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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cursed be whomsoever produced this banner!

I am referring of course to this most provocative, insulting banner that has been highlighted by Harakah to have been strung across the roadside close to the Tasek Gelugor UMNO Division Office and at Telok Ayer Tawar in Butterworth!

Now, I am not often driven to such a seething rage over any stupid and idiotic comments, remarks or other provocations but if it is proven beyond a doubt that the perpetrators of this offensive banner are the ones who are fighting to uphold the Malay agenda over Islam, my faith and that of billions of other Muslims around the world, then the matter of race will diminish from my considerations and those who have committed this vilest of crime in insulting us must be hunted down by the Malaysian Police and charged for trying to provoke civil unrest here before the coming polls!

We Muslims do not care much about the matter of ethnic origin and if it is a Malay or Malays who has done this and insulted Islam, then they stand accursed by us and will be considered as declaring war upon us, those who believe and submit ourselves to Allah the Almighty!

I call upon the Royal Malaysian Police to investigate this matter and nip this insult in the bud before people lose their patience and anarchy sets in!

Such a provocative banner must only be the work of someone so evil and despicable that the pig featured in that banner is more honorable than that @#$%^&*! who is responsible for producing and hanging that banner in public!

Only a racist hypocrite can have done this!


ZACH said...

Definitely YES!!!!!!!. Curs that bugger who produce this banner. If he is a Muslim then he should repent and bertaubat because he is not only insulting Datu Nik Aziz but Islam in total. May Allah curse him. Amin!!!!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum brother.

It is the work of 'agent provocateurs'.

They could be racist nationalistic bastards or some undercover unit who have been ordered to spark off civil unrest in order for the GE to be canceled or postponed giving civil disturbances as an excuse?

We never know but such a banner coming out at this most crucial of times which is a tell tale sign of the ruling BN smelling a major defeat due to the Malaysian people's slant towards the Malaysian Opposition at a rate that has never been seen before could only mean that there are sinister hands at play here.

Frankly speaking, I for one don't give too much attention to the matter of ethnic origin for to me it is superficial.

The human being if peeled off his or her skin looks pretty much the same as any other human on Earth save for slight skeletal differences.

As a Muslim, I do not dwell on race or cultural differences but rather as to the type and quality of the individual personality.

So to me, if there comes a situation where I have to choose between Islam, the Malays or the Indian Muslims, Islam will always be my preference.

Malays or Indian Muslims without Iman and Aqeedah mean nothing to me!

It doesn't matter even if it is my own flesh and blood!

Anyone who insults Islam and thinks I am going to side with them on the basis of race are just plain stupid and ought to be taken action against by the authorities IF this act is not something which they themselves have ordered in the first place?

Verily, we are nothing without Islam.

The Malays were animists worshiping figments of their wild imaginations before Islam came to free them and raise their status to be where it is?

I am talking about true Muslim Malays not the type who tries to reinvent the faith and attempts to pass off his lecherous self as the Imam of whatever bullshit he calls it?

I am also referring to those who pride themselves in being Malay by ethnicity but in spirituality are useless hypocrites masquerading as Muslims!

They will find that their hypocrisy is not to be left unchallenged or exposed to the whole wide world as to the real nasty racist @#$%^**! that they really, truly are?

May Allah punish the ones behind this affront to Islam!

yok hoong said...

no need to pray for full wrath against such people. pray that whoever created this will be enlightened and that he/she will return to the path of honesty, credibility and equity. with this, you wil find more people who will be in the same path with you in your call for a righteous government which cares for the people and not their own pockets.
best wishes.
in this election, i will be e voting for PAS for the first time. simple raeson is that at least they are more ikhlas. why should I fear about PAS coz my vote will be with whom who has the very same core values that I beleive in.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank you for your comment Yok Hoong.

People like you are what makes bloggers like us voice out for the truth and nothing but the truth with our own unique ways to see to it that this nation returns to being a safe haven for all its citizens, irrespective of creed or color of their skin.

I have my own way of voicing out against injustice and such foul deeds.

Overall, you and others who read my blog here know me for what I stand?

Justice and fairness for all Malaysians.

As a blogger, I write as I feel and in this case, I am expressing my innermost feelings of hurt and anger against those who would go to such vile methods just to make sure that the ruling incumbent dictators continue to suppress all Malaysians as they please?

Thank you for your resolve but please bear with me as I go see to it that all Malaysians are alerted to this extreme provocation by the hidden enemies of us all to unleash mayhem in our midst and probably to force a cancellation of this 12th GE by the EC so that they can muster up other plans to screw the people!

Vote for change!

Malaysians Boleh!