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Thursday, March 27, 2008

BN Politics in Penang's State Education Department.

Anil Netto first wrote about it in his blog saying that Penang school heads have been told by the State Education Department not to invite the new DAP-PKR State Government VIPS to attend any of their school functions?

Being a Penangite myself, I followed up on the case and contacted one of my blogger friends who is a schoolteacher back in Penang to confirm the news?

What did she tell me?

Plenty! It seems that in spite of the general ruling barring schoolteachers and education officers from getting involved in politics, the BN has been quite active trying to force their way into the school's education system and regular meet ups are conducted by the Headmasters and school senior officials with teachers to check as to their political leanings?

Those who are found to be leaning towards the Barisan Rakyat DAP-PKR-PAS coalition will be kept stagnated and prevented from getting any promotions.

With the recent change of government in Penang, the BN mindset State Education Department officials have turned petty minded and went about the schools telling HM's that it's okay if they do not send their teachers or school representatives to any State Government functions!

No need for any show cause letters to be provided by the schools to the State Government since the BN is not running the government there anymore?

Talk about half baked idiots screwing up our State Education Departments!

Excerpt from the tip off I got :

No action will be taken against teachers who do not attend official functions organised by the new state government.

National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) Penang branch Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah said teachers in Penang no longer needed to give explanation letters for failing to attend such functions.

He said the teachers were granted the “flexibility” since the state was no longer under the Barisan Nasional rule.

A senior state Education Department official recently told school heads at a briefing that their attendance was immaterial. “But, those who plan to attend such functions are required to first inform their school heads about it,” he said on Wednesday.

Previously, he said, disciplinary action would be taken against teachers who failed to provide reasonable excuses for not attending state-organised functions.

Lim advised teachers to use their discretion on whether to attend such functions, adding that those who did not would not be penalised."

I know the kind of idiots who do this kind of low class administrative 'office politics'. I have my own personal experience in dealing with such bullock mindsets in a major government agency that looks out for the Bumiputera's! Useless buggers!

The rot starts at the very top! No prizes for guessing who?

There is a whole lot of Government Department 'pegawai's who are useless and waste the taxpayers money by whiling away their working hours talking 'politics' at the cafeteria's and warong kopi's outside government office complexes.

You can see them 'lepaking' at and around most of the government departments. I will go around shooting videos of these idiots who are usually those who 'makan gaji buta!'.

Do you even wonder why our country is so backward compared to even our south of Johore neighbor ,the small island Republic of Singapore?

You can curse, rant and rave at Harry Lee Kuan Yew but the way that man has turned around Singapore and improved the city state to such a high class country just makes me want to spring a salute at the Mentor Minister!

It is because of dimwits like those at the Penang State Education Department who act as 'little Napoleons' and become the enemies of the nation from within and cause our education systems to be so out of tune with the rest of Asia if not the world!

Useless @#$%^&*! No wonder that the whole nation is in this sorry ass shape! Let's not even start to compare with the one who calls himself as the Supreme Leader of this nation?

May they develop ulcers on their 'lepaking' butts and suffer from boils! Grrrrrrr!


Trashed said...

Bro Mahaguru58

No need to get your blood pressure up. These Little Napoloeans need to be debriefed and re-educated that as government servants (the rakyat pays their gaji), they serve the people and not any political party.

This GE12 has given the civil service a rude shock ... they have yet to figure out what "professionalism" means after years and years of BN cultivated structures.

So, I sokong your idea of videotaping, documenting and collecting all information on these obvious acts of partiality and then one day, present them to their face.

Your article already shows them up so blatantly but unfortunately it does not reach the general public to inform them of the misbehaviour of the past regimes.

Can we hope that people in Malaysia will do their jobs to the best of their ability without discrimination to age, sex, race, religion, political affiliation, country, income levels, etc?

They may not be perfect but can the civil service at least try ?

Anonymous said...

There are some people out there who are questioning why DSAI is in a hurry to form the Government to replace the BN regime. In my opinion, after 50 years of hegemony and abuse by the BN regime the time is now ripe for regime change.

Personally, I don't trust the Elections Commission, the Police, the ACA, the Judiciary and the entire Civil Service. You wanna know why? After being in power for 50 years, the government agencies and the civil service has become ingrained by the BN organizational culture. According to Kurt Lewins in his book Managing Change, in order for change to take place, the apex (in this case the Government of the day in Malaysia) must change in order for change to permeate down the hierarchy. This change involves the process of 'Freezing' and 'Unfreezing'.

To do this, you must not only make changes from the top (i.e. the Government) but also the bureaucracy itself. That is why, it comes as no surprise in Penang where the State Education Department will not 'compel' teachers to attend functions organized or attended by the State Government. Let me remind all the Ketua-ketua Jabatan's that the Penang State Govenment is the Government of the day in Penang that has been duly elected by the people of Penang. Don't insult us Penangites by calling the Penang State Government an Opposition Government. The only Opposition in Penang is Barisan Nasional.

Once there is a change of Government at the Federal level, all civil servants, government agencies and head of departments must not only change themselves but also become change agents If they won't or don't want to change, they must either leave or be purged out. Today, when I look at civil servants, the Police, the Election Commission or any government agency or department I can't help but feel that they are agents and instruments of the BN regime. Just see what happened in Selangor, Penang and Kedah. When the states fell to the then Opposition,files went missing. A true civil servant who is law abiding and apolitical would not stand for such things unless BN and UMNO is part of his or her organizational culture. The time is now right for Barisan Rakyat under DSAI to form the Government. I don't care if it takes crossovers from the BN to make it happen. Five years is too long to wait as the trail would have gone cold by then. No wonder Zaid Ibrahim is in a hurry to make party hopping illegal. Where were you Zaid,when Opposition MPs quit en masse to cross over to BN like what happened to PBS in Sabah?

Chris Huong said...

Dear Mahaguru58,

I am really impressed by your opinions about our government. The more I read, the more I feel that we are in the same line. Even though we are not from the same cultures, we share the same idea of how to help our country to achieve Wawasan 2020. But with current ruling government, sad to say that they are still the majority, Wawasan 2020 remains a dream on the year 2020.

My purpose of having my own blogs is to share everyone's idea on how to make Malaysia a better place to live.

Thus, i hope to put a link that links to your blog in my multiply site. Your opinions will help a lot other multipliers who are in my contacts, even though most of them are Chinese. I will really appreciate it if you will grant me permission on publishing some of your articles on my site.

Thank you. No matter what your decision is, let me know.

MAHAGURU58 said...


Just email and let me know which articles you need and I will consider.

As long as it is in your blog and not debated, discussed or discursed in any unmoderated forum!

I need to watch out for my reputation and the causes that I hold dear.

Best regards.

Chris Huong said...

Dear Mahaguru58,

I haven't got time to read all your articles yet, but yes, i will email the articles that I am interested to post in my blog and get your permission before i post them. I understand your concerns and will make sure if there is any discussion or debate, i will watch over the content and take necessary actions to avoid damage of your reputation.

And, thank you so much for giving me the chance to share.