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Saturday, March 29, 2008

BN leaders don't make good bloggers, do they?

Do you see any BN leader worth his or her name being a good blogger?

I see only Datuk Shahrir Samad having sort of a passable blog. I have my doubts whether Datuk Shahrir is actually the one running the blog for although he has most of us linked to his blog in his sidebar, I have yet to read his replies to the comments coming in to his blog?

I know that Azalina Othman has a blog to her name but then again as usual it is sort of caught in the blogosphere doldrums so to speak? No current activity!

It is just sitting there talking about paintball and she is said to be in charge of the UMNO cybertroopers? Hahahahaha! What a joke?

Former Malaccan Chief Minister Rahim Tamby Chik seems to have hired someone to set up a web portal for him but I see no comments or interactions from bloggers or commentors there as well?

Looks like Rahim Tamby Chik has paid someone to do some graphics showing him looking a bit better than how he actually is nowadays?

Something in the likes of Lucia Lai, my resident Penang Kaki Lang Islamophobe of Mental Jog 'fame'!

She has a 'photo' of her looking 'gebu gebu' when in fact it is more of a 'kekabu effect' in real life! :P

Tried to go take a screen shot snap of her blog but the server seems to go into 'internal 500 error' so that will have to wait. Even servers have attitude problems, eh?

Just ribbing her some since it's been almost a year after running into her at the last B.U.M. 2007 gathering at Lake View Club, Subang Jaya Bloggers Meetup! :D

Hehehehe..can't resist sidetracking there to 'cucuk' Lucia for a while! :P

Fellow Blogger and friend Jed Yoong just alerted me to Dr.Khir Toyo's blog here.

Nice looking blog but as usual nothing new. Instead of issuing further statements to the media about this and that, I'd advise Khir Toyo to put his feelings in words and open up his articles for comments and responses from the public!

Just a word of caution to him, that his performance as the former BN Selangor MB, might see him getting 'broom awards' in comment form flooding his blog from now on as he is being highlighted here. :P

Anyway, Mr.Khir Toyo, it goes with the territory. Brace yourself 'doc! Brooms coming your way!

Hehehehehehe...couldn't resist that!

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the archaic politician of Mahathir's times and who still wants to be the Prime Minister of this country before Izra'el Alaihis Salam comes a calling has engaged someone to put up a blog for him which just like Rahim Tamby Chik's is a dead blog as far as comments and interactions with blog readers are concerned?

Why do these guys even bother setting up such blogs or paying someone to do it for them when it is so evident that they know nuts about blogging?

A case of monkey see, monkey try to do although monkey knows nothing about why monkey has to do the same?

I don't know folks! I think that this is pretty ridiculous of them BN leaders to try go with the flow of the current information drive when in actuality they do not have it in them to be a self publishing blogger or even have the literary skills or the mental aptitude to speak their minds as most bloggers do, forgive me for being so blunt!

I read that the disposed Menteri Besar of Perlis, Shahidan Kassim wants to be a blogger too.

Well, let's see what the man is capable of before deciding whether what he has to say or share is worth our time?

Abdullah Badawi's recent promise of a public portal seems to have been lost in cyberspace. So, to me even if the BN really goes all out to be bloggers as well, it is really going to be a futile exercise!

You know why?

Why the hell for would any self respecting Malaysian citizen who has had it up to here with the BN spewing bullshit all over the main media platforms for the last 50 over years and monopolizing the radio and television channels and what have you in the print media, want to go and waste their time reading similar BN propaganda crap or listening to the same old bullshit online????


Don't waste your time and money O you BN folks!

Do something good with the remaining times you have. Go donate to charity or massage any old folks suffering from neglect in the various old folks home or shelters throughout the country!

That would be better for you, if you know what I mean?

Remember that the Malaikatul Maut comes a checking on us 70 times a day!

Go ask your ustaz about it if you still have not learned of this!

All my best wishes for your retirements.

Have a nice day. I really mean it. :)

Peace. @};-


Saidul A Shaari said...

Give them a chance, my dear Brother... :-)

We need to have more Muslims and Malays in our Malaysian blogosphere and we should welcome them with open arms. I am really concerned with the number of non-Muslims & non-Malay bloggers that use the online world as a platform to bang Muslims and Malays here in Malaysia.

I'm sure that you have noticed it as well since you have been blogging for quite some time already. Kindly ask MBA (Muslim Bloggers Alliance) to be more proactive. Go for a nationwide membership drive and let us flock the Malaysian blogosphere with more Muslim and Malay bloggers (must blog in English though).

Malay Women in Malaysia

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Sai'dul.

It's not that I discourage them to be bloggers but my question is what new ideas do these depleted ones of the BN want to come and say to us?

If you are talking about more Malays coming in to the Blogosphere and champion just the Malay ethnicity's rights, then we are back to square one in wanting to eliminate 'Assabiyah' @ Racist tendencies that Islam came to abolish over a thousand four hundred years ago?

We can however talk about bringing the UMNO members to realizing the true teachings of Islam which would be gladly accepted and embraced by Mankind IF they are really sincere in wanting to carry out Dakwah al Islamiyah efforts and activities.

I for one am a Da'ee calling ALL my fellow Malaysians and fellow Mankind to understand and learn about Islam.

I do not place too much emphasis on ethnic and social status or backgrounds of anybody.

Islam must be explained to all with wisdom and beautiful preaching.

Whether the Non Malays or Non Muslims want to accept Islam is another matter altogether!

Race based politics must be eliminated from Malaysia.

Only then will we see a better nation come to be realized through our efforts in restoring Malaysia to be a home for every Malaysian regardless of their skin color or faith?

As for the MBA, I am allowing them to settle down and once we are ready, we will register ourselves proper and then launch it nationwide, Insya Allah.

malek said...

Mahaguru, you are a great man. I totally agree with your views - we should not close our minds unnecessarily. By labelling ourselves as Malays, Chinese and Indians - we provide free bullets to BN and their mercenaries. I am not a pious man myself but your ways of propagating dakwah is way way ahead of others.

As for the minister bloggers - I have only one opinion - they are doing it to "bodek" Pak Lah after the old man said "BN lost the cyberwar". In other words, they are opportunists. That maybe a bit harsh ... but just wait and see. Even Khir Toyol has a blog ...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother Abdul Malek.

I am just a Muslim as you are sir.

At this stage of living my life as a servant of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, I am blessed to have access to the internet and also being imbued by Ar Rahman to have the gift of the gab so to speak.

As my efforts to redeem myself in His Eyes, I have chosen this vocation of being a Caller to Islam and by Allah, I will do so till my time is up!

I do not claim to be anything but an Abdullah who is just fortunate to be where I am now at this turning 50 this October in my life!

Please do'a for me that I will remain steadfast in my mission to help share the truth about Islam with all my readers and once I am gone, someone else will carry on this wasiat from Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam. Ameen.

Let's hope that we will be successful in bringing over our brothers in UMNO to realize that only in unity can we achieve national peace, prosperity and harmony for ALL Malaysians.

Insya Allah.

anaianai said...

Try sending a mail to YAB Perdana Menteri...hehehe nice homepage...but no reply !!!

MAHAGURU58 said...

I sent two comments to Khir Toyo's blog asking him why he shredded the files?

I see lots of other 'safe' comments approved but the fella shies away from answering mine?

Guess, we will just have to fire away our questions on the open field! :P

The cat will grow horns before these BN fellas will admit to their crimes!

Just look at Mahathir!

The fella denies any wrong doing!

We have an 'angel in our midst'! :D

malek said...

Saer Mahaguru,

Thanks for the reply. I am about your age ..... though slightly older.

I read your comments on Khir Toyo's blog - maybe too direct to the point. I guess he deserved all those comments.

I can't help but notice his blog received about 50 comments a few hours after being announced by your blog. Must be a record of some sort.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother Abdul Malek,

Pleasure to come to know you sir.

I had wrote a lengthy comment to him complete with reference to us being monitored 24/7 by the Malaikats Raqib and Atid so, even though he had the files shredded, the Almighty surely knows as to why he did all that?

Maybe I am still affected by my disgust and anger when I think of the way he had ordered the Selangor State Government files destroyed?

If he had done no crime, why the hell were those files destroyed?

The same thing happened in all the states where the BN lost!

How come no one is talking about such willful destroying of evidence?

I won't rest till we get to see justice upheld and the ones responsible be punished!

RealGunners said...

if toyol goes adsense, i think he'll make another fortune, and he's gonna have you to thank for.

anyway, they just don't get it do they? after brushing you guys aside as being nothing more than nuisance and jobless people, what are they doing now? well, i think we can't blame toyol, he's exactly both of above now isn't it?

speaking about messing around with bloggers, i came across this post by a friend of mine which i think will make some good reading:

lucia said...

ayoh! sakitnya you cucuk me!

i don't mind you cucuk me about my look as i know i'm not miss penang (and my photo had NOT been photo-shopped at all) but the sakit part is when you label me as islamophobe lah. very sakit and very susah hati. :(

so are you attending the bum2008? i won't be attending since i had been bumped out. good lah, no chance for you to cucuk me then. :)i

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hehehehe dear Lucia! :P

Just wanted to spur you into action!

Well, about the Islamophobe part, readers can judge as to whether you are one based on your style of writing when it concerns anything to do with Islam.

To me you come across as one. :)

No worries. You can be as you are and I will be myself.

Yet we both are Penangites and us Penangites can still have our difference of opinions but when it comes to watching out for our beloved island, we will join forces.

Don't worry about the BUM Committee leaving you out.

Just do your thing!

Not that you are so hard up to be in the lineup, are you?

Let things take their place.


lucia said...

ok lah, abang zainol, though i'm sad to say it but i respect your opinion of me as islamophobe. yes others will judge me by my writing of islam and so far none did say i am except your good friend menj.

oh no! i'm not hard up to be in the committee at all. in fact don't mind not being in it... just sore that i was not informed there is one coming up.

your islamophobe sister
(as according to you!)