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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

E-Learning - Breaking the mould of Education as we have known it.

Right at this moment, academics from the Asia Cooperation Dialogue are attending the 3rd ACD Roundtable Meeting to discuss Collaboration and establish a Smart Partnership with Asia e University to launch a regional e-Learning Network that when implemented fully will break the mould of education as we know it!

I am attending this Roundtable Meeting in my capacity as a Program Consultant for the Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Global Hanyu & Culture Center which will be delivering Mandarin Study Programs and the Study of Chinese Culture throughout the region and the whole wide world.

It is so exciting to be in the company of so many brilliant academics who are all for the advancements in making e-Learning be the next platform for the dissemination of academic opportunities to break through the barriers of traditional borders and social-economic-cultural differences present in the world today.

Higher Education can now be made accessible and affordable by the setting up of this Asia e-University which is a 30 countries joint collaboration effort and is being spearheaded by Malaysia together with our neighbours in this part of the world.

Imagine the awesome possibilities being designed to provide access to practically every interested student or working adult located anywhere in the world, as long as he or she has the means to access the internet?

We are talking about Higher Education opportunities being offered to just anyone in the urban, rural and even remote areas of the world?

I am envisioning our citizens living in currently remote areas of Sabah or Sarawak who can just log in to the e-learning systems and continue their academic pursuits from places which all these while had not been able to get access to higher education, etc?

I will be updating you later with photos and more details about this exciting new dawn of better opportunities for all.


zainal_H said...

The fatc is internet can bring the materials faster and going farther than conventional method. But remember, it's just a tool. What is more important the quality of material provided. Let's not forget that the cheaper the materials the lower the quality, regardless.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Well, what you say might be true in the current situation but from what I garnered from my participation in the ACD Roundtable, the academics are going to see to it that better quality contents and materials are going to be made available for interested users through the ACD and AeU.

Let's just wait for them to get things settled and see if their objectives are achieved within the very near future?

As far as I see it, the future's just looking very bright for e-Learning.

I hope that internet users will just tap in to this new world of opportunities.