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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Breaking News! Makkal Sakthi Lawyer Wins from Kamunting !

It is surely something great to learn that the Malaysian voters especially those Chinese majority areas like Kota Alam Shah voting for one of the imprisoned HINDRAF leaders, Lawyer Manoharan s/o Malayalam!

Lawyer M.Manoharan has just been confirmed the winner of the Kota Alam Shah seat in Selangor Darul Ehsan under the DAP ticket!

He is a DAP member and one of the 5 HINDRAF lawyers now being held under the ISA in the Kamunting Detention Centre!

So, officially HINDRAF will now have their representative in the Selangor State Assembly to speak up for the Malaysian Indians and fight for their rights on an official basis!

To the voters of Kota Alam Shah, Mahaguru58 salutes you for your support for the downtrodden and marginalized Malaysian Indians who must be given their rightful help and support from the government to improve their lives and get out of the poverty trap!

This is the makeup of the voters there in Kota Alam Shah of the Selangor State Assembly seat. Visuals courtesy of Malaysiakini.

As you can see the Chinese are the majority of the voters in the N48 Kota Alam Shah seat.

They number 58.4% whilst the Malays just total 16.8%. Indians total 24.1% and this victory of Lawyer M.Manoharan is the result of the swing of the people's support from the BN to the Barisan Rakyat!!!


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