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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bloggers have helped to change the future of Malaysia.

We all know that the present situation where the Barisan Rakyat comprising of the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition has managed to topple the 50 years entrenched Barisan Nasional 14 parties coalition because of one major reason.


The BN fell from grace and out of the people's hearts and minds because the Malaysian public finally have a choice.

The choice to choose between the BN Controlled mainstream media or from the news and information published by Malaysian Bloggers like myself and so many others here in the Blogosphere.

The BN fell because of the incessant manner by which their Propaganda Minister @ the former Minister of (Mis) Information amateurishly orchestrated a string of attacks against the DAP-PKR-PAS political parties through all the mainstream media channels and print publications day in day out relentlessly over the years.

I say that due to their unfair onslaught against the Opposition parties over all the available media platforms slowly and surely pissed off the general Malaysian public that seeds of discontent germinating over the years sprouted and burst into the way votes were cast on March the 8th, 2008.

The BN was finally brought down to it's knees and had it's major political leaders sent to the political doldrums from where the chances of sailing back into power is very remote if not impossible.

For 50 years, we were subjected to political anarchy by the BN. For 50 years we were told to abide by the BN laws whilst they got fat feeding on the wealth and the spoils from the billions and trillions squirreled away from this project and that project whilst the grassroots suffered living in squalor and primitive like conditions in the estates and rural areas, due to lack of government assistance or simply neglected by the BN except when the General Elections are in session?

The poor remained in desperate conditions and situations forced many to seek a better living in towns and cities only to be subjected to the law of the concrete jungles where other predators thrived by feeding on their ignorance.

In the villages, the JKKK @ Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampong acted like 'little napoleons' and they terrorized the poor people by their pick and choose manner of distributing whatever little scraps of government allocations of funds came their way.

Only those who are BN members or supporters got to feed on the paltry sums of allocations based upon the JKKK's discretion or their own little crony system set up or hierarchy.

That is talking about the kampong areas. The situation is just the same or even worse in the city areas. The very same scenario is played out at the residential apartments through the Residents Associations and Rukun Tetangga committees.

We often see and hear of fights and skirmishes between opposing groups of residents who are not happy with the way, the little napoleons in such RA's and RT's discriminate and hold back the meager allocations that come their way and many residents chose to stay out of such committees just to avoid getting into such scrapes with the BN worshiping little bastards.

Forgive my French but that's exactly how I feel and see them, so live with it!

It is due to all these unhappiness and dissatisfactions that have been brewing in the hearts and minds of the general Malaysian public that has been ignored by the BN buggers at the very top of the Mountain of Bullshit that they thrived on that led to the emergence of a new source of feedback and information that the BN couldn't stop or muzzle?

Behold the emergence of us, the Malaysian Bloggers. Folks like me who don't depend on the BN government to earn my living.

Bloggers of Malaysia who blog and publish the truth without fear or favor?

The way the 12th Malaysian GE came to be is without a doubt that we the Bloggers played a very big part in disseminating information to our readers.

Information that before this was reduced to only what the Chief Editors of newspapers and Broadcast Directors of the Malaysian TV Channels used to feed to the gullible public.

There used to be a time when the average citizen used to think that if it is printed in the newspapers then it must be true?

Well, such a situation is no more, thanks to the advent of the internet.

Even an old dictator like our former Malaysian Premier Mahathir acknowledges us as the ones who would eventually set Malaysia free and free Malaysians we did! Well, almost half of them. :)

Bloggers have freed the Malaysian public from having to depend only on what the ball carrying, apple polishing nincompoops of the mainstream media had been dishing out to the people?

The internet has freed Malaysian Bloggers like us to speak up and take to task those who are corrupt in the BN Government and at times we even have lambasted leaders of the Opposition for whatever screwup's they did like in the recent past?

Even then, our utter disgust for the BN culminated in the way we blog and I dare say that we made an impact upon the way the recently concluded 12th Malaysian GE went?

Do you remember how we were insulted by just about every BN cabinet minister as this and that?

Well, where are they now? Most of them are now history and we have Zainuddin Maidin, the infamous Minister of Propaganda from the previous BN cabinet now asking the BN to forget their dreams of capturing Kelantan anymore for the way things have turned out in the elections?

Do we Bloggers rock or what?

One by one, they fell like tenpins smashed by the Bloggers revelations online as to their treacherous deeds and I am sure you remember MCA's Chua Soi Lek's extramarital 'romp a pomp pomp' caught on video and published online which saw him say goodbye to his Health Ministership and all BN government positions practically overnight.

The internet can and will continue to change the future of this country and we Bloggers will carry on with our mission to restore true democracy to our beloved land.

A major source of information that Mahaguru58 depended on is none other than Malaysiakini. Thank you guys especially for the free service during the elections. Syabas!

To the Barisan Rakyat State Governments of Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor, Mahaguru58 asks that you prove to the Malaysians that you can do better than the BN and will go on to topple the Abdullah Badawi regime in the next Malaysian General Elections?

So, all the best to the new DAP-PKR-PAS State Governments and wishing Malaysians to slowly but surely get free from the racial mindset as proven possible by the way the three Malaysian parties have successfully done so?

There are still some fanatics in PAS and the DAP who try to wreak havoc using the race and religious card but eventually we will be able to sort these vermin out and enlighten them, Insya Allah.

In the meantime, let's watch the circus show taking place in Perlis and Terengganu. Cheers!


Alan said...

the only mistake we Malaysians did was by not toppling the federal government together with the 5 states. Only then they will know of the power of the people.

We have choices now.

CP Waterman said...

So well analysed. Thank you!

I must confess that I have been a "sleeping" Malaysian for all these many years of my life until someone introduced me to Malaysiakini just about the time when that infamous Nazri told off the 1300 lawyers who went to the street to protest. He was so ARROGANT in saying that these 1300 lawyers do not represent the 13000 lawyers in the country and so the government still has the majority behing them. What a 'foolish' way to read into things? I was really mad to see even lawyers are being bullied & bulldozed.

So, I started a blog (Bright-I) too just for the purpose of telling my friends & relatives about the true picture of Malaysia as oppose to what they read in the "BN" papers, hear from "BN" radio and see in "BN" TV. My ex classmate even thought that I have quit being a missionary & become a politician.ha ha. No, we are just ordinary Malaysian citizens who cares & loves our country.

Yes lets continue to use the internet and I hope MSM will someday turn around and be truthful.

All the best to Barisan Rakyat!

Antares said...

Change has just happened. Exactly ONE WEEK ago. However, it didn't happen overnight. Nothing happens overnight, even if it appears to occur in the blink of an eye. A steel bridge can exist 200 years and suddenly collapse from metal fatigue or a violent tremor. My feeling is that the GE12 was a death blow to BN. They appear to have survived - but Heaven knows how massively they cheated just to hold on to their seats. I have grave doubts about KJ's win in Rembau. One day we may even learn that Pak Lah barely scraped by in Kepala Batas and his margin was postally padded up by the EC. 22 years of Mahathir seem to have poisoned our collective psyche so we quietly succumb to the rule of fear instead of law. We began to confuse cunning with wisdom, egotism with self-confidence. Truth was bought and sold like a commodity during the Mahathir era.
Police brutality and threat to use the ISA became the norm and we only yawned each time an ambitious Umno lawyer was appointed to the Bench. But the blogosphere has ushered in the concept of a free forum where everybody can have a say - whether they are Mat Rempits or Rabindranath Tagores! In this new open atmosphere where feelings and ideas are freely expressed, our opinions can at last mellow and mature. To give you an example: when I first started reading blogs, I was irritated by the hardline Islamic stance of people like Menj and Mahaguru. I began posting comments on these blogs - and to my surprise they were published. I was impressed. This indicated a willingness to debate rationally without getting hotheaded and hostile. Soon I was able to perceive the human beings behind their opinions and I found them perfectly befriendable. In time we could easily become allies. This is what makes me optimistic that DAP will eventually see beyond the Islamic facade of PAS and relate to them as fellow humans. With love, respect and friendship as our foundation, our personal opinions
can be fearlessly expressed without triggering hate (which springs from fear). This way we become open to new inputs and realize we do modify our perceptions and opinions as we mature. Censorship is a very negative force because it suppresses our private feelings until they explode in violence. Blogs allow feedback and therefore
our tensions are relieved - after which we can reconnect on a much more rational level as friends with different opinions and tastes. Three cheers for bloggers and the blogosphere!!!

malayamuda said...

You know what is keeping BN together ?

Power and Money

It's got nothing to do with race or religion.

Samy gets a few projects and he sells the Indians. Ong Ka Ting gets some commission and he sells the Chinese for a pittance. UMNO sells the Malays off using pretty slogans like " Ketuanan Melayu" , DEB and the like for the same reason. How many UMNO Malays are good Muslims ? Even Imam Hadhari's daughter and wife and ex wife dont use the tudung. So what Islam Hadhari are they talking about.

Next GE there will be an Earthquake. Then we will see how BN disintigrates and goes into oblivion as there wont be power nor money anymore.

East-West said...

My best wishes to the BR governments (or whatever they wish to call themselves!!). They have a few years to prove themselves! Let's all look to the future!

MAHAGURU58 said...

With fellow Malaysians like you gents who are level headed and not giving in to the divisive factor of race and religion, it further fortifies my belief in my nation's glorious future, free from race based politics that has started to disintegrate and which I hope will eventually disappear from our lives!

We can come together as a people and help each other to adopt and adapt our common values to forge a stronger and better progressive nation.

I do believe in what Anwar Ibrahim is saying that a new dawn is taking place in our nation.

The thing is we have to work together to ensure that Malaysia gets rid of its racist past.

The problem is that the BN thrives on it and will never stop using the race card to keep pitting us against one another?

We have all seen the Penang UMNO Malays and Indian Muslim Mamaks try to spark off another May 13 kind of tragedy!

Problem for them is that due to the info we Bloggers have been feeding the nation and the whole world, no one bothered to take them up on their instigative ILLEGAL PROTESTS?

So, their protests only managed to show the whole nation as to who are the trouble mongers out there today ready to wreak and run havoc on our nation's streets?

None other but the racist idiots in UMNO aided by the Penang Mamaks @ 'Pseudo Malay wannabe's'?

I am an Indian Muslim myself but I do not have anything to be shy about stating so for we are all human beings and as such ought to be proud of who we are and not pretend to be something or some other ethnic?

We are all the Children of Adam and God does not discriminate against anyone based upon his or her skin color or social standing?

He judges us based upon our faith in Him and based upon our deeds or misdeeds!

This is the reality!

The way the UMNO fellas keep shouting 'HIDUP MELAYU!' makes me want to ask them, ' So what about the Non Malays?'

If ONLY Malays are to live, then are the others to die?

malayamuda said...

like I told Anwar Ibrahim and I'm saying it here again.

There are ONLY 2 leaders here in Malaysia who have the personality, courage, strength and support to change Malaysia. They can change Malaysia for the better or for the worse cos they are strong personalities and people listen to them and to some extent tend to ape them.

Any Guesses ?

a. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
b. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Tun Mahathir used his strengths to enrich his cronies with mega projects, leaving mute monuments to his credit while destroying the social fabric of Malaysia, the judiciary, the police, the civil service, the racial harmony etc etc. He was primarily responsible for the destruction of all these institutions.

Anwar Ibrahim starting off as a radical islamist during his student days, then he became a malay nationalist while in UMNO and finally a true Malaysian after his incarceration and shamed by his own Muslim/ Malay brothers in UMNO.

Prison has made Anwar a better person, a human being who is sensitive to the feelings of all Malaysians. Anwar is a strong personality and people listen to him and believe him. It's my sincere hope that Anwar brings about positive changes to Malaysia.

As for Dr Mahathir, he has to go to prison first before he can become a better person

Saidul A Shaari said...

Yes, the blogging market is booming at the moment! :-)

I predict that we will even have more bloggers in the next few years. UMNO leaders and their supporters might be forced to blog as well! I have seen a few new blogs done by UMNO cahoots and cronies recently and I believe more will come soon.

This should be fun to watch! :-)

Malay Women in Malaysia

Mr Rajamani Thialan said...

I read an article in off the edge magazine today. To sum it up it was governments and how people who don't get involved in them are mere consumers and nothing more.

In situations like this,they only pay taxes and the government will become so powerful that no one can question them.

It almost might have happened here but thank goodness we woke up and did something.Otherwise it would have been another V for Vendetta movie in Malaysia ,except it would be real.


TheWatcher said...

The "New Dawn" has come none too soon for Malaysia. Can you imagine another 5 years of BN arrogance, corruption and bad governance? We would have slid down to a slime pit too deep to pull ourselves out. And BN politicians will say, "We are better than Myanmar what?"

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank God that Malaysians are finally waking up to the reality that we can change the course of this country by voting for change!

Let's build a better nation, free and fair to all.

'Through teamwork we strive ; higher productivity we thrive!'

Viva Malaysia!

aliya said...

Well, the Chinese folks used to think that Anwar was a pro-Malay and Islam extremist, due to his ABIM days. They didn't like him. But then people change, especially when put in solidary confinement. That has given him time to ponder and see things from many perspectives. I'll say he's a better person now for he speaks for the rakyat, and not just for one race.
As a Chinese myself, I'd say that in general Chinese folks seldom forget and seldom forgive. The Chinese in Lunas still remember how one politician in particular had misused his power and damaged a Chinese temple in the area. They had their revenge by choosing to vote for PAS in this general election.
So the BR better show unity and work hard to gain the rakyat's confidence and trust.
The more those "lao-kao" scream 'Hidup Melayu' the more the average M'sian will despise that party. Really "huan-choo" leading the "huan-choo" :P

CruelAngel said...

Malamuda... i like ur statement that Madir needs to go to prison to be a better person..


taste his own medicine

malayamuda said...

yeah Mahathir must be wishing he will kick the bucket before Anwar Ibrahim , Lim Kit Siang and Abdul Hadi awang take over the Federal Government.

who knows, they may already have started destroying all their OSA corrupt files now.

Anything can happen with only 30 Parliamentary seats away and strong calls for the PM to resign.