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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BN Cabinet 2008 - Outstanding Issues or Cases Against Them.

I came across this list of outstanding issues or cases against almost the entire Malaysian BN Cabinet of 2008 at this blog.

Pretty interesting , don't you think so?

I mean, it just involves almost the entire cabinet of Abdullah Badawi including even his own self?

Now, the question is has our Royal Malaysian Police Force actually cleared all these people from wrong doing or are we witnessing the largest line up of those who actually have not been exonerated from all the outstanding charges against them and yet get to rule over this country?

Well Malaysians, this is what we have before us. Do you think they deserve to be the Malaysian Government in the true sense of the word if it is true that they stand accused of all these crimes?

What do you say?

* You might also want to check out what a friend of mine @ Sagaladoola has to share about the new bunch of BN's meanisters here?


gangeticus said...

Its scary bro. I wouldn't leave my neighbour's (the neighbour from hell!) cat in these people's possession.

Peace bro.

Saidul A Shaari said...


That was one thought provoking post from Ketua Perusuh, It is bound to make a lot of people in UMNO and Barisan Nasional very unhappy.

We all know that there is something very wrong with our Malaysian judicial system. Justice is not being delivered as it should. I sincerely hope that PAS, PKR & DAP can fix that in next few years. Persistence will bear fruit one day. InsyAllah...

Malay Women in Malaysia

gangeticus said...

Err, on another note, one Shahidan Kassim has been reported to have gone missing.

Would you be kind enough to put a poster of the said missing person on your blog?

Peace bro.

malayamuda said...

Nurin, Shalinie and now Shahidan ?

The police better start going after the real criminals out there and not waste their time sping on opposition ceramahs and trying to arrest opposition leaders.

We need to change this Government. I cant wait till 2013. It has to happen now !

MAHAGURU58 said...

Have you searched the Mamak Bistro, Tom Yam Stalls or the Coffee Gardens?

Ex MB's will congregate there and reminisce about their past glorious days?

Don't waste time reporting them lost yet.

Err..some folks might actually wish them to GET LOST and STAY LOST! :P

manga to read said...

Shahidan has been kidnapped????
Please find him...