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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cursed be whomsoever produced this banner!

I am referring of course to this most provocative, insulting banner that has been highlighted by Harakah to have been strung across the roadside close to the Tasek Gelugor UMNO Division Office and at Telok Ayer Tawar in Butterworth!

Now, I am not often driven to such a seething rage over any stupid and idiotic comments, remarks or other provocations but if it is proven beyond a doubt that the perpetrators of this offensive banner are the ones who are fighting to uphold the Malay agenda over Islam, my faith and that of billions of other Muslims around the world, then the matter of race will diminish from my considerations and those who have committed this vilest of crime in insulting us must be hunted down by the Malaysian Police and charged for trying to provoke civil unrest here before the coming polls!

We Muslims do not care much about the matter of ethnic origin and if it is a Malay or Malays who has done this and insulted Islam, then they stand accursed by us and will be considered as declaring war upon us, those who believe and submit ourselves to Allah the Almighty!

I call upon the Royal Malaysian Police to investigate this matter and nip this insult in the bud before people lose their patience and anarchy sets in!

Such a provocative banner must only be the work of someone so evil and despicable that the pig featured in that banner is more honorable than that @#$%^&*! who is responsible for producing and hanging that banner in public!

Only a racist hypocrite can have done this!