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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anwar's 'Reformasi' sweeping through Malaysian's mindset!

If we are to reflect back to the way Anwar Ibrahim was treated 10 years ago and the way the nation was split between those who rooted for Anwar and the remaining number of Malaysians who were shellshocked by the unprecedented political decapitation carried out by Mahathir upon Anwar, many would not have thought that the man would have survived all that and now be where he is?

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is on the brink of staging a total comeback to the very topmost seat of power in this country which has just awakened to the reality that the BN aren't immortals?

Little would BN PM Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi have envisioned that the one whom he claimed to have forgotten and does not wish to know would be today poised to kick his butt out of the Prime Minister's Office in the very new future?

Such is the way of this world. Those who are at the top won't be there forever.

The time will come when he or she will have to make way for someone else and the beleaguered old man still in denial warming the PM's seat in Putrajaya needs to wake up to the reality that his days of claiming that 'I am the Prime Minister' is numbered?

The sands of time are slowly trickling away from Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi's hourglass but the poor old fool is sadly still not willing to accept that almost everyone save for his ball carriers are calling for his resignation by the day?

When Anwar was sacked from his Deputy Prime Ministership, he was abandoned by almost the entire Malaysian Cabinet Ministers under Mahathir and he became the victim of the mainstream media who were under the control of the BN Government and still are to this second?

Today, Malaysians have voted for the DAP-PKR-PAS Governments into power and sent the BN into the Opposition seats in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor.

Anwar Ibrahim is now seeing his dreams for reform materialize and take root in the 5 northern states!

Malaysians flocked to hear him speak even in the pouring rain!

Can you see such passion in the paid to attend BN crowds? Not even in Pak Lah's wildest dreams?

'Reformasi' is now coming into form and the ones who got kicked out in the process are now proving themselves to be the sore losers of the election in the real sense.

UMNO Malays and Mamaks protested illegally in Penang within days of the DAP-PKR-PAS Barisan Rakyat being sworn into office and proved themselves to be the very troublemakers that the BN once accused the Malaysian Opposition members to be before the turn of events?

Now, the Pseudo Malays of Penang or in reality the Indian Muslims are baying for blood on the pretext of fighting for Malay rights to ensure that the NEP is maintained at all costs by the new State Government of Penang?

Wishful thinking for these useless parasites?

Islam never allowed any particular race to subjugate and oppress those who are under the Islamic rule yet the BN had done exactly that since 1957!

Did you see them cry out 'HIDUP MELAYU'?

So, if only the Malays are to live, are the rest of the Malaysians supposed to die?

Is that what UMNO Penang are asking for?

Would Malaysians even want these goons to remain in power over the Federal Government still or give them any chance in the next GE?

What do you think?


Wanyama said...

Well, the hard truth is that Anwar is on his way and he knows how to handle himself and the situation. He is a political giant that UMNO doesn't have a single person who can handle him. It is sweet revenge and what an irony. No wonder Allah SW says those are the Days (of man), we interchange them between people. There are those who expected Anwar's demise but God saw it fit to retain him and make him influential again.

Anyway, a good article on him here:

gangeticus said...

How the heck do you write so well? I wouldn't be able to come up with the first paragraph!

Superb piece bro!


Saidul A Shaari said...


Do you know that the Malays now made up 50.4% of Malaysian population. The number is alarming since it was a staggering 60+% one time ago.

It is obvious that UMNO and their race-based politics are on the brink of extinction!

The Malays now have to think about their future. What will happen to the Malays if one day we are outnumbered by other ethnic groups?

Malay Women in Malaysia

MAHAGURU58 said...


I am just being optimistic of seeing Malaysia be led by a man as capable as Anwar.

His detractors will say all kinds of things about him now but just wait when he becomes the PM?

All those foulmouthed vermin will be kissing his hands and apple polishing him like the political desperadoes that they truly are?

Looking at the way the current sorry excuse for a PM croaks his way across, makes me feel embarrassed to say that is my PM?

Time for Malaysia to have an articulate and learned Prime Minister in the person of Anwar's calibre.

Let's hope that our wishes come true.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother gangeticus,

Just going with the flow bro.

I have always loved the English Language and it is still my dream to be an English Teacher. :P

Guess being a student during the post colonial British Education system helps as well.


CruelAngel said...

Anwar got one mah to thanks!!!

That's MAHATHIR!!! Mahathis send me to torture, humilation and pirson!

UMNO heads cant talk, talk and talk but no one would listen because all their life they live a comfortable life.

ANWAR talk we listen because he has been there done it!

He has been throught wat no UMNO members has gone through!!

petestop said...


Where did you get this statistic that the Malay race is shrinking in Malaysia ?

It's an irony that the Chinese and the Indians are thinking the same thing about their on race.

Do we still want another 50 years of this race-based divide-n-rule politics ?

Also, how come the hypocrites are crying foul that DAP disrespect the Perak Sultanate.... when it is even more serious in the Perlis and Terengganu state... a direct confrontation between the BN top echelon and the Sultanates.... Why no similar demonstration and memorandum given to the Perlis and Terengganu Sultanates ?

At least the DAP-PKR-PAS have resolved this amicably and despite a still big difference in ideology between DAP and PAS, they can accept the MB to be from a party with the least democratic vote and give PAS a chance at demonstrating their more progressive and moderate side.

Flowers to Raja Nazrin obviously helps ;-)

And we Perakians eagerly look forward to see a transformation to a more transparent and equal opportunity government for the people and by the people.

petestop said...


Where did you get the statistics that Malay race are shrinking in Malaysia ?

It is funny as the Chinese and Indians are thinking the same too for their respective race ?

Do we still want another 50 years of this race-based divide-n-rule politics that has drive a wedge between all Malaysian ?

It's doublestandard when the hypocrites jump when DAP disputes the choice of the MB from the party with lowest democratic votes....

However, how come nobody do demonstration when BN top echelon is in direct confrontation with the Perlis and Terengganu Sultanates ?

Does it makes it more OK that a UMNO Malay goes against the wishes of the Sultanates ?

Will we ever see an apology from Shahidan and Idris Jusoh ? Or Pak Lah, even ? Who is the one "biadab" now ?

At least the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition already reached an amicable solution and we Perakians look forward to see a new government that is transparent, free of corruption and provides equal opportunity to all, not forgetting those poor and needy, under the leadership of the soon-to-be MB, Mohammad Nizar, and he has the merit to chair that post and we wholeheartedly supports him.

Baru said...

Malaysia's Anwar accuses govt of stoking racial tension -

Malaysian opposition warns against govt sabotage -

caravanserai said...

When Anwar got the sack
I couldn’t believe the charges leveled against him
Every police officer and judges think he was
During his trials the lopsided arguments came to the shore
And the famous quote ‘it is irrelevant!’

The Malays divided on the issue
They too like me couldn’t believe the charges
Some I argue with
Anwar wasn’t stupid to disgrace himself and his political career
He was inches to be the PM of the country
How could he throw it away?
So I said he wasn’t guilty……..
It took me years to get it right

Even my brother-in-law in the police force
He believed Anwar did it base on the police investigations
Though I thought he could be true
Since he is the deputy OCPD in a district in Johore
Yet I told him Anwar couldn’t disgrace himself and his religion
There were OSA things nobody could find it

Now he is coming to stake his role
In the country of multi-racial people
He has the charisma and talent to take the country
To the 21st century and challenges the world economy

Now the 5 opposition ruling states
These leaders better perform it steadily
It is here the people will judge
Where the shaft of light will be

People will say
Anwar Ibrahim
The day when he comes through

malayamuda said...

Anwar Ibrahim is a political giant.

He carries himself well, he speaks well and he commands great respect among ALL Malaysians [ Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ceylonese, Portuguese, Thais, Sabahans and Sarawakians ]

Anwar can bring about positive changes to Malaysia if he wants to. He cant also make Malaysia worse if he wants to.

He has got the charisma and the personality to do so.

His call for all Malaysians to remain united and work together has not only gone down well with the Chinese and Indians but also urban and educated Malays.

It's only matter of time before rural Malays also see the bigger picture and realise that our enemies are not within the country but outside.

We should compete with the Chinese in Singapore,Hong Kong and China and not the Chinese here in Malaysia.

We should compete with the Indians in America, London and India and not the Indians in Malaysia.

Anwar - bring unity, love , peace and joy to ALL Malaysians !