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Friday, March 14, 2008

Barisan Rakyat's Gauntlet of Malaysian Political Fire

Dear Malaysians,

I would like to first and foremost thank Lim Kit Siang for apologizing to His Royal Highness the Regent of the Sultanate of Perak Darul Ridzuan for his recent objection to the appointment of the Perak PAS Secretary and Pasir Panjang State Assemblyman Engineer Hj Mohammad Nizar Jamaludin as the new Perak Menteri Besar.

Kit should also say sorry to us who voted for the BR!

What Lim Kit Siang did was not only an act of disrespect towards the decree of the Sultan of Perak and his heir in waiting, it also exposed Kit Siang's and the DAP's CEC's true colors of not wanting to accept the PAS nominee as the Menteri Besar due to one fact and one fact only.

PAS's Islamic ideals and objectives of upholding Islamic Syaria as their party's mainstay.

Kit Siang's premature announcement of objection has somewhat spoiled and tainted the euphoria that those of us who voted the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition into power had felt and in a way had taken away our joy of seeing the BN Pact collapse in Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan.

Just when we were so happy and rejoicing over our victory, the old man of DAP and his CEC had to come and spoil our fun! :(

As a resulting backlash, Kit Siang received the brunt of the Malaysians unhappiness over his verbal diarrhea and got his reputation again sullied to the max.

Serves him and the CEC of the DAP right for being so immature and unprofessional so to speak?

Kit Siang seems to still live in a world of unfounded fears of the Islamic world based on his ignorance of the world's fastest growing faith.

I don't blame him. He is unaware of what Islam really is and his situation is due to the fact that the Muslims of Malaysia especially those in UMNO and PAS who sort of try to out do one another in 'implementing' each of their political party's understanding of the Islamic faith.

The Islamophobia raging in the hearts and minds of the DAP leadership such as Kit Siang and Karpal Singh is further fueled by the innovative concept of UMNO's false prophet and lavishly splurging embattled BN Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi who for wanting to outdo the former Malaysian PM Tun Mahathir Mohamad had embarked on a wasteful series of building 'Islam Hadhari Villages' in the Malaysian Peninsular without really addressing the moral and social rot taking place in the Malaysian society in the first place?

I do not blame Kit Siang and Karpal for their phobia of anything 'Islam' coming from the likes of the PAS and UMNO leaderships, who at times do come across as unrelenting, stern, unaffable sorry ass killjoys who in turn really give the wrong picture of who and what true Muslims should really be?

Islam is depicted as some sort of a joy less way of life that threatens to stifle and smother the quality of life and turn this country into a gloomy land full of fear and everything too constricted and constipated to be exact?

The reality of Islam being a wonderful way of life that if properly put to practice and beautifully explained will be known to mankind as a natural system of living applicable to every normal and rational human being on earth.

Sadly both UMNO and PAS have failed in this aspect due to their ongoing political feud and distrust between them, in turn creating an uneasy feeling in the Non Muslim and Non Malay communities in Malaysia.

The recent series of the BN Government's demolishing of Hindu temples deemed illegal and the way the BN Government brutally squashed the people's protests both over the HINDRAF's demands and that of the BERSIH movement before that all added fuel to the Islamophobic fire raging in Kit Siang's heart and those of his colleagues in the DAP's CEC.

So I do not blame Kit Siang for his outburst recently.

Deep down, the man is just concerned of the probability of Malaysia coming under an authoritarian rule of strict Sharia implementation ala that of the Afghanistan regime that terrorized the war ravaged country before?

Rest assured Kit Siang and the DAP's CEC, that PAS or UMNO have no intention of doing anything even close to that?

We are Malaysians, having our own unique way of life that we will never throw away and choose such a spartan lifestyle?

Remember that Malaysia is a multi ethnic, multi faithed, multi cultural country of 26 million mostly peace loving and easy going people.

We have come together and voted the Barisan Rakyat into power in those 5 states because we have had enough of the BN's brutal ways in suppressing the rights of the Malaysian people to have a better government and you need to appreciate that before throwing a fit like you just did and then after getting whacked like crazy from almost everyone here , you feel pressured into apologizing?

Know O Kit Siang, that as long as there are moderates like me around and I can assure you that there are millions of us, you and the rest of the Non Muslim Malaysian population can just live as you please provided you do not encroach or interfere into Islamic affairs unless of course you have been inspired to become one of us and choose to be Muhammad Lim Kit Siang bin Abdullah!

Hahahahahahaha! Jokes aside, just take it easy and slowly digest the feeling of now being in the State Government and no longer as the Opposition.

I am sure that you are not used to it but hello as they say, every man or woman shall have his or her day in the limelight.

Cherish what we have given you and the Barisan Rakyat and start getting to practicing what you and the rest of the Barisan Rakyat have preached.

Remember that you have successfully passed through the gauntlet of the Malaysian political fire and are now officially the elected government in all those 5 states.

Do not mess up this golden opportunity to prove to us that we did right?

All the best to the Barisan Rakyat and go do your jobs with the best sense of professional ethics and attitudes.

Work well with one another and practice 'esprit de corps'. All for one and one for all as the 3 musketeers of the Malaysian peoples representatives. DAP-PKR-PAS.

You guys and gals can do it.

No more throwing tantrums and fighting in Parliament. Be exemplary Parliamentarians.

You guys represent us and we expect you and the others in the Barisan Rakyat to rise to the occasion and shine!

Make us proud!


petestop said...

The reality is that after 50 years of divide-n-rule, we still not ready to fully move away from race and religion based politics.

This is obvious even among the so-called Barisan Rakyat, and even amongst the bloggers who brought about this e-volution.

I'm a Perakian voter who voted for YB Ngeh. I grew up with him and know him is a honest person and a man of his words and as demonstrated stick to it, despite the DAP CEC fiasco.

Still there are a lot of backroom stuff going on that we did not see,
like the initial PAS loud objection to YB Ngeh's nomination, which prompted the PAS president to issue directives for PAS members not to fight DAP for this post.

Naturally DAP faces a backlash amongst their supporters for not fighting this bias based on Malay-Muslim requirement for the MB post.

Perhaps Uncle Kit has been too long in the opposition and loudness is perhaps not the best approach now that they are in most state governments.

Anyway, it looks like all is resolved now, with all 31 DAP-PKR-PAS assemblymen signing the letter of undertaking requested by the Regent of Perak.

My opinion is that it is a wise move by the Perak Sultanate.

Merit wise, the soon to be MB, Nizar has all the paper qualification and experience running own business.

I'm new generation of Malaysian (Chinese - hate to have to identify by race) supports the new MB fully.

But this is a transition period between old school politics and new school (and hopefully color-blind and religion-blind) politics.

So, will still see some of the old and new flavors, at least for some time to come.

Unfortunately, this is the result from 50 years of divide-n-rule policies of the Barang Naik govt.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Very wise comments pete!

Let's see what else is gonna take place?