasi Movement Comes Full Circle!

Watch this video from start to finish to experience for yourselves the emotional impact it has for those of us who appreciate true justice and the way Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was denied it?

Feel for yourselves the frustrations that those who were with him must have felt on the night he was manhandled and forcibly taken away from his wife and children and the thousands of supporters who were there for him!

Only those who are deaf, dumb and blind to the way justice was destroyed and held hostage since the fateful day Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was reduced to being another of the BN's numerous victims of political tyranny will come away after watching this clip without shedding even a teardrop and not feel any remorse in his or her heart?

The life of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is like something out of a blockbuster movie that has the main character starting out:
  • as a student leader,
  • Muslim youth leader,
  • rebellious hero of the poor and downtrodden,
  • plucked from the streets to be anointed as a young political shining star in the political mainstream ruling party,
  • shooting fast past the old timers,
  • earning him both admirers and enemies,
  • fall victim to one of the nation's biggest political conspiracies,
  • sacked and humiliated like no other politician in Malaysia has ever suffered,
  • arrested like a dangerous terrorist head, blindfolded and driven off in the dark of the night,
  • viciously and brutally assaulted black and blue by the then Inspector General of Police,
  • almost paralyzed by a serious injury to his spine causing a slipped disc in his backbone's vertebra,
  • accused of being a sodomite,
  • tried in a kangaroo court,
  • sentenced to suffer in prison,
  • attempted murder of him using arsenic poisoning,
  • suffered 6 long years in prison,
  • found not guilty after Mahathir resigned and Abdullah Badawi took over,
  • regained his freedom after the judiciary finally grew some spine
  • now being at the brink of staging a fantastic comeback to reclaim his political aspirations
  • of becoming Malaysia's next Prime Minister?
This is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim after being assaulted by the brutish Rahim Noor, then the Inspector General of the Royal Malaysian Police.

Datuk Seri Anwar was blindfolded and had his hands handcuffed at his back at the time.

Very brave of Rahim Noor to have brutalized a man like Datuk Seri Anwar in such a condition, eh?

Speaks volumes as to the idiot's character!

Heard he suffered a stroke recently!

The cowardly @#$%^&^!

Serves him right!


Cash by Allah!

Right now!

Watch how Malaysians gathered in the hundreds of thousands to listen to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim speak at the elections ceramahs recently?

This is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today, ready to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

His life and Reformasi movement is about to come full circle.

I just can't wait to see what happens next in the life of this legendary and illustrious Malaysian?


Anonymous said...

The saga of Anwar vs Mahatir and how Anwar was pinned down in 1998 can only be captured by Chinua Achebe in his acclaimed book: A Man of the People which he wrote 45 years ago. By then Anwar was in High School. The author of the book is a Nigerian intellectual of immense knowledge and unparalleled literature critic. The African icon talked about politics of demonization and character assassination in relation to nations, their colonial powers in the then emerging Africa which gained independence in the early sixties. The writer wrote the book in the wake of Africa’s independence where close to 35 countries have gained independence in the early sixties. By then, the most important thing was independence. Africans were happy to have chased out the whites and reclaimed Africa. They hated any African who collaborated with the Whites by then. A traitor he was called. Te writer however wasn’t happy because as he captured in his epic book, the new African leadership will cause misery, pain, corruption, nepotism, greed and suffering. They will do worse than the chased out Whites. In order to sustain themselves, the writer foresaw all evils and machinations. By then, what he wrote didn’t happen but he prophesized. However, in the same year that he has published his book in 1966, what he wrote happened almost in a prophetic way.

Achebe that whenever an African leader will feel the heat of a strong leader in his government, and that he can’t remove him through popular vote or casual sacking; his only method will be to blackmail him and relate him to foreign powers and accuse him of treason. Remember, Africans were happy to have gained independence; so anyone who was accused of treason was a villain and cursed. This was when Tunku was the PM by the way. The book has no relation to Malaysia but it talked about how desperate leaders will handle tough competitors ruthlessly.
Ironically, the book gives a fictional example of how such leaders will handle their worthy competitors. In the set up, there is a powerful PM and a powerful and popular Finance Minister. Chinua writes that the PM instructs the Finance Minister to salvage some companies as he needs to woo voters for the next elections and also as he has shares in those companies. Typically what Mahatir did to Anwar. However, the Finance Minister declines that order saying it will harm the nation since there was a economic recession and that the economy can’t sustain such venture. The PM is enraged and he moves against his powerful and popular Finance Minister. He sacks him and his close friends on one night. The next day people come to the streets and protest saying the Finance minister was a good man (typically Anwar too). Knowing that he can’t convince people easily; the PM resorts to treason charges. He addresses the nation and even sheds tears in live coverage accusing his Finance Minister “of working with foreign saboteurs to destroy the nation.” The media is government controlled (typically Malaysia) and they do the spinning. Many people buy the PM’s story and even start blaming the Finance minister whom they regarded as good yesterday. The Finance Minister is jailed, his hand broken and his house raided. (What happened to Anwar) and his close companions create a new party. It is after a long struggle that the people come to know the truth, after the PM’s government is overthrown by the military due to excesses, cronyism and corruption. Prophetically, this happened in Nigeria in 1966 and the book was nicknamed: The Prophetic Book. he was even jailed briefly and he fled the nation later. In our context, this is what has happened in Malaysia. Mahatir knew Malays hated Jews since they mistreat the Palestinians and knowing that Anwar was a man of grassroots who was also more mannered than he was and who probably has the best wife and children given to any male Malay political leader today, he had to accuse Anwar of working with the Jews to destroy Malaysia. I have never seen a more prophetic incident than what Chinua Achebe wrote in his book. However, in Malaysia, there is no military takeover but people’s takeover. What Mahatir did to Anwar is what Chinua Achebe explained in his time immemorial book.
The fact remains Anwar is far the most loyal son of Malaysia. Only that he is smarter than his Malay contemporaries by being a go getter politician who has extensive networks and foreign knowledge to know how to market himself and Malaysia. His competitors and UMNO warlords lack that finesse, so they resort to character assassination and base accusations. Thank God that we came along way as a nation to know much. They say Anwar works with Jews. Working with Jews is neither a crime nor anti-Islam. Our Prophet (pbuh) did and worked with them as he built his nation. The question is: did Anwar support the Palestinian cause? Yes he did more than Mahatir. For Badawi, he is not aware of what Palestinians are. Talking to your enemy, engaging your enemy, learning your enemy, outmaneuvering, befriending your enemy for both tactical and strategic reasons are the lessons Muhammad (pbuh) taught and left to his nation. The unfortunate thing however, is that some poor Malays and intellectually handicapped Mahathirites engage in flimsy issues for personal greed and grandstanding. Happy Malaysia. Truth can't be submerged however long it takes to dawn because that's against the creation order of God.

Anonymous said...

After the whacking the MSM and the BN regime got from Bloggers, now we find the new Information Minister wanting to meet the Bloggers. To me there are 3 reasons why he wants to meet us Bloggers:

1. To know who we are and then try to buy us.

2. To know who we are and then try to put us away under the Sedition Act and ISA.

3. To try to brainwash us into writing pro-BN propaganda to mislead the people.

The good news folks is that none of the Bloggers are buying Shaberry Chik's story. Do you know why everyone turned to Bloggers to get their news, Shaberry? Well people are fed up with the lies and spin from the BN controlled media. Now you see the big picture Bro? If you wanna do something positive why not just quit BN and join the Opposition. Maybe then, people will take you seriously. If you can't, then, "keris my ass!"