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Friday, March 14, 2008

D-Day for Abdullah Badawi -UMNO 'Resign Pak Lah' Banners

Look at the way Najib looks and then see the way the shameless old fool besides him is grinning regardless of the biggest political loss as far as the United Malays National Organisation is concerned in the history of this nation's General Elections?

Najib knows deep inside that this defeat for UMNO in 5 of the northern states of the Malaysian Peninsular is the beginning of the end for UMNO and the BN Pact of 14 political parties when the marginalized, suppressed, terrorized people of Malaysia decided that enough is enough after 51 long years of living under the BN regime!

The emergence of this post 12th Malaysian GE banners carrying the UMNO logo and calls for PM Abdullah Badawi to step down is a sure sign that we are seeing the start of a revolution from within UMNO itself?

These photos are courtesy of Malaysia's # 1 Photo Journalist Minaq-Jinggo.

The (L) banner says ' We bless Pak Lah's (Political Struggle) to resign.

The (R) banner says ' We respect and will fight (for UMNO's Survival) if you (Pak Lah) Step Down ( from office)

This banner says' Stand on Reality, the Malays will be pawned. For the sake of (our) Race & Nation, Withdraw Pak Lah!'

'140(seats) majority is like an egg at the end of the horns' Pak Lah withdraw.'

'Don't play with the Malay Race'. Pak Lah Resign.

'New form of colonization. Malays are being suckered up. Pak Lah Resign.'

'Before the nation gets pawned, Withdraw O Pak Lah'.

'Where have the Mat Rempit Prince gone? Pak Lah Resign'

'Our Children and Grandchildren will be pawned. Pak Lah Resign.'

'O Youth Hope of the Nation
Arise, Wake Up and Unite as One
For the Success of the Future
Pak Lah Resign..'

'UMNO Arise and Unite
Fight and Destroy
The Devious Suckers
For the Sake of Future Success
Step Down Pak Lah'

'UMNO Members Dignity (Upkeep)
Not as Apple Polishers
Pak Lah Resign'

'Don't Win the Cheers (But) Lose your Villages(Home)
Pak Lah Resign'


malayamuda said...

if i was AAB and if I had lost my home state to my arch rival [ in this case Anwar Ibrahim ], I will RESIGN.

But if my skin was so thick and no insults can hurt my feelings I will carry on as PM.

If AAB continues to lead BN for most of us our wishes may come true in 2013 [ i'm expecting an eection as early as 2011 ], BN will be totally wiped out in al 13 states.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Looks like the longer UMNO let this bloke sty on as the PM, the chances of the BN being totally wiped out in the next GE is growing by the day?

Let the apple polishers go ahead and rub the fella raw! :P

Who knows?

He might just erupt into flames from all the constant rubbings! :D