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Monday, March 10, 2008

Comedy Court's Super Smashing Shiock Samy Hit!

I propose that the Comedy Court Kings be awarded a National Comedians Award!

Totally love the way these two can come up with these gems of comedy songs aimed at who else but the infamous Samy Vellu who has finally been kicked out of our life's!

Bravo Comedy Court! You guys deserve a medal!

What medal?

Don't know lah.. Maybe Azalina can give you one.

She's got plenty!


Here's another song about the way the Indians got treated by the BN Government and Samy did nothing for them.

Although the song might sound funny the true message is pretty serious!

I say it's time for those HINDRAF leaders to be set free and for the Federal Government to start correcting themselves failing which they can just wait for the next GE and see what the people are going to do?

This 12th GE is the start of the avalanche of Barisan Rakyat who are going to see to it that ALL Malaysians are given fair treatment as they should?

Go People's Front! Go! We are solidly with you!

Hidup Rakyat!!!

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